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Gereja Calvary KL (RM200j), terbesar di rantau sudah dibuka

Baru-baru ini setpol Hannah Yeoh, iaitu Edward Ling, menganjurkan kursus latihan pilihanraya PACA — gambar bawah.

(Untuk mengetahui apa dia PACA, sila baca laporan kelmarin di portal berita The Mole.)


Latihan PACA

Ayat yang dipancarkan projektor ke atas layar putih berbunyi “BN 100 meter race” (lihat atas).

Ia membayangkan bahawa parti pemerintah telah diberikan kelebihan oleh Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya ibarat headstart ke depan di dalam lumba lari pecut 100m dengan pesaingnya Pakatan Rakyat.

Peserta kursus PACA yang dikendalikan oleh Edward Ling itu kebanyakannya, kalaupun bukan kesemuanya, orang Cina. Di antara para pemilih yang mengambil bahagian ialah seorang hadirin yang memakai kemeja-T dengan cogankata “Undilah DAP” dan seorang lagi memakai kemeja-T dengan cogankata “CREST” (gambar-gambar di bawah) .

CREST iaitu badan sukarelawan yang berada di bawah gabungan (affiliate) National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF).



Edward Ling seorang speaker evangelis

Gambar di bawah menunjukkan sesi ceramah Edward Ling (setpol Hannah Yeoh) di acara Subang Rally 2011.

Subang Rally ialah perhimpunan Kristian bagi budak-budak sekolah dan kolej-kolej swasta yang terletak di Subang.

Laman seswang Subang Rally telah menyeru: “Rise up, its [it’s] time to take Subang for Jesus!!!(screenshot bawah)

Twitter edwardlingMillions


Cogankata ‘CHANGE’



“How do we win our city for Jesus?”

Pesanan di laman Facebook DUMC (lihat bawah)


Aktivisme Kristian

Rujuk juga ‘DAP guna gereja sebagai pentas politik‘ (Utusan, 20 Okt 2010)

Kenapa The Star mahu menyerang Utusan? Lihat tweet Ong Kian Ming (screenshot bawah)

Dua hari lepas, juru strategi pilihanraya DAP Ong Kian Ming telah diwawancara oleh, iaitu rangkaian televisyen milik Kumpulan Media Star.

Star Editor's Choice (TheStarEC) on Twitter 2012-12-30 21-08-17

GE 13 What would Jesus do

Corak liputan berita The Star

Bangunan di bawah ialah Calvary Convention Centre (CCC), gereja yang terbesar di Asia Tenggara.

Ia dibina dengan kos RM200 juta di atas tapak seluas 5.6 hektar di kawasan Bukit Jalil, KL. Gereja Calvary ini mempunyai dewan tempat duduk 5,000 kerusi beserta banyak kemudahan-kemudahan canggih yang lain.


Pengarang The Star Metro pada masa kini ialah Frederick Fernandez yang menggantikan pengarang sebelumnya iaitu Brian Martin. Ramai sangat pengarang akhbar milik MCA itu yang beragama Kristian selain evangelis Wong Chun Wai (pengarang kumpulan The Star).

The Star melaporkan baru-baru ini (28 Mac 2013):

“In preparation for Heaven & Earth Rejoice! and to raise awareness of the completion of the CCC in the surrounding neighbourhoods, Calvary and more than 300 volunteers distributed handbills and leaflets to homes within a 5km radius of the CCC in Bukit Jalil.”

The Star melaporkan bahawa Gereja Calvary (CCC) telah mengedarkan risalah ke rumah-rumah yang berada sejauh 5km dalam lingkungannya. Persoalan yang timbul ialah sama ada risalah-risalah tersebut pun diedarkan ke rumah-rumah orang Islam juga.

Adakah risalah-risalah yang diedarkan oleh Gereja Calvary turut menggunakan kalimah Allah?


Gereja di mana Nurul berucap kembali berpolitik lagi

DUMC kaya-raya macam City Harvest, sediakan servis bahasa Melayu


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53 thoughts on “Gereja Calvary KL (RM200j), terbesar di rantau sudah dibuka

  1. All I can say is that it is very wrong to politicise any religion especially by the uninformed and the young.

    I can say this as I obtained an ‘A’ for Scriptures and lived amongst Christians for many years. And I am not a Christian.

