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Pakatan has officially become Pakatun

It’s legit. Tun is now officially leader of the opposition pact.

The nonagenarian is forming a new party, and his party will team up with DAP to fight Umno in the next general election.

How apt that the Mahathir dynasty is mirroring the Lim dynasty in their political setup. And that the two Father & Son  parties will become allies.

Yup, to serve his purpose, the ex-premier is even prepared to kiss and make up with his old sworn enemy whom he once despatched to Kamunting under Ops Lalang.

BELOW: Front page of the New Straits Times on 28 Oct 1987

NST Ops Lalang 28 Oct 1987

Putting aside scruples

Barisan Pembangkang Tun is a motley crew of ill-assorted political parties. The ketum of one party is in prison for sodomy, and it looks like the Dear Leader of another party too is headed for jail in the foreseeable near future.

What is it that drives our former PM – in his twilight years – to consort with lifelong nemeses? The desire to get Najib must be so great as to override everything that Tun ever stood for in the past.

Yesterday’s development is a coming together of mismatched revenge seekers out to wreak vengeance. It is a fellowship bound by hate. (Like the RBA and Cina ultra band of brothers with the Life of Annie Melayu blogger.)

Cina DAP used to hate Tun with passion but they’re presently willing to overlook any misgivings because their hatred for Umno is even more intense.

It is somewhat hilarious that the Chinese are voting to resurrect Mahathirism.

Dr Mahathir Cheshire Cat
The enemy of my enemy is my friend

The ambition to bury Umno for good goes to the extent of democratically voting to bring back Mahathirism — for this is really what the collaboration amounts to.

In the off chance that the opposition wins GE14, the Pakatan coalition will be necessarily one that is led by Tun. It requires nothing less than Melayu-screw-Melayu for the opposition to be able to prevail over the ruling party.

anime sailor moon snigger

Functions of Melayu DAP

In this regard, the Melayu DAP will be a bridge between the Protuns and the Dapsters.

This small group of Malays suddenly find they have acquired a big and important role. So this is the time for Melayu DAP to cash in on their niche, i.e. Melayu screw Melayu.

It has come to this because Malay voters can no longer be taken in by DAP politicians wearing tudung or tweeting #sahur. The effectiveness of the RBA to pull wool over the eyes among Malay netizens has also reached saturation point.

Therefore to move forward, DAP will have to deploy genuine Melayus to do the dirty job.

boneka DAP
20k Melayu blogger

Malays are needed by DAP, for example, to contest the Selangor DUN so that the state’s next menteri besar can come from the ranks of the evangelical party. With the availability of their own Melayu YBs post-GE14, DAP will no longer have to cede the MB position to a PKR or PAN Adun.

Umno-reject Malays serve DAP in other capacities too, such as in the field of media, propaganda and psywar.

Their salary demands – be it the 20k fee or higher – will be met due to the stakes involved and the tempting sweet fruits of victory that await the holders of power.

laugh China girl
Melayu man masquerading as a Chinese girl

DAP’s huge war chest + Tun’s cache = big $$$

Don’t forget, the DAP credo is ‘willing buyer, willing seller’.

What kind of Malay would care to work for DAP? Obviously the type whose innate nature is exactly like the evangelistas and RBA. They are not at all difficult to spot.

Melayu pemakan dedak DAP can be recognized by their trademark fraud and lies.

Disgruntled Protuns who have been rejected by Umno are the ‘talent pool’ from which DAP has been recruiting. The announcement yesterday of the formal cooperation between their political masters will only expand the lucrative payroll further.

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55 thoughts on “Pakatan has officially become Pakatun

  1. Special rojak coming up…. We have seen enough of all these merajuk types forming political parties and none survive strong enough to be reckoned with.

    Nice seasoning with the Tun, Tans and Tins all over. Bad stuff have been said about UMNO by a lot of people BUT they will come back stronger than these newbies. Invite also Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man to be their spiritual adviser and you have a complete Malay based party.

    With all the RM flowing thru, it is a pity that it is only channeled to fullfill the dream and desire of an ageing es PM. Many poor and destitute could do with some form of economic activity and help and that will give them rewards, not only in this world but the hereafter.

    Nafsu serakah tidak mengenal usia. Senja berlabuh, malam hampir tiba, namun golakan syaitan dan nafsu begitu bergelora. Janji aku dapat apa yang aku nak. Pedulikan negara, warga yang lain…. Begitukah seorang yang dianggap negarawan?

