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Najib’s desperation is showing

BN today announced that they are accepting two mosquito parties – Persatuan India Malaysia and Parti Punjabi Malaysia – as their new associate members. Read the rest of the report in Umno Online.

LOL. Continue reading “Najib’s desperation is showing”

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Dapster Khairy challenged to show what good he’s ever done

By P. Waytha Moorthy

(Press statement)

It is more than a week now since Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin and Defence Minister Hishamuddin Hussein criticized me for not being a team player and claimed the Government has done a lot for the community. Continue reading “Dapster Khairy challenged to show what good he’s ever done”

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Why the Malays feel besieged

Isma vice president (II) Abdul Rahman Mt Dali released a press statement yesterday titled ‘Bumi ini bumi Melayu! Dunia jangan pertikai lagi‘.

Abdul Rahman said:

“Kita mahu dunia mengiktiraf  bumi ini sebagai warisan dan hak orang Melayu. Sama seperti dunia mengiktiraf benua Cina adalah hak warisan orang Cina dan benua India hak warisan orang India, England untuk Inggeris, Ireland untuk orang Irish dan Germany untuk orang  German dan seterusnya. Continue reading “Why the Malays feel besieged”

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“Rekonsiliasi Nasional” — Kera di hutan disusukan

(1) Perdana Menteri baru-baru ini mengumumkan hasratnya ke arah rekonsiliasi nasional. Najib Razak berkata beliau “tersentuh dengan reaksi rakyat yang menyuarakan sokongan dan dorongan yang kukuh agar Malaysia lebih bersatu padu”.

Yang saya nak tanya: Kenapa seorang PM yang kononnya mengkehendaki “rekonsiliasi nasional” memilih pula untuk sengaja meminggirkan golongan India miskin yang telah memberikan sokongan padu mereka kepada BN dalam pilihanraya lepas? Continue reading ““Rekonsiliasi Nasional” — Kera di hutan disusukan”

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Because Hannah bullshits too much, her family becomes two faced

Hannah Yeoh’s older daughter is ‘Chinese’ in her birth cert as the whole of Malaysia is probably aware after YB Jerusubang created a ruckus at the registration department and threw a tantrum at Najib Razak.

Meanwhile, her younger daughter is ‘Indian’. Continue reading “Because Hannah bullshits too much, her family becomes two faced”

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Unless Umno grows a spine, Isma will take over the moral leadership

The DAP Mursyidul Am responds to the Prime Minister’s “national reconciliation” overture with the following press statement titled ‘Najib’s NRP is a recipe to abdicate his responsibility as Prime Minister in a plural society but still clinging to the perks of office‘.

Lim Kit Siang said in his press statement today:

“If the NRP is a different creature from the NUB, it raises questions firstly, what is the purpose of NUCC preparing a NUB when the government has almost a NRP in place; Continue reading “Unless Umno grows a spine, Isma will take over the moral leadership”

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Islam under threat, says Dr Mahathir

Islam under threat, says Dr M‘ is the headline carried yesterday in FMT. “No more respect for Islam,” Dr Mahathir Mohamad is reported as telling a press conference held at the International Islamic University in Gombak.

“Suddenly they come up with this idea that they should call their god Allah as well,” the news portal quoted Dr Mahathir as saying.

Continue reading “Islam under threat, says Dr Mahathir”

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How will Najib respond to the ‘Purple Movement’ launched by Kit Siang today?

The Prime Minister has one Chinese minister in his 32-member cabinet (see name list below).

Paul Low is the former chief of Transparency International Malaysia. He is a hardworking and conscientious minister and he has been given the government mandate to fight corruption.

Continue reading “How will Najib respond to the ‘Purple Movement’ launched by Kit Siang today?”

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Apa hasil lawatan gereja Anwar hari ini?

Pada bulan Februari 2008, Anwar Ibrahim telah mengadakan mesyuarat tertutup dengan Christian Federation of Malaysia di mana dia menyetujui orang Kristian dibenarkan untuk mengguna istilah ‘Allah’.

Sejurus kemudian dalam Mac 2008, gereja memfailkan permohonan semakan kehakiman ke atas larangan penggunaan ‘Allah’. Continue reading “Apa hasil lawatan gereja Anwar hari ini?”

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Is it Lydia or is it Rosmah?

Teresa Kok is still sidestepping the ‘identity’ of the plump woman wearing the diamond rings who appeared in the controversial CNY video that she produced.

The local actress who played the role of Datin Diamond told police that her character in the video is modelled after Lydia Shum, the late Hong Kong comedienne.