    My sincere advice to all these young Christians is do not get involve with politics – a subject which they all have not really experienced in all its different dimensions. Do not be used and suffer for it. Stick to the religion but keep clear clear of the politics.

    I hope the wise amongst you will take heed. There are times it is better not to be heroes or heroines.

  2. Helen,

    Do you know who allow this ‘Church’ to be constructed? Pas supporter seems to mock UMNO for this large ‘Church’ to be completed.

    I did some light search and it seems to me that this ‘Church’ is under Teresa Kok (Seputeh) constituency. However, based on Dr. Ridhuan Tee complaint somewhere in Utusan, it was City Hall (DBKL?) who was ‘con’ to give green light since the application was to built convention centre.

  3. I am a Muslim. My religion always says that everything we do actually is being guided by our aim, our motive. You can write anything and everything as your aim or motive and you could announce it to the world….BUT ONLY YOU YOURSELF KNOW WHAT ACTUALLY YOUR MOTIVE IS…what the Prophet Muhammad says… Innamal ‘amalu binniyat….Means something you do always will depend on what are your motive….or niyat….

        1. hahahah….orang PAS akhirnya baca juga blog Heleng Ang…tahniah & syabas!!! bukan sebarangan orang PAS tau…English speaking PAS i tell you………….

    1. what if, for a second, we assume that Helen’s niat is to educate the masses, to uncover the hypocrisy that is of DAP, PKR & PAS, to reveal the sinister plan of the 9% evangelical minority: would you even consider that?

      For a chinese, who was not pro-BN before, even Helen did admit at one time (in one of her article) that BN is looking much better than the oppo: that’s telling coming from someone who never voted for BN in her entire life…

      and for that, she’s getting slagged off by the DAPsters and pro-PKR by calling her unflattery names, ranging from anti-Christ to prostitute, traitors and not only that even her family being dragged in as well.

      I am a Malay too but I draw a line when a political party uses religion: instilling fear of hell, playing God by judging whether their prayers or amal will or will not be accepted by Him.

      It is rather strange when PAS trying to be more arab than arabs themselves. If niat is in question, why ‘masjid dibina by BN’ tak sah or tak ada gunanya: when the so called masjid was used by followers to pray?

      In the alleged Mostapa Ali case, suddenly the ‘jangan buka aib orang’ is trending like wild fire: isn’t that a bit of a munafik? Why is it when it comes to BN, no video is required but judgement was made based on hearsay. Is it because he’s from PAS – championing Islam? So you’re saying, they as clean as a malaikat?

      As a malay, I applaud Helen’s commitment and effort – especially when she has nothing in it, moreover, she’s also critical of BN as well which make her blog most interesting.. plus the few regular commentators here are not even moslem or Malay but even they can smell bad stench of the oppo.

      It is sad that it took a non-moslem chinese woman to harp (over and over) so that the malay moslem can realise and assess thing logically than believing whole lock, stock and barrel just because some people hide behind the veil of religion.

      1. Hear … Hear …. Hear.

        May I also add, one will never know another’s niat so its up to each of us to evaluate said person’s action / deeds / sayings / writings … Additionally, when making a judgement, one need to be open minded as well as be fair and objective in one’s evaluation and not be blinded by perception and prejudices, no?

  4. Why should we be worried?

    People with little understanding or comprehension are repeating all sorts of falsehood and lies. I can’t tell if it is intentional. I can just pick two examples off my head (seen in recent chain-mails).

    #1. The “right” to random paper ballots – What Every Voting Citizen should Know

    I have no doubt PACA is out to educate the voters, like what Tindak Malaysia claim that they are doing. I mean, Ambiga claims that she is neutral and I want to believe her. However, all these people, deliberately or otherwise, are casting aspersion on the democratic process, spouting nonsense that voters SHOULD demand this and demand that. Nevermind the fact that we are not going to vote using pencils.

    So, the average citizen keeps spreading untrue old news and information, already being primed that they are going to be victims in a cheat conspiracy. Well, I’ve always said that the GE con-job is done before you even step into the voting booth, but that’s the dumb masses for you.