    Yes Ms Helen, it is indeed funny when the Chinese vote to resurrect Mahathirism… Strange bedfellows but politics is the art of the…….

    1. Hey I got new tema for Pakatan for next GE.

      RAjUK….. Reformasikan Ajib Untuk Kesejahteraan.

  2. It is sad to see that Tun is going down the slippery slope and losing his sanity day by day by doing things are getting more bizarre each day.

    It is no surprise that Tun was flanked by some of the biggest jokers and clowns in the Malaysian political pond. When you see Tun in the same room as Papa Dapster, Mahfuz, Mat Sabu, etc. you immediately burst out laughing. It is like watching a comedy movie with the biggest comedians in the world.

    I wonder why they even bother to go through all these actions when they have failed miserably each time, getting slapped by the rakyat at all their previous attempts. I guess they never learn and the adage the old dogs cannot learn new tricks is true.

    1. Tun declared himself as the opposition head and at the same time with one brushstroke tried to wipe Anwar out into oblivion. I don’t think Anwar will stay quietly in Sg Buloh. PKR had broken into 2 by Tun. One headed by Azmin supporting Tun and the other waiting to pull down Azmin’s sarung to expose him. Sabotages and pointing fingers will be free for all to see.

      I will just buy more tidbits and coffee, sit down in my armchair and watch the drama of Pakatun in action and those who will pull down their sarungs to expose them eventually. Good bollywood/Pakatunwood for all to enjoy as Teresa Kok indicated DAP loves to joke and had very good sense of humour.

  3. Why should BN worry with the new party allegedly led by Dr M? (Helen you did not provide a proof that Dr M is the leader of the new party, your standards are plummeting)

    Najib’s mouthpieces have been saying Dr M was a spent force, old senile gila kuasa has been politician. Why worry?

    1. Reporter’s question: “Tun, will you be leading this new [Pakatun] component party?”

      Tun’s reply: “I’ll be the first among equals, perhaps.”

      Like Kit Siang leading DAP although he’s not the sec-gen.

      1. Job vacancy: Opposition party leader
        Qualifications needed: Ex BN leader with a least 15 years experience. Special preference will be given to ex-UMNO members. Open to all Bangsa Malaysia especially Malay.

      2. Provide a direct proof laa… Else you are no better than the RBAs that we loathe; penyebar FITNAH!

        1. Setem,

          Kan dah dengar cakap dari mulut Tun sendiri dalam klip video yang dipautkan — he is the “first among equals”.

          Yet you still can’t believe that Tun will lead his new Parti [Cinta Buta?] as advisor/mentor just like how Kit Siang is still leading DAP … or holding it in trust for boboi?

          Some months back I already told you awal-awal that Protuns bersekongkol dengan Dapsters, and you did not believe me then either. Bilalah kamu ni nak celikkan mata?

          1. I asked you again, provide proud that Dr M said he would lead the new opposition party.

            He just said he would be amongst the first to join the new party, he never said he would be leading the party. Don’t put words in Dr M’s mouth, Helen!

            I don’t need a former (supposedly) DAP supporter like you to tell me what to think about Dr M or UMNO, Helen. You are beginning to be full of yourself. Arrogance has got the better of you!

            1. If you wish to persist in being pentaksub buta hati, then there is no cure for you. Sad that Protuns can be so blinkered.

              The reporter’s question is clear-cut: “Tun, will you be leading this new component party?”

              So what is Tun’s response (which you can listen for yourself from the video clip)? He replied: “I’ll be the first among equals, perhaps.”

              At this point, we don’t even know who the would be members and leaders are. My guess: Tok Him, Datuk Khairuddin, Anina …

              Who else do you think has got the capital to bankroll a new political party? Mahfuz? Umie Aida’s bankrupt hubby? Matthias Chang?

              Who announced the founding of this party to the press? It’s not TSMY nor Shafie Apdal, is it?

              And even if Mukhriz were to be appointed president, does anyone think that he will be the driving force while Tun sits quietly in the backseat?

              Just look at DAP: What is Kit Siang’s official position in the party? But does anyone dispute that it is Kit Siang who runs the DAP, over the head of its top office holders on paper, that is, Tan Kok Wai, Kulasegaran and Ariffin Omar.

              So if you want to continue reading and commenting in my blog but at the same time diss me not to tell you what to think about Tun and Umno, then you appear rather silly – like the egomaniac Annie who regards himself as the No.1 Know-It-on Umno Johor but couldn’t get the time of day from Team Khaled.

