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Raja Petra: “Who was Lim Guan Eng’s grandfather?”

Raja Petra Kamarudin asks in his No Holds Barred column headline today, ‘Who was Lim Guan Eng’s grandfather?’

“Was he a pork seller? Was he a vegetable farmer? Was he a labourer? Or was he a Kapitan China in Melaka?”

Answer: Guan Eng’s grandfather was an “agriculture technician” who worked on a pig farm — see Lim Kit Siang’s interview below.

Reinventing themselves through evangelical Christianity

We know from history that some Indians born into the ‘untouchable’ caste had converted en masse to Islam and Christianity.

They did so in order to escape the lowly social status that they would otherwise have been entrapped forever within had they remained in the Hindu religion.

DAP’s top echelon leadership today comprises largely evangelical Christians.

These party leaders are in the mould of Papa Dapster Guan Eng who harbours a tremendous amount of anger and angst.

Guan Eng in Penang DUN

Lim Jr is intensely vindictive and full of vengeance against the Umno leadership whom he holds responsible for his years of detention spent in Kamunting under ISA and in jail convicted under the Sedition Act.

Umno people should ponder on what Guan Eng is likely to do to them should the DAP ever succeed in grabbing federal power.

Read, Lim Guan Eng “seething with anger”

Likewise, Mama Dapster Hannah Yeoh too has a huge chip on her shoulder bearing the social stigma as a reject (her application for permanent residence in Tasmania was rejected by the Australian authorities).

Guan Eng is a “failed accountant” who doesn’t even know the value of his own swimming pool-less property.

hannahyeoh-fat-gemuk mug
Hannah Yeoh

Similarly, Hannah Yeoh is a failed applicant to emigrate to a developed Christian country. Her qualifications were simply not good enough and thus she failed to meet Australia’s standards for PR.

Saddled with issues of self-confidence and insecurity, Hannah in turn develops a penchant for labeling her political opponents “low class“, and journos who are critical of her as “absurd” in compensation for her own feelings of inadequacy.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh calling Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang “low class politician”

This kind of leaders in the DAP cultivate a rabid following with a lynch mob mentality. The hyenas that are Dapsters can only be described as extremely vicious.

It’s no surprise then that the Dapsters are delusional and unhinged for having such piss poor leadership in their party.

The problem for Malaysia however extends beyond the segment of our population that is the demented Dapsters.

Hannah Guan Eng

From pig farm to Putrajaya

The big, big problem is that they want to change everything.

Having ubah-ed themselves from their ancestral religion into Born Again Christianity, the evangelistas now want to change and reshape our country in their “progressive” Western image.

The majority community will not be able to tolerate for much longer the DAP’s heavy-handed intrusion — having their Malay racial identity messed with and being told how to be good Muslims by these preachers of political Christianity.

Just because the DAP Chinese immigrants have successfully reinvented themselves should not make them so bold as to attempt to rewrite the history of Tanah Melayu.

Other people who have a deep roots in this land do not appreciate third generation immigrants such as Guan Eng and Hannah Yeoh telling them that they are “racist” while at the same time, the Dapster family proceed to proclaim themselves Malaysian First and their children bangsa Anak Malaysia.

Particularly not when the Dapster-evangelista upstarts are being so aggressive, abusive and arrogantly in your face.



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17 thoughts on “Raja Petra: “Who was Lim Guan Eng’s grandfather?”

  1. That’s nothing to proud of the DAP,the most important to.the Malays Muslim should be extra careful with DAP.especially.during the election.Don’t get cheated by them,all.their promise are really empty.and.lies.Talking about meritocracy or multi racial and multi religious in DAP policy all.are bullshit.

  2. I believe strongly that should the Lims (let’s not kid ourselves that the DAP is anything other than the Lims) control Putrajaya, the beginning of their rule will be status quo or may even benefit the Malays. After all, I’m sure they haven’t forgotten their victory parade of ’69.