    #2. Is Our EPF being Looted? Colin Nathan is a Financial Analyst and reads Malaysia Chronicle (allegedly and story carried by AIDC and all major opposition-linked blogs)

    Anyone with an ounce of brain would realize that this article is total bullshit. The most outrageous lie being perpetuated (apart from insinuating that EPF is being looted), is that our Malaysian Government Securities (MGS) is being rated as CC-. MGS’s rating by Moody is here Do you see any Cs? We are rated in the A category by Standard and Poor as well, and read the following link to understand the real concerns. See the explanation by Bank Negara: Are the bonds rated?

    Malaysia is rated by the global rating agencies for its long-term foreign currency as follows:

    S&P A- (Oct 03)
    Moody’s A3 (Dec 04)
    Fitch A- (Nov 05)

    Latest ratings?

    Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services (S&P) has affirmed Malaysia’s “A-/A-2” foreign currency and “A/A-1” local currency sovereign credit ratings with the outlook on the long-term rating remaining stable.

    What kind of “financial analyst” wrote that crap piece? WaWa? I haven’t even touched on the supposedly “horrible” MGS yield at 3%. Doh!

    I am not pro-BN, far from it, I just don’t like lies.

    1. I hate n’sync,

      The huge problem is a lot of news are hard to dismantle, or at least very hard to explain simply the fallacy. A lot of my FB friend are PR fans, and they are giving a non stop stream of posters highlighting this and that. It is hard enough to dig facts on one poster, let alone ten.

      I tried to show problems of facts on some of those posters, but they simply brush it off and move-on to other issues. I quit trying.

      To me, it’s fine to show the failings of BN/ UMNO (or PR), but one must based on proper facts and proper contexts.

      1. Dear mfma,

        As I have said before, I don’t vote. I know it is hard to dismantle a pack of lies and distortions, coming in fast and furious from all sides. I think this is the precise failure of BN cybertroopers – they don’t take enough time and attention to address all kind of falsehood.

        Lynas is one of the many examples.

        There is very little point to argue on the premise of facts. People just want to believe in whatever they believe is “true”. If I get paid for every lie peddled by our politicians and partisan masses, I’ll be rich many times over.

        People must learn to evaluate the information that they are fed. They must also learn how to analyze the information and understand if it lends credence to a hypothesis. My concern has always been on the UNTHINKING public.

        You are certainly not alone in the deluge of misinformation and disinformation from social network sites. I get so exasperated sometimes that I just stay away.

        If there is one thing I know, the truth will always prevail. We can only share what we know, hopefully others who are more objective can see through the deceit and outright lies.

      2. I have the same problem on FB. After trying a few times to reason with the PR supporter friends, sad to say that I have given up. They are so totally blind, deaf and stubborn to anything that shows BN in a good light. They really refused to look at evidence that what they’re posting and disseminating on FB are false. Really sad, sad idiots!

    2. What’s your thought on the country’s debt? DAP has been peddling this issue pretty frequently in their ceramah, especially HKY ones. It’s like if we vote for BN, the country will be doomed by bankruptcy. By the way, I think Tindak Malaysia’s powerpoint slides about voting and the state of country’s economy are actually reaching quite a lot of people out there especially through email chains (I’ve received that once).

      1. Medaline Chang, the DAP communications officer, had told Straits Times (S’pore) that Facebook is the party’s No.1 weapon. Methinks chain mail could be the DAP’s No.2 weapon.

        1. The argument has never been if Malaysia CAN NEVER go bankrupt. The argument is that Malaysia will face bankruptcy if it goes on an unsustainable spending path.

          Debts are never a problem if correctly invested for infrastructure development and generation of wealth. Debts become a problem if money is used to prop up an extravagant lifestyle (i.e. fat salaries, handouts, wastages, indiscriminate subsidies)

      2. If Tindak Malaysia is aiming for a two-party state of politics, they got their approach totally wrong. I have absolutely no doubt where pywong is getting his resources and may I add, funding.

        Hishamh did an excellent write up explaining the country’s debt and making it understandable. Yes, our country is not trouble free, but it is definitely not facing bankruptcy. Perhaps we will if we focus on the wrong tree.

        We need to address the growing gaps in wealth and the need for new engines of growth (away from reliance on petroleum). We need to do a host of things, but priority is not in whether Kelantan or Terengganu or Sarawak deserves 20% of the oil royalty. The current handouts are too populist to my taste, BN or PR, but it seems that sanity is thrown out of the window.