              I may be a former supporter of DAP but you Protun guys are turning into Dapsters.

              1. You are absolutely correct, Helen! Protuns now have become Dapsters. Most probably because Protuns leader Mahathir has become bff with papa Dapsters, Lim Kit Siang. Now Setem and Tony Pua can be bff too!

          2. Setem,

            Cik Helen dah rasa macam mana being under DAP. Mana boleh PAS aje dapat the opportunity to tidoq sebantal dengan DAP. Kalau in UMNO mau buat apa pun DAP sure malah! Sikalang kalau join Protun balu lapat lasa kasih sayang DAP maaa.

            Hmmmm at least sikalang semua olang esp pejawat awam bole mula belangan2 dan DAP sure akan sokong kalu mau beli mulah2 luxury bangarow without seweming pull, tapi ingat ya..mau ikut cala2 LGE beli dan pastikan ikut tips-tips yang akan dibentangkan olih lawyer2 hebat dia nanti..

            1. re: “Cik Helen dah rasa macam mana being under DAP.”

              Unfortunately I voted them twice.

              I have friends and family living in Penang — a DAP-ruled state.

              I live in Selangor — a state where the first woman speaker behaves as if she is the First Lady.

              What I have the misfortune to rasa is the DAP ire and their Rottweilers sicced on me.

  4. Helen,

    At ripe age of 77, my father in law used to say ” I have seen it t all” when it comes to politics.

    He witnessed a stateman, late Tunku, bowed gracefully after the racial clash in 1969. My in law once said despite him not being admirer the late Tunku, he nevertheless respects Tunku for not trying to jeopardasing his successor , Tun Razak.

    My in law also mentioned how once Anwar, the apple eye of Tun Dr Mahathir, turn against the very party and government that enable him to reach the almost pinnacle of power

    He also mentioned that despite declaring PAS is all fighting for Islam, it never shied from being so cruel to then MB of Trengganu who lost the state in 199 election. The humble UMNO MB was practically chased away from state office. No decency accorded. In contrast, Idris Jusoh accorded time tested Muslim respect by enabling Hadi who lost Trengganu in 2004 to bow out gracefully.

    My in law also mentioned Mohd Sabu while being in PAS, stated the immortalised word “aljub,…” . and Mohd sabu challenged Tun to sack Anwar on homosexuality ground. and when Tun did exactly that, Mohd sabu and entie PAS machinery attacked UMNO all out.

    My in law too regaled me the story of late Tun Ghaffar who managed to bring UMNO into Sabah when other UMNO who’s who failed. UMNO learnt that the only UMNO person whom Tun Datu Mustapha, doyen of Sabah politics, trusted is Tun Ghaffar.

    Yet, when it matters the most, late Tun Ghaffar only got one vote from Sabah UMNO when he was challenged by Anwar.

    BUT STILL MY IN LAW was shocked when Tun Dr Mahathir did the unthinkable by joining Kit Siang to destroy Najib( or more importantly bringing UMNO down together).

    Were Tun to be standing right here before me, he would receive my advice eventhough he does not request a piece of my advice. I would advise Tun that Malays views him as crossing the limit.

    What a sad comment on life of once respected Malay politician.

    1. I still respect Dr M for all his past great services to the country.

      I have no respect at all with Najib as a PM as he had permanently smeared the integrity of Malaysia Prime Ministership.

      I have no respect with people who choose to look the other way of the 1MDB fiasco.

      God help us. God help the country!

      1. Say you the economist ? the haters ? the liars ? .. who the hell are you ? Aren’t we supposed to be bankcrupt already ? Ptoooi!! .. go jilat bontot cina cina babi DAP la babifucker.

          1. swine or no swine, im not going back to the states. Ask jamie below why im so freakin hateful.

            Theres no more civilisation, DAP taught me that. Thank you cina cina semua. Mulut longkang korang semua memang hebat.

      2. here’s an interesting thing on how DAP campaigned here in my area during the state election.

        They sent flyers lambasting the gomen, of course about GST and IMDB.

