7 thoughts on “Video – Tun: “Umno dah pecah dah”

  1. “”The Umno now is about money””
    and to add how to get more without any fuss.
    “”The United Malay”” got lost lost along the way, they replaced it with “‘United Money”‘

    nothing more nothing else.

  2. This is Nicolo Machiavelli’s prince at play. It is leading somewhere but where exactly I don’t know. And for that matter I don’t think any of us know yet.

    The old hat will fall on some anointed head at some stage flowing which it is likely there will be some moulting at UMNO which will result in another strong leader? Don’t know if thats possible. None of Churchill’s children or his friends became good leaders like him. Thats because Churchill’s image was better than the man himself.

    May we live in interesting times.

  3. Today’s front page report in the Singapore Straits Times: “Najib not involved in Mongolian’s death: Abdullah”.

    In the report by ST Malaysia Correspondent Shannon Teoh, Tun Abdullah Badawi “said the police investigation into the 2006 murder was concluded while he was still in office. “Based on the findings from the thorough investigation conducted by the Royal Malaysian Police that were conveyed to me, it was confirmed that Najib is not involved at all in the case,” he said.””

    The ST report also quoted Lim Kit Siang: “As Najib has reiterated that he did not know Altantuya and was not involved directly or indirectly in the Mongolian’s murder, why is Najib so resistant to the proposal for a full inquiry as to the motive of Altantuya’s murder, and in particular, who had given the orders to the two former police commandos to kill the Mongolian and blow up her body with military explosives?”.

    Is this about long-delayed justice for Altantuya and her family or about a desire to take down a sitting Prime Minister for all sorts of other reasons?

    Some of my foreign acquaintances have commented acerbically that Altantuya was vilified with all sorts of slurs to her reputation after her murder in 2006 and it is ironic that the case is receiving renewed attention now and whether it is really about justice for the Mongolian lady.

    Foreign investors will be wondering about political stability in Malaysia and whether it is justified, given the political and economic risks, to invest or continue investing in the country, especially when there are so many other countries competing for foreign investments.

    1. Tun Dr.M was not implying Najib was involved in Altantuya’s murder.

      It’s best if Pak Lah could answer Dr.M’s ‘A Doctor in the House’ (pg.382) :-

      Why “Proton bought a 57.75 per cent share of MV Agusta for 70 million Euros (about RM350 million at the time) in July 2004, then sold it to an Italian company called Gevi SpA for just one Euro (about RM5) the following year. Harley-Davidson went on to buy Agusta for RM355 million.” ?

      1. Really?

        What about the vilification of Altantuya? Is/was that justified when she is not around to defend herself?

        What about foreign investors’ concerns about political stability in Malaysia? It may not be a big deal to you, but it is important for the country to be able to continue to grow and prosper. And to provide good jobs for Malaysians.

        As for Proton and MV Agusta, is that anymore noteworthy than the privatisation of MAS to Tajudin Ramli and its aftermath?

        1. Sick Malaysian Mentality:

          “Because he/she does “this”, is o.k for the other party to do “that” , and he/she must keep quite”

          I don’t like the sale of mv agusta as much as the case of tajuddin ramli took over MAS, and Pak Lah must answer that!

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