        You heard about latest announcement to offer more perks (like forgoing admin fee of loans (like loan interest fees) for civil servants?).

        This country’s debt of overwhelmingly internal. This means that if you want to see that debt reduced, local equities must grow strong and we need to keep the economy chugging. This means that we must spend our public money carefully to grow the damn pie. We don’t have a huge domestic market, so companies must grow to generate wealth from our more populous neighbours. It will be in our long term interest if Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia become more affluent so that we can make money off them. What are we making that they are buying? I know we are now making a killing by buying up their land for development (see Cambodia or palm oil plantations in Indonesia), but sooner or later, we must move up the food chain a little. Petronas cannot carry that torch much longer.

  5. And the malaise is infecting the mainstream churches not very slowly but surely. And the Catholic chief shepherd of Malaysia leads to way to indoctrinate the flock with the politics of hate in the name of religious love.

    1. I don’t know what is the view of Pas supporters regarding this development.

      Are we going to witness Islam vs Christian politics post GE13?

      1. Assuming current trend continues re PAS-DAP relationship, don’t think there would ever be any Islam vs Christian issues as PAS has been very well trained by DAP to always dance to DAP’s tune re matters pertaining to Islam and Malay “rights” … witness the case of kalimah Allah and the implementation of hudud – as YB Karpal said, “over my dead body” or something like that, kan kan kan

  6. Subang Jaya is a residential suburb created by Sime Darby in the early days of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Administration for the middle income group.

    This has nothing to do with the efforts of the Opposition which did not exist. It pays for citizens of a diverse country like Malaysia to just ponder for a few moments about ourselves and our roots. We should be happy that we have health, happiness and a job to garner income for our families.

    Do not be so easily taken up by hatred in our hearts. As ordinary citizens there are lots of things we do not know.

    1. Allow me to correct you sir, United Estate Plantation, belongs to Tun Daim family, he started Subang Jaya in the late 70s. Daim had to sell of UEP to Sime Darby later as he took the Finance Minister’s post. The name Subang Jaya was from Tun Daim. He started the development after successfully developing Taman Maluri into a new Township.

  7. Aha RM200j church in muslim Malaysia. If my mind is not yet senile, few months back the Christians were complaining that they were a marginalised lot n heavily discriminated by the BN government.

      1. By saying to the world that Malaysian Christian is marginalized, especially in their agenda in telling all big world Christian organization that, their relentless effort to convert Malay, much.. much more fund needed.

        Their complains are also cc to these organization, to show to them their “kuat kerja”. Cumanya, kerajaan Malaysia tak mahu bising dan kacau mereka ini menerima wang dari luar Negara.

        1. I wonder if Hasan Ali (with his S’gor contacts in Mais, Jais) et al have got anything up their sleeves, i.e. info/evidence to release at the right timing.

    1. Goondoo,

      Yup. crusade is not over yet.

      A good government to these people is a government that “submit” to them

  8. 1.[Bagi mendapat kebenaran merancang, mereka telah mengemukakan pelan kepada Dewan Bandaraya sebagai pusat komersial. Apabila mendapat kebenaran merancang, yang dibina bukanlah pusat komersial. Ia hanya sebagai alat, tetapi yang akan muncul nanti sebagai mercu tanda adalah gereja terbesar di Asia.

    Itu pun mereka masih terus mendesak dan memohon kerajaan membenarkan mereka mendirikan gereja di Putrajaya dan Shah Alam, di kawasan yang mereka amat minoriti. Apakah kita masih buta?

    Artikel Penuh:
    © Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd ]…Ridhuan Tee kata berikutan penganjuran Himpunan Sejuta Umat (HIMPUN).