    Now after they have lulled the Malays into a comfortable state then they will start changing things to their advantage.

    1. I agree with you.

      In fact, I’m certain that they would initially even go overboard to display their Malay-friendly credentials, such as Hannah Yeoh donning tudung and donating RM1,000 to the suraus in her constituency (which the MCA and Gerakan politicians did not do).

      But after the Malays have been successfully duped, then the hypocritical, chameleon DAP will soon embark on its UBAH agenda.

      The DAP has learned from its parent PAP in Singapore that appointed a Malay Yusuf Ishak as the republic’s first president. After him, however, no other Malay has succeeded to the exalted post.

    2. If the Lims control Putrajaya, make sure either Lim Sr or Lim Jr become the Minister of Agriculture.. Agriculture (especially organic animal husbandry) is their family trade. Lim Jr should not handle the finance ministry as he cannot judge land values,

    1. Comment above insulting and inventing false stories about my grandmother.

      Typical gutter standard.

      1. Just a side comment on your resourcefullness finding the article above.
        Its mentioned LKS has 2 much older siblings. So he is the product of a second wife. Either concurrent or consecutive or both. Its not uncommon even until the 80s kan. Children of common law marriage at best.

        1. And it was mentioned that there might be a child that has been given away. I wonder what happened to the kid.

  3. Dapsters think they are the Chosen One and all men’s laws do not apply to them and their Dear Leaders.

    When a FMT columnist, who is typically pro-Pakatan, suggested that LGE should go on leave pending investigation, the RBM tore him to pieces.

    And when a DAP ADUN proposed a 2-term limit for CM position, the Dapsters pounced on his like crazed locusts and demanding his resignation.

    However, at the same time they have no qualms taking the street to demand Najib’s resignation or limiting his terms.

    I feel sometimes, I am living in North Korea when I talk to these Dapsters in Penang.

      1. Masalahnya orang yang nak out-migrate negara orang puteh pun tak mau depa.
        What do they contribute to Australia, UK? Steal people’s jobs and people’s sons. Actually these people talk about how low the Banglas, Myammars etc are. Aren’t Malaysian out-migrants the yellow mata sepet version of the Bangla or Myammar?


    I just saw this news and there is no prizes for guessing who leaked this. This guy Tony Pua has been playing a very devious game of accusing 1MDB and Najib of all sorts of crimes without a shred of evidence while sitting on PAC.

    Now he knows his time is up as the PAC report is coming out. So he leaks out misleading info just before the real report exposes him and other Pakatun leaders and supporters who have been attacking 1MDB and Najib.

    I think 1MDB should start initiating legal actions against all those who have been making defamatory accusations and make them pay for their destructive actions which have sabotaged the country costing billions.

    1. Oh please …legal action?

      We have heard threats of legal action from Najib to 1MDB….since …how long already? :D

      habuk pun tarak weihhh..

      I know you Najb HC supporter….if you cant criticizes this then you fellas are no different from Penang tokong cultist :D

    2. “Legal actions”? Like against the Sarawak Report and the Wall Street Journal?” Or the New York Post, New York Times and The Australian newspapers?

      The legal fraternity seems to proceed with extreme caution, especially where foreign legal jurisdictions are concerned.

      It’s not exactly a slam dunk photo op, is it?

  5. Some Pas politician once commented that the Chinese want to turn the clock back to the period of Independence. However, this is apparently unfair to others whose dream of theocracy or something was halted by the British. I wish I can reproduce the article here, but essentially he says that yes the clock should be turned back, but not to the Independence era but way, way back.
    We have a clue of what the Dap-ish side wants: elements of HK, S’pore, and Taiwan.What would life look like if the mandate is given to the anti-liberal and anti-progressive entities? I know the areas that have the elements of HK,S and T are roundly condemned. However, we always have people clamouring to set up there. And these areas are just a small part of Malaysia’s land mass.

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