        But here’s the interesting part – they never seem to get their facts right. Like on one flyer, they say Najib stole 4.2 billion from IMDB

        then next flyer said the amount stolen is 2.1 billion

        and then there’s a banner in my neighbourhood asked where did 2.6 billion come from.

        so which is it? 4.2, 2.1 or 2.6?

        seems like they don’t care how much, but seems to think that as long as they say money is stolen when the money couldn’t been for the rakyat, rakyat will believe anyway.

        whether Najib did or did not steal the money, I just find it funny that the opposition didn’t seem to have hard facts on exactly how much, or couldn’t seem to stick to an actual amount that several numbers just come up in a single campaign. It’s…strange, no?

        1. I think it was initially 2.1, then Rosmah wanted some new handbags so it became 2.6, then she wanted to go shopping at Myers in Melbourne which meant the grand total came to 4.2. Not cheap having a gold digger for a wife.

          1. Formerly known as FHAAHD

            Jealous nampak tengok bini olang? Your mum and you must be a gold digger otherwise how you know what gold digger is all about.

            Work hard la, jgn cemburu sama lain olang lain.

            1. Rina, enjoying the price of chicken and everything else these days? When will you people learn to vote based on how a govt manages a country rather than purely for racial reasons. I guess the first step is to stop your hatred towards other races and start viewing them as your equals. Hard I know, but it would be fantastic if it happens as then Malaysia will become the first and only just Islamic country on planet earth. One can dream.

          2. are you seriously going to vote on the basis of rumour and hearsay? on slanders and fitnah? because things like these ‘oh she was shopping here and there with this and that’ can easily be said for so many other people, even wives of opposition members. and no one will bother to check for truth.
            As a human being, whom I perceive to have a strong moral compass because you kept on going about how the western laws are better etc – do you think it is morally acceptable to spread unsubstantiated rumours and fitnah on anyone?

            1. I generally would cast my vote to the party that can best run the country’s economy. In Malaysia at the present time however, non bumis would have to be absolute idiots to want to vote for BN as they are being shafted in many ways and are not being offered anywhere near the same opportunities and concessions the bumis are. And it’s not like they have a clue on how to keep inflation down, especially considering the fact that the food and fuel prices globally have dropped significantly over the last two years.

              Added to this, it pisses me off no end when I see Indonesian and Pakistani migrants being offered bumi status and blue ic’s simply because they are Muslims. That’s just plain wrong, and it’s definitely happening. I personally have met a few foreigners from those countries who have shown me their blue ic’s.

              The comments on Rosmah were made in jest, but you would also have to be gullible not to believe that that there aren’t massive coverups and misappropriation of funds by the ruling party at present.

              1. looking at how Penang is run and how they have performed economically recently doesn’t give me confidence that DAP can best lead the country’s economy, sorry.

                Also perhaps you should get tips from ten of the richest men in Malaysia (most of whom are NON-BUMIPUTERA) as to how grab those opportunities and concessions, because they seem to be able to do it. Don’t blame others for your own shortcomings. Just work hard instead of complaining, can or not? Even bumis have to work hard, it’s not like we’re born in with silver spoon in our mouth like so many people like to think.

                Perhaps the Indonesians and Pakistanis assimilate much better into the Malaysian society aka embracing the national language and the likes, than perhaps, your typical DAPster type who refuse to learn BM and insist on Mandarin language everywhere, as though this is China?
                And what is wrong with giving foreigners blue IC if they deserve it? Lots of Chinese got easy citizenship via jus soli during Malaya’s independence, instead of the more stringent jus sanguine, ala Brunei Kingdom. Give back some what you have also been given, that’s only fair. You lot probably like to say everyone is immigrants in Malaysia including Malays, so what’s a few more, eh?

                I’m not gullible and you shouldn’t be either. So stop pulling wool over people’s eyes by spreading silly rumours and pull out the damn facts. Problem is so many rumours but no real concrete facts. Some of the rumours you guys like to spread have even been debunked by the people who actually starts the rumour but still you spread it around like it’s gospel. I have problem with people who do this, even more so when they represent a political faction.

  5. Puan Helen, don’t worry your head over the matter.
    Biarkanlah luncai terjun dengna labu-labunya.
    Nothing to do with u.
    Untung sabut timbul, untung batu tenggelam.
    So, just mind your own business.
    Masa akan menentukan segala-galanya, not U.

    1. Cik ‘Minah’,

      Don’t worry your otak satu kupang over what I blog here. Nothing to do with you. So just mind your own business. Go and meriahkan Life of Annie.

      Melayu DAP untung sabut timbul, you orang masih kekal upah 50 sen and cannot afford summer holidays in Japan.