    2. Koh Tsu Koon sokong HIMPUN,

    3. CSL bantah HIMPUN

    4. PAS S’ngor larang sertai HIMPUN

    5. Himpun: Bukan akidah digugat tetapi politik evangelis menggugat
    Maaf kerana membawa posting lama anda kerana saya baru menyertai forum disini sekitar hujung Dec 2012. Memandang headline yang anda pilih adalah CCC, disini saya mengimbas kembali kontroversi yang pernah ditimbulkan berikutan tuntutan keatas pembinaan pusat keagamaan kristian di Malaysia. Bukan bertujuan untuk mencurah minyak untuk mana-mana pihak, sekadar buat renungan

    1. Saya tidak bersetuju sesetengah pandangan bersifat ekstremis terhadap agama lain yang dinyatakan RT tetapi masih memuji kesedaran beliau mengingatkan umat Islam tentang isu murtad di Malaysia sedang bangsa Melayu sendiri sesetengahnya kurang prihatin. Saya juga tidak melihat perbincangan di blog ini bertujuan meniupkan kemarahan terhadap mana-mana penganut khususnya umat Islam & Kristian. Secara peribadi, saya tiada masalah terhadap mana-mana pembinaan institusi keagamaan (tidak kira sebesar manapun), cuma biarlah prosedur pembinaannya mengikut undang-undang PBT dan seharusnya dibina mengikut kesesuaian populasi penganut bagi tiap-tiap agama disesebuah kawasan. Maksudnya kapasiti dan lokasi sebagaimana umat Islam di negara ini menetukan keperluan surau/masjid mengikut kariah kawasan masing-masing. Besar kariah, besarlah masjid/surau itu. Cuma sekiranya apa yang di dakwa oleh RT penganut Kristian mahu mendirikan gereja di Shah Alam & Putrajaya, kapasitinya perlu diambil kira mengikut kesesuaian setempat bukannya mengikut nafsu politik.

    2,3,4,5 Masing-masing mempunyai pendapat/agenda sendiri, tetapi saya percaya seperti NGO lain HIMPUN juga turut mempunyai tangan-tangan dibelakang dari ahli politik. Tetapi dalam isu-isu bersabit permasalahan umat Islam yang dibangkitkan oleh HIMPUN, PAS seolah-olah dikunci mulut dan digari tangan mereka oleh DAP walhal mereka yang paling lantang bercerita pasal Islam. Saya sendiri melihat perkahwinan di antara PAS-DAP adalah sesuatu yang unik dimana 2 parti politik yang terlalu taksub terhadap agama masing-masing boleh bersatu dengan jayanya.

    Penyokong-penyokong tegar parti politik bercorak agama sering mendakwa corak permainan politik oleh pemimpin mereka di Malaysia semakin matang dan pendekatan perpaduan yang ditonjolkan oleh BN terdahulu adalah lapuk dan tidak boleh diterima pakai lagi.
    Tetapi mereka tidak sedar akan eksploitasi pemimpin mereka terhadap institusi keagamaan dengan agenda politk yang mengunakan kemudahan rumah ibadat untuk memecahbelahkan masyarakat serta mendoakan kecelakaan terhadap rakan-rakan lain yang tidak mengikut ideologi mereka.

    Menyentuh artikel di atas, apa-apa jua organisasi mengarut yang diterbitkan untuk tujuan kepentingan politik seperti PACA (sejenis haiwan Amerika Selatan),TAHAN,GABAN,CIPAN atau apa-apa yang lain, ianya hanyalah disifatkan sebagai pengacau dalam sebuah proses menetukan demokrasi. Pada asasnya, TAHAN diwujudkan untuk suatu tujuan yang agak baik untuk menghalang warga asing turut menjadi pengundi hantu. Saya fikir ianya elok untuk mana-mana parti yang bertanding. Tetapi apabila tertera perkataan ABU secara terang-terangan, maka rakyat Malaysia seolah-olah dikenakan renjatan elektrik seperti didalam rancangan “Betul ke Bohong”. Saya tidaklah sekolot mereka untuk ABU,ABCD,atau apa-apa pertubuhan yang menjurus untuk menolak sesebuah bangsa/kaum. ABU tolak UMNO bermakna tolak keseluruhan kaum Melayu di dalamnya. ABCD tolak semua Cina di dalam DAP. Apa ni?

    Sekiranya PACA ditubuhkan bertujuan untuk sebuah pilihanraya yang adil, adakah DAP sendiri telah menggunakan PACA (sepatutnya PACAT) semasa CEC yang lepas sebagai simulasi untuk ditentusahkan keberkesannanya sebelum PRU13?