Meanwhile Teresa claims that her video is a “political satire” made just for laughs. Well if her video is indeed political humour, then it begs the question — Why lampoon Lydia, Continue reading “Is it Lydia or is it Rosmah?”


Indians are their own worst enemies

Reporter Narinder Singh fired a barrage of criticism at Waytha Moorthy, in addition to blasting Najib and BN as well as Pakatan in his FMT opinion piece today titled ‘Waytha, the BN waterboy all washed up‘.

Narinder views Waytha’s resignation as a late-in-the-day realisation by the Hindraf chairman that “he is better off fighting from outside the ring rather from within the circles of the Putrajaya boys”.

I have just one simple question: So who is going to help, and how will assistance and poverty alleviation programmes be delivered to the poorest Indians now? Continue reading “Indians are their own worst enemies”

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Isma beri amaran tegas kepada pelampau Kristian

Naib Presiden (I) Isma Ustaz Muhammad Fauzi Asmuni memberi amaran kepada pelampau Kristian supaya tidak meneruskan provokasi mereka yang terancang dan memang disengajakan.

Ustaz Fauzi berkata sekarang sudah berlaku suasana yang mana pihak yang tidak merestui evangelista menggunakan kalimah Allah pula akan dianggap sebagai ‘pelampau’ dan disebabkan umat Islam di Malaysia diasak dengan begitu kuat, akhirnya Muslim sendiri yang menjadi keliru.

Continue reading “Isma beri amaran tegas kepada pelampau Kristian”

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S… L … O… W – mo

Saturday last week: ‘Hindraf: Waytha Moorthy to quit as deputy minister’ (The J-Star, 8 Feb 2014)

Friday this week: ‘PM: Waytha’s resignation is disheartening’ (The J-Star, 14 Feb 2014)

Golly, it takes Najib Razak a whole week to respond to the resignation of his Deputy Minister in the PM’s Department.

Even Sleepy Dollah moved faster. Continue reading “S… L … O… W – mo”

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Gereja menyamar sebagai tadika di Kepong

Sayap pemuda Isma mendedahkan niat jahat Kristian Evangelis:

“BANGI, 13 Feb – Persatuan Belia Islam Nasional (Pembina) Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor (KUIS) hari ini telah berjaya mengumpulkan 158 pelajar IPT dalam ‘Forum Kristianisasi Di Malaysia: Membongkar Agenda Tersembunyi’ baru-baru ini.

Continue reading “Gereja menyamar sebagai tadika di Kepong”

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Kit Siang: Umno ministers so “gullible”

Lim Kit Siang’s press statement today is titled ‘Call on new MCA leaders like Liow Tiong Lai and Wee Ka Siong not to be xioren 小人 but dare to speak truth to power by declaring that Teresa Kok’s video is not anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-royalty’.

Kit Siang says that he is “really intrigued as to how at least five Umno ministers could be tricked and fooled” by the MCA and Gerakan Chinese leaders Continue reading “Kit Siang: Umno ministers so “gullible””

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Now Kit Siang says Teresa has “magic mirror”

Lim Kit Siang’s press statement today is titled ‘It is not Teresa Kok who should apologise for her ‘Onederful Malaysia’ as nobody could prove the video is anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-Royalty but Abdul Rahman Dahlan who must apologise for his racist tweets which showed he is not Minister for all Malaysians’.

Kit Siang says that Teresa Kok’s CNY video “has the effect of a magic mirror exposing the goblins in the Malaysian political landscape”. Continue reading “Now Kit Siang says Teresa has “magic mirror””

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Yahoo! News headline says “Botakkan Rosmah?”

Popular blogger Milo Suam had the following story slightly more than an hour ago — ‘Yahoo Malaysia cari pasal dengan Datin Rosmah‘.

Another top blogger Kedah Lanie followed-up on the same story a little more than half an hour ago — ‘Ayuhhh.. Jangan biarkan Datin Rosmah kita dihina oleh Yahoo..!

The Rosmah story was Yahoo! Malaysia’s most prominent article. Is this Yahoo! showing its “sense of humour“? Continue reading “Yahoo! News headline says “Botakkan Rosmah?””

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Teresa: Umno ministers “takde sense of humour” (must watch more Hong Kong movies)

You can watch Teresa Kok’s interview uploaded today in KiniTV where she says that the Umno ministers have no sense of humour — ‘Umno sengaja cari pasal, siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas, kata Kok

The actress in Teresa Kok’s CNY video denies that she was portraying Rosmah Mansor but instead claims that she was imitating Lydia Shum, a famous Hong Kong comedienne. Continue reading “Teresa: Umno ministers “takde sense of humour” (must watch more Hong Kong movies)”

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Why Malaysia is better than Indonesia

Today on page 8 in the Jakarta Post,

“Code of attire: Officers from Banda Aceh’s Islamic Sharia Agency and the local police stop motorists, who they deem to be wearing trousers that are too tight and not in line with the Islamic legal code, in a joint operation.”