      Kesian lah you all begitu bersungguh-sungguh mencarut dan memfitnah, tup-tup orang baru dapat gaji 20k while you’re still stuck at 50 sen a piece for your demented comments.

      1. Hehehe…siapa mencarut…….?????
        U ke, makcik…..????
        Kesian, bila tak boleh koner, mencarut!!!!!
        Anne lebih suka interview surirumah,la makcit.
        Tak minat dengan 1MDB.
        Surirumah yang tak mampo beli ayam seekor rm35.
        Tanya suri rumah tu, salah siapa……???
        Takkan masih salah Tun Det……KIHKIHKIH.
        Ubah! Ubah! ubah!…………hahahaha
        Menggeletar kepala lutut masing-masing bila orang tua 91 tahun yang baling gelas tak pecah, nak tubuh parti baru!
        Terus meracau-racau kat blog-blog.
        Ada yang kata tak heran pun.
        Tak berkudis pun!.kihkihkih
        Tak bangga pun, huhuhu.
        So, kalau semuanya TAK, kenapa bising macam CINA KARAM….??????

        1. The way you kih kih kih and huhuhu meracau-racau kat blog-blog is most demented. {{ Shudder… }}

          1. HEHEHEHE…..kesianlah u.
            Takda sense of humor.
            Orang ketawa pun, marah!!!!!!!

            ““Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.”
            ― Anthony Burgess


            1. Ah, I see you belong to the Teresa Kok school of thought. Orang lain mesti tahu how to take a joke.

  6. Actually Mahathir never fight for the Malays but for himself , not too surprising . Those who worship him, especially the Malays are fools , to say the least .

    1. re: “Agak pelik juga kan kak apabila seorang tua yang ‘nyanyuk’ mendapat perhatian meluas dari blogger prepaid/post paid Najib, seperti Rocky, Unspinner, Anjing Besar.”

      The bloggers that you have named are former Tun fans who today are aghast at Tun’s 180-degree turn and betrayal of his own past policies, e.g in joining the Bersih rally which, as the PM, he would have cracked down upon.

      Latest, BD tweeted that Tun bagai dirasuk. If BD thinks that Tun is behaving like a man possessed, who are you to curtail his freedom of expression? with your accusation that he is pemakan dedak?

      re: “Termasuklah menteri hal ehwal Najib. Salleh ke Ruak.”

      SSK is the Communications Minister. Since Tun has decided to go on a rampage badmouthing the country (“most corrupt”, “failed state”) and the administration (like “Idi Amin”) to the foreign press, then it is incumbent upon SSK to respond.

      re: “Sekadar mengingati Kak Helen, don’t get too personal, sama ada kepada Tun atau kepada Annie.”

      Sekadar mengingat Abdullah, don’t get too personal insinuating that Big Dog ke, HA ke, or other non-Protuns are pemakan dedak just because we don’t worship at Tun’s feet. Since you like to preach sermons so much, you must take your own advice about dosa fitnah.

      re: “”

      That article was written in April 2015. In the year and a quarter that has passed since then, Tun dah tunujk taring dan tunjuk belang.

      When I wrote the posting you linked, Tun had not yet called upon voters to reject BN and to make its candidate (Mastura in K. Kangsar) lose her deposit. If Tun’s behaviour has ubah 180 degrees, there is no reason why I cannot change my mind to fit with the changed circumstances of Tun becoming a mortal enemy of the BN.

      Back then I may not have thought that Tun had a personal agenda or grudge against Najib. Today it is beyond a shadow of a doubt that Tun is so obsessed with bringing Najib down that he’s willing to destroy Umno and BN and Malaysia altogether just to achieve his objective.

  7. Rupa2nya, Cina pun mudah lupa yer kak :) Ini yang akak kata pada 7 Apr 2015. Oh, kesan dedak memang dasyat, dimentia pun akan melanda.

    It is Najib’s boys who are personal

    Dr Mahathir is not making personal attacks against Najib. It is the other way around – some of the “utter rubbish” that has been spewed and hurled at Tun is below the belt and beyond the pale.

    They’re shooting the messenger (character assassination) while totally sidestepping the issues he raised. No satisfactory reply has been forthcoming from the Najib camp except for the personal attacks on Tun. In Dr M’s own words: “Najib cannot even answer and has not answered any question, beyond exercising elegant silence or saying the allegations are not true”.

