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Another Scissors stab in the back! / When will MCA be sacked?

‘PAS No 2: It’s time we take BN bull by the horns’, says the J-Star headline in a story uploaded a short while ago.

The article title – about “BN bull” that was drafted by an EvangeliSTAR copyeditor – does not match the actual news content produced by the reporter.

Note: The J-Star story url says “time-to-head-on-with-barisan-nasional”

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time we take BN bull by the horns

Headlines for the same breaking story in the news portals are more honest.


  • ‘PAS won’t give up a single seat to allies’ (FMT)
  • ‘PAS won’t give up a single seat, veep says’ (Malay Mail)
  • ‘PAS regrets sacrificing seats in last general election’ (Malaysiakini)

So how did a report about PAS refusing to give up seats to Pakatan inexplicably become taking “BN bull by the horns” in The J-Star?

stabbed in the back heart
MCA’s black heart no longer with BN

In fact, FMT even has a sidebar report in BM under the headline, ‘PAS akui hadapi ancaman baharu tapi bukan BN’.

In it, PAS vice president Iskandar Abdul Samad clearly identifies the threat as coming from PAS’s new enemy – the DAP.

Yet the J-Star‘s report is the opposite of FMT‘s. The MCA-controlled newspaper implied that BN is the enemy that PAS wants to confront in the next general election while the rest of the media have reported that PAS is miffed with Pakatan.

The way that the J-Star has played this story is outright sabotage. And the Nest of Evangelistas will continue with its Gunting Dalam Lipatan snip-snip-snip all the way to GE14.

MCA’s treacherous intentions are reflected in its media machinery. The remaining five percent Chinese left supporting BN are Cina Islam, mualaf dan kakitangan kerajaan/penjawat awam.

The evangelistas running the MCA’s propaganda apparatus do not belong in this five percent BN Chinese supporters.

Umno’s war room must take action against the battle-Star Media Group owner, MCA.



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