The article is titled ‘Aceh fully enforces sharia‘ … on non-Muslims too. Continue reading “Why Malaysia is better than Indonesia”

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Thank you all for the responses to my Waytha postings

Considering that the predominant readership in my blog is presumably pro-establishment Malay, the responses here, all in all, has been rather muted (when it could have been far more hostile).

Compared to some of the “happy to see him go” responses elsewhere in the pro-Umno websites, I take your relative silence / restraint as something positive, i.e. no news is good news, because at least there is not much venting against him.

Continue reading “Thank you all for the responses to my Waytha postings”

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Tentera Selempang Merah-flavoured banners are unfurled

An FMT reporter criticized Teresa’s video.

If you want to know what the DAP supporters are really like, you must check out the reader comments to the said reporter’s article — Continue reading “Tentera Selempang Merah-flavoured banners are unfurled”

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Di mana ada sarang tebuan, di situ evangelista DAP akan jolok

Saya rasa tajuk video Teresa Kok yang berbunyi ‘ma lai sai leh ah‘ sengaja mencabar seraya ada terselit dengan niat menghina di sebalik permainan sebutan beberapa patah perkataan Kantonis tersebut.

Dapster-Dapster yang masih mahu menegakkan benang basah ingat orang Melayu yang tak tahu bertutur Kantonis akan senang diperbodohkan. Continue reading “Di mana ada sarang tebuan, di situ evangelista DAP akan jolok”

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Najib holidaying in Bermuda

… in the Bermuda Triangle, I mean.

Dunno lah actually where our PM is now. Last Dec 30, Kadir Jasin blogged that Najib Razak could likely be in Las Vegas to catch the new year sunrise.

“Yes, Najib is some sort like kura-kura. Kura-kura suka makan kangkong. Plus kura-kura bergerak sangat ppeelllaahhhaannn and bila ada problem, sembunyi kepala dalam tempurung. Senyap seribu bahasa.” Continue reading “Najib holidaying in Bermuda”


[ Hindraf ] Deputy minister resigns / Pakatan full of hate and spite

Hindraf’s P. Waytha Moorthy will resign as Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (JPM) as well as from his senator post on Monday (10 Feb 2014) — see FMT report.

Waytha had earlier announced his resolve to leave the JPM should he not be able to deliver on the MoU blueprint signed between the BN and Hindraf. He said this months ago on 1 Aug 2013 Continue reading “[ Hindraf ] Deputy minister resigns / Pakatan full of hate and spite”

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Video Teresa itu “lucu” lah, Najib digesa untuk berkata

Bersambung dari ‘Hannah mahu tindakan polis diambil terhadap pertubuhan-pertubuhan Islam yang tunjuk perasaan‘.

Dua hari lepas,  Lim Guan Eng telah men’hijack’ upacara pemujaan oleh orang Cina di Pulau Pinang sempena perayaan tahun baru untuk memberi sebuah ucapan menghasut Continue reading “Video Teresa itu “lucu” lah, Najib digesa untuk berkata”

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Hannah mahu tindakan polis diambil terhadap pertubuhan-pertubuhan Islam yang tunjuk perasaan

Pengerusi Wanita DAP Selangor Hannah Yeoh berkata dia memandang berat ugutan yang dibuat terhadap naib pengerusi kebangsaan partinya Teresa Kok.

“Saya berharap pihak polis dan Menteri Dalam Negeri akan mempunyai cukup ikhtiar untuk mengenakan tindakan ke atas pertubuhan-pertubuhan yang cuba menghasut supaya seorang wakil rakyat akan diserang dengan ganas,” tambah Hannah. Continue reading “Hannah mahu tindakan polis diambil terhadap pertubuhan-pertubuhan Islam yang tunjuk perasaan”

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If Dapsters are anti-corruption, then I’m Li Ka-shing’s granddaughter

Kudos to Maximus Johnity Ongkili tapi kesian kat Paul Low.

Water, Energy and Green Technology Minister Maximus J. Ongkili became the first Christian in the cabinet to openly distance himself from the church’s demand in court to use the ‘Allah’ word, the Daily Express reported today.

According to Sabah’s largest circulation daily, Ongkili had blamed the opposition for politicizing the ‘Allah’ issue until it became emotive. Continue reading “If Dapsters are anti-corruption, then I’m Li Ka-shing’s granddaughter”