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Tun vs Najib – the gloves are off

Last year, there was his outburst against blogger “bangang”. Today, Najib hit out at “jemuan” in the Umno body politic.

He blames “jemuan-jemuan” for causing disharmony in Umno, according to a Bernama report.

Accusing them of pitting Umno people against each other, the party president said it is due to the incitement by these jemuan-jemuan that “so much of our shortcomings are amplified”.

Bernama also quoted Najib as saying that Umno is capable of remaining in power and winning the election if the party can manage to rid itself of the jemuan-jemuan.

Just like previously during the ‘bangang’ episode, Najib is attacking his own side once again.

Now who do you think is Najib’s target this time that he wants eliminated from Umno? No prizes for guessing.

Dr Mahathir Cheshire Cat

Surgeon amputates with clinical precision

Tun dropped a megaton bomb yesterday and it was very damaging to Najib.

It looks like the good doctor has firmly committed to his prescription to cure the Grand Olde Party. The bitter medicine necessitates that Mr Clueless has to recuse himself or otherwise be removed.

Read, Tun: “I’m a doctor, if I find one leg becoming gangrenous I remove it”


Deja vu

The script below was unveiled seven years ago (April 2008) on the British television programme Hardtalk. Tun was talking then about Abdullah Ahmad Badawi but it could well fit Najib in the present instance.

Tun Dr Mahathir − “… if proper action is taken, including of course the present Prime Minister leaving his seat of power, it may be possible to bring back the Barisan Nasional Front in order to become again a very strong ruling party.

BBC’s Stephen Sackur − “You’re saying that Prime Minister ~~ has to be kicked out for the ruling party to recover?”

Tun − “Well not so strong as that. He can step down.”

“I stepped down in my time. It’s about time that he steps down because the result of the election shows clearly that many of the former followers, supporters of the Nasional Front had decided that they would work, vote for the Opposition even if they didn’t like the Opposition. They voted for the Opposition to send a message to the present government.”

BBC − “See, Prime Minister ~~ says that you have been one of the curses that have brought him down, because you’ve been sniping from the sidelines for the last two or three years.”

Tun − “Ah, that may be so. I don’t see why I should not criticise wrongdoings by him.”

BBC − “What wrongdoings?”

Tun − “Well in the first place, the government promises to remove corruption and things like that, but the government is found to be corrupt.”

BBC − “You’re tearing your own party apart though, that is the problem. And that is what many people inside your party believe.”

Tun − “Well sometimes it may be necessary. I told people ‘I’m a doctor. If I find one leg becoming gangrenous I remove it’.”

BBC − “Now he has said, Prime Minister ~~ that he will go eventually but is your message to him that he has no time, he must go now?”

Tun − “He must go now, because it will take time to revive the party for the next election.”

Check out the video clip below

The girl singing Whitney Houston’s song I wanna dance with somebody – her name is Diamond White – was only 13 years old, and already she’d got the makings of a diva.

Diamond White

I wanna

dance with


paris hilton jho low

That phat playboy from Penang

Dr Mahathir wrote in his blog Chedet yesterday with regard to 1MDB,

“Nama Jho Low disebut berkali-kali. Demikian juga nama-nama syarikat miliknya. Tuduhan dibuat berkenaan dengan pembelian rumah mewah olehnya di London, New York dan Hollywood. Lepas itu rumah dijual kepada anak tiri Perdana Menteri dengan harga ratusan juta Ringgit.”

The ex-premier added, “Semua perkara-perkara ini tidak akan terdapat dalam akaun 1MDB. Tetapi rakyat ingin tahu kerana melibatkan Jho Low. Dan Jho Low disebut-sebut berkenaan dengan pengurusan 700 juta USD dari 1MDB.”

Tun wants clarification on the role of Penang playboy Low Teck Jho in 1MDB as well as his relationship with the prime minister.

Jho Low

hard liquor


What kind of people are surrounding the PM?!

The PM is the problem.

Najib promises the moon and the stars but he’s living in an alternate reality. His is the world of jet setters, high society, wheeler dealers and a coterie of Jho Low’s when half of Malaysian workers only earn a salary of less than RM1,500 per month.

Felda Global Ventures debuted on Bursa Malaysia in June 2012 with a share price of RM5.39. Today the FGV share is worth RM2.15. How much confidence do you think the Felda setters (BN’s “fixed deposit” voters) – will continue to place in Umno?

The ostentatious lifestyle of Najib and his wife is unacceptable to the rakyat marhaen when 7.2 million Malaysians are collecting the BR1M handout.

Can’t even control wife, how to control country?