    [According to Mary Josephine, a PACA trainer for DAP, “the PACA’s presence reminds the EC staffs that their activities are being monitored. Hence, they will be more cautious.” ] –

    Kalau semua benda susah untuk dipercayai pasang je CCTV setiap pepenjuru di semua saluran mengundi. Jangan asyik pasang di bilik ahli politik saja.


  9. eloklah lebih besar lebih bagus..lebih ramai yg menganut kerstian lg baik..setidak-tidaknya mereka yakin terhadap allah daripada tiada agama langsung serta pegangan ..

    1. re: “setidak-tidaknya mereka yakin terhadap allah”

      Allah itu Satu.

      Orang Kristian yakin terhadap tuhan 3-dalam-1 (+ satu lagi, iaitu Ibu Maryam)


      1. tidak kisahlah 3+1 or 4.5. bg saya dlm taurat . injil.. quran .. adalah cerita yg sama.. 1.manusia. 2.bumi. 3.pencipta semesta alam…

        1. Ajaran evangelis Kristian di Gereja City Harvest ialah Prosperity Gospel yang menyeleweng. Atas sebab itulah pastor Kong Hee dan beberapa orang pemimpin kanan gerejanya diheret ke mahkamah Singapura atas tuduhan salahlaku jenayah.

          Orang Jerusubang dan Anak Bangsar ada yang berkiblatkan Singapura.

  10. Sudah tiba masanya setiap agama mempunyai organisasi yang jelas seperti organisasi agama Islam. Kita perlu menubuhkan majlis agama untuk Kristian, Buddha, Hindu dll. Ianya perlu diletakkan dibawah satu kementerian khusus.

    Cadangan ini pernah cuba dibawa di zaman Pak Lah tetapi ditentang oleh majoriti ulamak. Saya rasa sangsi dengan pendirian ulamak yang menentang penubuhan majlis agama selain dari islam. Saya yakin duduk bersama sahabat Kristian dan agama lain pun tidak akan mengurangkan islam kita. Apa yang ulamak ulamak ini risaukan agaknya.

    Apabila PAS sudah boleh terima kalimah Allah digunakan dalam Bible, maka mungkin penubuhan majlis agama untuk setiap agama ini boleh dijadikan realiti.

  11. Politicians have everything to do with religion. But what has the Christian religion got to do with politics?

    The DAP sat on their butts for 44 long years doing nothing for the Chinese, the Malays, the Indians and all, and shouted, ‘Malaysia for Malaysians’.

    Now their spokesman says, ‘Malaysian Politics is Malay-based’. Are you following this line of thought, young Christians of Subang Jaya? Why are you so worked up with hate for the BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties which created the suburb of Subang Jaya for you? Hatred is a sin.

    1. ” Why are you so worked up with hate for the BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties which created the suburb of Subang Jaya for you? ”

      i don’t think it is a case of hatred. I think it is more of a case of all the gates like cowgate, pkfz gate, MAS gate, Valuecap, overpriced defence / military quipments and vehicles etc that make the rakyat feel disgusted with UMNO BN.

      Also, can you tell me which part in the world do the government ” privatised ” enforcement, like AES?
      What happened to all the yearly allocations to RTD that they need to engage someone to built the infra for AES and ” share ” the profit with the contractor perpetually?

      Where in the constituition states that enforment can be privatised?

      1. Oppressing the people to enrich themselves is also a sin. Ask the capitalists.

        I like your assertions that the government privatised traffic enforcement in AES. May I ask what your definition of privatisation and enforcement please? In what way AES is privatising “enforcement”?

  12. Tun Daim became the Minister of Finance in 1982. Sime Darby took over his company at around that time and completed the housing development.

  13. Rais. Please do not get mixed up between Political Beliefs and Philosophies and Administrative Misdemeanours which are entirely 2 different things. Here is the difference.

    1. Political Beliefs and Philosophies = Nationalism.

    2. Administrative Misdemeanours = Theft, breach of the Rules and Regulations of the Civil Service, etc. Generally this has to do with the improper conduct of a person in a Government and its Ministries.

