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Jemuan-jemuan: If not Jho, then who?

Jho says it ain’t so: Malaysian tycoon denies role in 1MDB ‘heist of the century’ article on Low Taek Jho features in Euromoney‘s April edition of the magazine.

The Euromoney interview was held in Jho’s stylish office in Hong Kong and where reporter Eric Ellis was served his coffee “in exquisite porcelain”. The sophisticated HQ for Jho’s business empire offers “a panorama of the city’s harbour and the promise of China beyond”.

Claiming to be the “victim”, Jho Low turned around to accuse, “you [Umno] play to the bumiputra card: ‘Oh, the Chinaman stole all the money and blew it all on alcohol’.”

Euromoney reports that Goldman Sachs is believed to have made as much as $300 million [RM1.1 billion] in fees alone from the 1MDB bonds deal although the US investment bank disputes this figure.

“I’ve done nothing wrong”, Jho asserts. “I don’t run 1MDB. I don’t control 1MDB. I don’t decide anything on 1MDB …”

Oh look, there's KJ
Oh look, there’s KJ

Najib dijulang Khairy1

KJ: Investigate the Chinaman

Nonetheless, the Euromoney article highlights how sparse is official information about the fund’s finances. “If Malaysians want to get information about an enterprise they ultimately own, they must laboriously wade through the state companies registry at their own considerable expense. No such information is available from 1MDB’s glossy corporate website.”

The young, Penang-born tycoon on the other hand alleges that he is being cast as the villain of the piece simply because he’s Chinese.

He points out that the PM as minister of finance would have signed off on 1MDB shareholder resolutions because the company is owned by the Finance Ministry.

Jho asks rhetorically, “Are you telling me the prime minister doesn’t make his own decisions?”

Good question.


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16 thoughts on “Jemuan-jemuan: If not Jho, then who?

  1. To PM Najib,


    It is no good at all
    to conjure all sorts of reasons
    to explain away truth:

    One could subscribe to truth
    only when one has self-respect in the first place;

    When a man tells untruths,
    he has no respect for himself
    and little would he do better for others
    except for his own gain;

    And when a man tells lies,
    he has a tendency to forget:

    With one lie after the other,
    eventually he would be caught
    in his own tangled web:

  2. Kak Helen

    My Lord Tokong has got a great idea to solve the traffic problems between the island and the mainland. Cable car!

    “GEORGE TOWN: A ‘Penang Sky Cab’ cable car system connecting Penang Sentral in Butterworth to Gat Lebuh Noordin in the island is expected to be completed in 2018. ”

    Hmmm. We need probably 4 FERRY sized cars between Penang and the Mainland at one go.
    So if it is overloaded, the Penang lang sitting the FERRY sized car will drop into the sea and die like Titanic.
    Fewer Pakatan supporters left on earth.

    Saya sokong projek ini!

    Back to your article. My state really gives a lot of problems to the rest of Malaysia. Another Penang-lang (and Cina pulak) in the picture.

    1. ‘So if it is overloaded, the Penang lang sitting the FERRY sized car will drop into the sea and die like Titanic.’

      Kelakar la Mulan!

  3. ‘Chinaman stole all the Money and blew it’s on alcohol’.

    Chinaman always believe , if they got away with others money or property ,it’s not steeling but because he is smarter then the one he stole from.

    Tipu tidak apa ,biasanya orang yang bijak sahaja akan menipu orang yang bodoh.

    Siapa yang bodoh disini ?, should we blamed Teak Jho ,if its true ,that mean the whole Malaysian government had been con ,because Jho is smarter then the whole Malaysian government.

    Should we blamed the smarter ,or we blamed the stupid one , if so ,who’s to be blamed ?.

    Can we blamed the stupid one ,just because they are being stupid ?.

    1. ‘because Jho is smarter then the whole Malaysian government.’

      Jho Low not stupid maa. He went to Wharton, okay?! Hormat sikit. Tapi kalau pi sana, balik buat Enron kat Malaysia, tengok youtube pun dah boleh buat. Cuma dia ada Reza!

  4. Mamakutty playing everybody’s backside except Anwar cos he’s in jail now.

    Historically, Malaysia will always be ruled by foreign powers. First it was a Buddhist kingdom under Sri Vijaya, then Hindu kingdom under Majapahit, then Siamese kingdom, then Melayu ori kingdom under the Malaccan Sultanate but protected by the Ming Kingdom under a friendship marriage, then Portuguese Christian Kingdom, then Dutch Christian Kingdom, then British Christian kingdom, then Japanese Shinto Kingdom and back to English Christian Kingdom after WW2.

    After independence, when just about Melayu ori wants to rule their own kingdom under Allahyarham TAR, Tun Abdul Razak, Tun Hussein Onn, along came a penyangak Melayu shouting demi Agama, Bangsa dan Tanah Air. And power fell to the Mamaks. Consolidating and building his dinasti for 22 years, he and his kind just can’t let go of the lust for power, monies and posts.