Video [0:20] Dr Mahathir: “Buku ini mungkin akan dijadi buku rujukan, 100, 200 tahun daripada sekarang.”

Rosmelda is one of the major causes of BN vote attrition.

Previously in 2012, Dr M had commented on the FLOM’s image saying that she has the right to have as high a profile as she likes … Tun dok cakap berlapik ni.

Then, when launching Rosmah’s biography two years ago this month (March 2013), Tun said that the coffee table book should even be distributed to the schools to serve as reference material.

Yup, schoolgirls wanna grow up to be like the Birkin fashion icon and have thousands of expensive dresses in their wardrobe.

Najib zebra shirt

Najib takes the fight to ‘enemy’ territory

The party president had earlier today opened the Umno Kedah convention attended by delegates from the state’s 15 divisions. Kedah is Dr Mahathir’s home ground and Kedah Umno is currently headed by Mukhriz.

Bernama reported that Najib had issued a reminder to the Kedah delegates that their personal interests should not be put above the party interest, and internal problems must be avoided.

Sounding a veiled warning to the Mahathir clan, Najib called for the purging of troublemakers within Umno who are responsible for causing disunity among the ranks.

Hence Najib’s pointed speech hints that he will not be giving Tun a free pass.


Najib is full of kryptonite


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11 thoughts on “Tun vs Najib – the gloves are off

  1. Tun M only wants Najib to ‘clearly’ clarify all allegation on 1MDB to the less then 45% popular votes he garnered to remained as PM.

    Simple as that but he still am clueless and helpless because still relaying and hopping ‘things are all rights’ with his bloated advisors.

    Najib its time for you to see the Doctor. There are many in Malaysia just see the ‘correct’ one!.

  2. The Government has made the rakyat more angry because it provided RM960million SBLC to 1MDB. This is not the way to cure commercially 1MDB. The rakyat are already fed-up with Najib and BN government. The SBLC is just like adding salt to the wound.

    The fate of BN in the coming PRU14 is sealed. We shall see the downfall of BN. The behavior of the UMNO /BN politicians shows that they do not care how the rakyat feel about the issue. We shall see protest votes.

    Can we now call upon other BN component party to side with the rakyat.It is not just an UMNO problem? MCA Minister Liow please say some thing.

  3. Tun as doctor should issue Najib a MCC…….Medically Comatosed Certificate, medically board him out.

    Day by day he digs the hole deeper,hard to imagine what goes on in his head? Does he contemplate and think?

    Or do others do his thinking for him?
    Either way, he is screwed.
    He is going to end up FUBAR.

  4. Who is Mahathir to question the wealth of Najib or Reza? Mahathir’s son is equally rich, if not richer. Look at Sapura Kencana, Opcom, Petron, Tongkah, Konsortium Perkapalan and Pantai.

    1. Mahathirnson ventures created jobs for locals
      The 1MDB, reza ,rosmelda shopping and Najih crony ventures only benefit the elite and make nanib look stupid.

      I may not agree with MM …but I welcome his jabs at Najib to bring better leaders in BN…to pay back for MM for stumping young leaders in UMNO.

  5. not many wil believe what I hv done (on my own initiative) to reconcile both of them immediately when tun m announced his withdrawal of support from pm najib’s administration. after getting the green light from tun’s ‘adopted’ son, I met/contacted not less than 5 prominent persons who r very close to pm najib but my efforts were futile.

    I met tun again 21/2 mths ago n after getting his views, I hv decided let it be. u may b right the path to reconciliation is getting very2 narrow now. lets pray n hope that cool heads wil prevail.

    when all this unhappy episode is over I may share it thru a short article ” usaha murni yg tak kesampaian”


  6. Usaha murni yang tak kesampaian
    Pm Najib has to settle his bed time cum Rosmah and their back yard nampak gaya p’raya ke 14 doa pembakang dan kita semua di sini di makbulkan insyallah

  7. Memperkatakan tentang Najib sebenarnya sudah lebih dari mencukupi. Ia seumpama kayu yang sudah dimakan anai-anai. Masih kelihatan elok..jika diketuk..dalamnya kosong. Lebih baik biarkan masa menentukannya

    Yang patut diberi perhatian, diberi nasihat, dibaiki dan diselamatkan ialah Muhyiddin, sudah agak lewat tetapi belum terlambat.

  8. Ms H. A medical student once told me this tale. In far away Africa, there was a vast rolling grass plain which was dotted with pairs of animals like the giraffes, rhinoceroses, leopards etc. A zebra went up to a lion and asked what all these pairs of animals were doing. The lion without hesitation replied, ‘ You take off your pyjamas and I show you how !’

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