    On the other hand, all kinds of accusations have been trotted out by the macai-macai, including the fancy that Tun wants to pave the way for Mukhriz to become the prime minister. Marina responds to that one in her tweet below:

    1. There you go again. Tun started this culture to the extent of accusing the ketua-ketua bahagian Umno, ketua-ketua cawangan Umno dan rata-rata semua ahli parti as penyokong rasuah dan pemakan dedak.

      From your behaviour, it’s clear that you’re a staunch Protun as the fruit does not fall far from the tree.

      (1) Some of Najib’s expensive, hotshot media boys are rude and hit Tun below the belt. I haven’t changed my opinion on this.

      But I will add that since then, Tun has been very rude and hit Najib and Najib’s family members below the belt too.

      (2) About Tun’s accusations against Najib and 1MDB, the PM has his men to answer. I’m obviously not one of them since I don’t blog about the issue.

      (3) About Tun desiring Mukhriz to become PM … I didn’t think so then. If Tun had wanted to advance Mukhriz’s political career, Tun would have parachuted his son like how Sleepy Dollah parachuted KJ.

      In today’s scenario however, if Mukhriz stays out of Tun’s new political party, then he will effectively kill all talk about Tun wanting to make him a future PM.

      You are living proof of why the Protuns are so tiresomely petty, and why Umno rejected your camp lock, stock and barrel and sent your leaders (and Annie too) out into the political wilderness.

      The future belongs to the Projibs. Sarawak, K. Kangsar and Sg. Besar indicates this trajectory.

  8. Kak Helen,

    Jawapan untuk semua persoalan akak pun ada dalam posting akak yang lalu.

    It’s nothing personal but burning questions demanding answers
    Let’s look at some of Tun’s questions which his critics have deemed to be too personal.

    Today (7 Apr 2015):
    “Di mana datangnya ratusan million Ringgit untuk membeli bangunan-bangunan dan melabur dalam filem The Wolf of Wall Street oleh Riza Aziz, anak tiri Dato Seri Najib?”

    On 15 March 2015:
    “Pada mulanya duit Riza Aziz dikatakan warisan harta kekayaan dari keluarga Tun Razak. Kemudian dakwaan ini dinafi. Soalannya jika tidak dari keluarga Tun Razak dari mana datang wang yang banyak ini. Apakah ianya hasil dari perniagaan? Jika ya, apa perniagaan, dimana? Sudahkah cukai pendapatan dibayar? Kepada Kerajaan mana?”
    “Pelaburan ratusan juta untuk filem The Wolf of Wall Street oleh Riza Aziz, anak tiri Dato Sri Najib datang dari mana?”

    On 2 Apr 2015:
    “Kemudian rumah-rumah ini dijual kepada anak tiri Najib dengan harga ratusan juta Ringgit bagi setiap satu kerana kononnya Jho Low telah jumpa rumah yang lebih indah di Hollywood yang harganya lebih tinggi.
    “Dari mana datangnya duit beratus juta kepada Riza Aziz tidak dapat dijelas. Keluarga Tun Razak termasuk Najib menafikan duit ini adalah dari keluarga. Pelaburan ratusan juta dalam filem Wolf of Wall Street oleh Riza datang dari mana?”
    “Sementara itu, walaupun Kerajaan menghadapi kekurangan wang yang besar dan terpaksa hutang, Dato Sri Najib sebagai Perdana Menteri membeli sebuah lagi pesawat mewah. Umum mengetahui pesawat ACJ319 yang sedia ada diguna bukan sahaja untuk tugas rasmi tetapi sebagai kenderaan peribadi untuk Dato Sri dan Datin Sri.”
    Are Tun’s questions above personal attacks on Najib’s family (stepson and wife) or are they valid lines of enquiry?
    Tun has explained his stand: “My disagreement is with the leader, not with the party. I criticised the leader, not the party. It is simply because I want to see the party win. It will not win if Najib is the leader”.

    Dah terjawabkah soalan2 di atas?

    1. re: “Dah terjawabkah soalan2 di atas?”

      Perhaps Datuk Rizal Mansor might deign to answer the questions. I’m not a PMO spokesman.

      About what Tun said circa April 2015:

      “My disagreement is with the leader, not with the party.”

      Tun’s assertion above has been disproved since he chose to campaign against Umno in the recent twin by-elections, and in the latest development, he wants to fight Umno in GE14.

      re: “I criticised the leader, not the party.”

      Tun’s assertion above has been similarly disproved.