    After jailing his nemesis who was his only capable opponent and who is more Islamic than him, his guns are now trained at the Bugis PM and soon to follow the rest of the Melayu ori roadblocks like Moheedeen, Zaid, Hisham, Shafie and the boy wonder Khairy will fall like ten pins.

    Malays form 60% of the population of Malaysia and out of this, Mamaks and penyangaks form roughly less than 2-3% of the Melayu ori.

    But just look around and see who are holding most of the power? It’s all Mamaks and their penyangaks. Where do you find most of the ori-Malays? Most still kat kampungs, tepi laut, hutan and Felda, Felcra, Risda schemes. All grateful for the BR1M and scholarships given. All because most are held in awe by this perjuangan demi Agama, Bangsa dan Tanah Air indoctrinated by the Mamaks and penyangaks.

    Hang Tu Ah “Tak akan Melayu ori hilang di dunia” mungkin jadi kenyataan kalau pendekar dan hulubalang Melayu ori semua tumbang seperti Allahyarham TAR, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein Onn, Tun Abdullah dan Najib diikuti Mooheedeen, Hisham, Zaid, Shafie dan Khairy.

    Bangun dan jangan tidur lagi wahai orang Melayu ori, ooh.

    Kini Bangsawan Melayu yang satu tahap bawah Sultan dan Raja kamu pon diserang bertubi-tubi demi nak hidupkan kembali dinasti Mamakutty.

    Nak biarkan berulang Sejarah kejatuhan KeSultanan Melaka lagi ke?

    1. If you came to comment by Dandy, you know what to do. Don’t waste your time on this bull excrement.

    2. Aliens from outer space don’t speak for earthlings.
      Kita kenal nada pengkhianat apabila dia bermula membelit-belitkan sejarah dengan daya kejahilannya.

    3. Bhuddist srivijaya and hindu majapahit are also ori (pre-islamic) melayu kingdom. Org melayu ori tak tiba-tiba je magically muncul after Melaka ok!

  5. Yes sack the 1st Minister of Finance, adinda Ms Halen
    who cannot manage this together with his PM job
    .. and flak from ex-PMs and huhu on DS Rosmah.

    NB. DS Mohd Najib is however not on the BoD of 1MBD which is fully culpable for any mismanagement.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  6. Ms H. As I have always said for years that all our public scandals were caused by the closest aides to the Prime Ministers. Thanks to the courage and bravery of KJ and his team of Youths from UMNO Youth my observation has been vindicated. No Prime Minister would take up the phone to buy and sell. It was the closest aide with the hidden agenda. I know a Chinese friend who was given a task by our beloved Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to do. It could not be done and he told the Tun bluntly. There was no scandal. This was the first and the last. There was another closest aide from humble beginnings who now collects Stradivarius violins at US$ 5 Millions a piece which is on-lent to the Singapore Philharmonic but not the KL Philharmonic !

    THANKS TO KJ AND HIS YOUTHS FROM UMNO YOUTH, it is clear that all scandals during the Tun’s 22 Administration were caused by his closest aides. All our distinguished Prime Ministers from the Tunku to our Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak were fine gentlemen with no ambivalent intentions but to serve the Rakyat to the best of their abilities.

    But the closest aides hid behind the trousers of their Bosses and pushed all the blame to them. Please remember no Prime Minister will take up the phone to buy and sell. Not even the late Ruler (1959-2015) with his team of butlers aka Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats who just on one instance alone incurred a loss of US$108 Billions in October 2008 !


    vide. Jho Low – Euromoney or Financial Review.

    1. Sorry sir, can you clarify your point about the brilliance of KJ and the boss’ pants guys? Najib and Dr. M don’t seem to fit in the same kind of trousers as seems apparent to many commoners.

      1. Confounded. Sir. Good observation on my comment which was deliberately careless to say the least ! No further comment on trousers or other apparel ! In fact, the Youths of UMNO Youth tweeted more vulgarly to Jho the Low.

  7. Ms H. For your information, vide London Financial Times 16 April 2015 ‘ MALAYSIA DRIFTING DANGEROUSLY.’

  8. Ms H. Just to refresh our memories on what the minority of naughty Chinese have been doing in our beloved Malaysia. Fortunately, the large majority are honest and hard-working.

    1. 1949-1956. The MCA Welfare Lottery
    2. 1949 – 1970. Tontine
    3. 1959-1961. Mushroom Insurance Companies
    4. 1970-1972 Gemini Chit Fund
    5. 1976-2015 Tax free RM2 incorporated churches.
    6. 1976-2015 Share rigging
    7. 1977-1981 Co-operative Societies
    8. 1982-1985 Life Insurance Gurantees
    9.. 2003-2008 Foreign Exchange Caper
    10.. 2007-2011 Gold Bullion Caper
    11. 2010-2015 GLC caper

    Behind every caper is someone we know !

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