    Those who belief a Government should be changed is very wrong if there are money or sex scandals. Take the case of Singapore :-

    The dysfunctional meritocratic pyramid with the smartest fellow on top lost US108 Billions (RM350 Billions) of their citizens CPF money in October 2008 on Wall Street – both the Temasek and the GIC were involved. Not a squeak was raised. And one fellow will be there for the next 10 years. Vide. Channelnewsasia Lee Kuan Yew. November 2008. All Singaporean Blogs. Financial Times London. Gillian Tett. April 2010. ‘Singapore’s Harvard Model’. The Star. Seah Chiang Nee Column. Saturdays.

    Three breaches of Governmental propriety and ethics could be discerned.
    i) The aping of a university investment model by a sovereign country.
    ii) A sovereign country abdicating its powers to the hoi-polloi of Wall Street.

  14. (iii) The failure of the dysfunctional meritocratic pyramid of yes-men to define clearly and rationally the strategic aims of Singapore, eg.They should have bought gold at US300 per oz and would have controlled the World and Malaysia. And create an entirely new gold core business without any peer. But these smart fellows bought into banks which were the worst investments available at the end of a titanic bubble which began on 7th December 1941 ! Why ? They all read the same books and were good at writing ‘yes’ papers !

  15. haha.. PR macai detected sudah masuk sini… maaf le pandangan awak tentang majlis agama tu TIDAK kami umat Islam lain terima.. kita sudah ada majlis ugama islam sendiri.. malah disetiap negeri… majlis agama yg puak puaka ni nak adalah yg sama taraf sama rata dengan agama Islam… kalau puak puaka ni menang ( nauzubillah ) buat le majlis agama macam korang nak tu.. TAPI selagi BN perintah….I slam adalah diatas dan menjadi agama resmi.. dan Islam masih benarkan agama lain beroperasi.. so ape perlu majlis agama tu? PAS benarkan kalimah Allah? korang patut mengucap balik..

  16. one thing.. I don’t think those two saifulzam and ibni ismail are muslims… their views are too inclined to christianity… typical Dapsters… pls use proper nicknames only ya.. are u too ashamed to use your names like james or chinese names?? sheesh…

  17. what about the ladang sireh gate kambing jamnapari gate stopa gate anuwar aljubs gate Nga and Ngeh gate talam gate DUMC gate Mat sabun gate ADUN selinsing gate abe din gate and endless gates which made us rakyat ( the majority ones ) feel so disgusted with puak puaka PR ni? INGAT LAH ALLAH BERFIRMAN “Kabura maktan indallahi antaqulu mala thafalun” asSaff ayat 3…Sungguh besar kemurkaan Allah jika kamu mengatakan apa2 yg tidak kamu kerjakan.” serupa sungguh dengan perangai orang PAS..huhu

  18. In March, 2013, a Singaporean Minister finally admitted the utter failure of the much vaunted dysfunctional meritocratic pyramid with the smartest fellow on top. He declared that in future, not only academic qualifications would be considered but also the candidates hidden talents. After 55 years of worshipping at the altar of Oxbridge and the Ivy League, the World’s second best country next to the great United States recognises the failed policies of the titan Lee Kuan Yew. One of them including the other 7 Policy failures which I previously mentioned must be the derring dos of the 19th century archaic DAP with its brand new 21st century young Christians. A week is a long time in politics, not 44 long years of sitting on their butts !

    Surely, Singapore must now adopt the 3 Golden Attributes to be a Prime Minister or an aide, as formulated by me over 60 years of study of the good and the great on both sides of the Causeway :-

    1. Commonsense. Do not run around the streets or take off your pants in public.

    2. The Ability to Think Out of the Box. No copycats please. Think with originality, innovation and creativity like Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    3. Compassion. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has too much and Lee Kuan Yew, nil. This is why I suggested that both should be awarded the joint Nobel Prize like Nelson Mandela and de Klerk.

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  20. Greetings from Rodby, Denmark!

    Try have a look into your bible and ask anyone who’s sitting down in front of you at your very own church, how many of you have really read the Bible in total? No where in the bible that says Jesus is a God, this is according to many of the research that we have done in many years. But you can find a lot other people saying he is god et cetera. How does that work then? Ask any Christianity, they ought to explain how does the 3 in 1 or 1 in 3 actually works by written.

    I have met many Chinese Christians in Malaysia, by words they obviously do not know what they are saying.

    You can google for footages about our interview with the Christians on the matter, including some priests; they couldn’t explain themselves.

    Here’s a link that you lads might want to look at;

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