      He has criticized Umno as corrupt, the division and branch leaders as pemakan dedak, and likened the party members to “animals” (it is only poultry that makan dedak). Plus a lot of other slurs too tedious to keep track of.

      re: Tun said, “It is simply because I want to see the party win.”

      Wrong. He wanted to see Umno lose in Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar as well as the party’s cadidates lose their deposit.

      re: “It will not win if Najib is the leader”.

      Tun has attacked Umno more in the past year-and-a-half than DAP and the rest of the opposition put together. He has done the most to try and undermine the Umno president.

      1. Kak Helen,
        Nampaknya soalan tu masih tak terjawab hingga sekarang, yang difokuskan ialah pembelaan Najib aka Clueless, masochist!

        The Chinese spit on his 1Malaysia.
        The Indians are less than lukewarm.
        Sarawak wants more autonomy and parochialism is growing stronger each day among Sarawakians.
        Some Sabahans are dreaming of secession.

        Scrap 1Malaysia already! It reminds angry M’sians of 1MDB

        1MDB is a four-letter word. 1Malaysia is getting to be a dirty word too and associated in public perception with Rosmah.
        So stop dwelling on 1Malaysia already. It’s like a sado-masochist compulsively slicing at his own toes with a Bugis keris

        1. re: “Nampaknya soalan tu masih tak terjawab hingga sekarang”

          Barang sesiapa boleh bertanyakan apa-apapun. Terpulanglah kepada tuan empunya badan sama ada mahu menjawab.

          re: “yang difokuskan ialah pembelaan Najib aka Clueless, masochist!”

          Korang yang datang ke blog saya untuk menyerang Najib walhal topik perbincangan saya pada lazimnya berkisar kepada evangelista. Kalu you all yang memang begitu beriya-iya nak fitnah PM di sini, takkan saya akan lepaskan saja komen tanpa membalas.

          Malah kalau ada orang yang buat tuduhan palsu kat Kit Siang pun saya akan betulkan juga.


          “The Chinese spit on his 1Malaysia.
          The Indians are less than lukewarm.
          Sarawak wants more autonomy and parochialism is growing stronger each day among Sarawakians.
          Some Sabahans are dreaming of secession.”

          Betul lah tu. The Chinese spit on almost everything to do with the Malay gomen.

          re: “Scrap 1Malaysia already! It reminds angry M’sians of 1MDB”

          I stand by what I wrote which you quoted. I do not support 1Malaysia. In fact, I’d strongly urge the gomen to encourage out-migration to Tasmania.


          “1MDB is a four-letter word. 1Malaysia is getting to be a dirty word too and associated in public perception with Rosmah.
          So stop dwelling on 1Malaysia already. It’s like a sado-masochist compulsively slicing at his own toes with a Bugis keris.”


          1. hahaha
            terpulang pada tuan badan nak menjawab, akhirul kalam dah tak dapat nak pusing.

            Ini berkenaan pinjaman berbillion-billion ringgit kak ooooi, yang endorse ialah Kem Kewangan, ketua Kementerian Kewangan, chairman pun Mr. PM / Mr. Clueless / Sado Masochist.

            1. Kan saya dah kata, sekalipun Tun dan Protun lancarkan serangan bertalu-talu, Najib tak akan rebah.

            2. Abdullah,

              By calling Najib name like Mr Clueless or whatever doesn’t alter the fact that he wins all the battles and onslaughts thrown at him by Protuns and Pakatoons. You could say because Najib got money and resources but Mahathir and his cohorts also have money and resources to the tune of RM5.0 Billion. Both Penang and Selangor are under Pakatoons and DAP owns kinitv. Besides Malaysiakini, FMT, the Malay Mail, the Malaysian Chronicle, the Bar Council, NGOs like Bersih, SIS, G25 and even the Star newspaper are pro-opposition but why still loses?

  9. Rindu pulak dekat parrot2 dan burung2 tiong like Akim, hoi..mana dok sorok niii? Berbuih2 ayaq liok dulu kata TDM and protuns sekadar nak tendang Najib keluaq UMNO.

    .. ni kan dah confirm niat depa nak jatuhkan UMNO?

    Lain kali look at the bigger picture. Sekarang nak jatuhkan UMNO atau nak …….. ?????? Kami dah terang2 nampak niat sebenar dah berbulan2 dulu tau. Harap2 tak latah masa tengah bagi speech – live coverage pula, satni nyanyok tersembuq segalanya isi hati depan halayak ramai, malu tau.

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