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Will Perkasa bersekongkol dengan DAP for GE14?

There is only one degree of separation between Perkasa and DAP. And that gap is being bridged by Tun.

Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali is, after all, staunchly Tun’s man.

Ibrahim Ali Mahathir

Kit Siang LKS Tun Mahathir

Malay support split half a dozen ways

Indications are that the Perkasa membership will form the core headcount for Tun’s soon-to-be-established party.

With his new party, Tun is adopting the scorched earth policy.

The Malay Dilemma author always likes to lament that Malay political power is weakened when the community is so divided in its loyalties.

This split in the Malay electorate – compared to the 90-95% Chinese solidly backing DAP – had been Tun’s constant refrain. But rather than finding a solution to the problem, Tun has just added to making it worse.

Ibrahim Ali shaking hands with Kit Siang
Ibrahim Ali shaking hands with Kit Siang

Now the Malay voters will be split into those

  • supporting Umno
  • supporting PAS
  • supporting PKR
  • supporting PAN/DAP


  • supporting Tun’s party/Perkasa

Tak tahu kot ada juga yang sokong Isma.


Isma contested in eight Parliament and three DUN seats in the last general election on the Berjasa ticket. Seven out of the 11 seats where Isma stood were MCA’s traditional seats.

The Isma ustaz candidate in Seremban acquitted himself quite decently, obtaining a respectable 6,866 votes. The MCA man had 33,075 votes.

The late Dr Yeow Chai Thiam, who died of cancer early this year, had been MCA’s Negeri Sembilan chairman, a four-term Adun, state exco as well as Senator.

Click to enlarge

seremban KEPUTUSAN PILIHAN RAYA UMUM - PARLIMEN 2013-06-30 07-39-47

The Seremban GE13 result – above – showed that a new third party (Isma) unknown candidate had managed to garner one-fifth the support secured by an established party (MCA) heavyweight contesting under the familiar dacing logo.

It’s safe to assume that Isma got the Malay votes which eluded BN.

Ibrahim Ali and DAP's Dyana Sofya
Ibrahim Ali and DAP’s Dyana Sofya

Perkasa bleeding away Umno support

Last year (1 Sept 2015), I blogged a post titled ‘Perkasa needs a new president‘.

Again I was ahead of the curve and prescient. I foresaw that Perkasa could be problematic for Umno.

I had even advocated, “Umno should get Perkasa a new president” — see below.

Click to enlarge


 Protuns and Dapsters are alike

The main thing Protuns and Dapsters have in common is their sifat taksub, i.e. believing that their idols are maksum.

For the Protuns, Dr Mahathir can do no wrong. For the Dapsters, The Family is infallible.

Hence even when Guan Eng is charged with corruption, his blind followers say that he is being unfairly persecuted.

CAT cooked

Penang has lost its illusionary C-A-T  (Competency, Accountability, Transparency).

The accountability cat too is missing in DAP. What the evangelical party has today are a lot of fat cats.

fat cat

Dapsters and Protuns are made for each toher

Dapsters are delusional in their insistence that Guan Eng was previously imprisoned for upholding the dignity of a young Malay girl.

Actually, Papa Dapster was sent to jail because he was hate-mongering. His conviction came under the Sedition Act.

Protuns are equally delusional for insisting that Dr Mahathir’s actions are really to save Umno. Tun is impervious that his non-stop attacks are undermining his former party.

BELOW:  Solidarity with Guan Eng demands #FightBack

Lawan tetap lawan, #FightBack

Hannah Azira AzizThe Dapsters continue waging their ABU war against Umno.

With Guan Eng indicted and brought to trial, the Dapsters are hell-bent on “fighting back”.

DAP has its Melayu DAP. (RIGHT: Hannah Yeoh and Azira Aziz, who until recently was Madame Speaker’s senior aide)

The Melayu who bersekongkol with DAP are fierce fighting cocks — see chapter of Azira’s arrest by police (below).

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - 2015/08/01: A protester was detained by Malaysian police during the "Tangkap Najib" (Arrest Najib) protest in Kuala Lumpur.They demand that Najib resigns as prime minister immediately. (Photo by Rasid Mohd/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Tun and Protuns encouraging perpecahan ummah

There are no permanent friends or foes in politics.

Tun is now willing to hobnob with Grandpapa and Papa Dapster. Protun bloggers such as Annie Anakin are hand in glove with RBA and Chinese ultras.

Dapsters are fighting Umno tooth and nail. Protuns are also fighting Umno.

A sizeable chunk of Perkasa members are overlapping Umno members as well. When Perkasa weigh in for their patron Tun Mahathir, they will be fighting on the side of DAP.

BELOW: (1) The Dapster and the Protun Mursyidul Am dynamic duo & (2) DAP leaders recently pictured with A. Kadir Jasin

lks tun mahathir

Hannah Yeoh Raya AKJ


DAP is at war!

So is Tun.

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Anthony Loke # Fight Back



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7 thoughts on “Will Perkasa bersekongkol dengan DAP for GE14?

  1. Helen,

    Tun has reached the point of no return. I believe he realises that what he is doing is detrimental to Malays, UMNO, Islam and cant be accepted by Malays. But as he cant turn back the clock, he might as well well proceeds.

    The thing with people who overstate their importance is that they tend to think so much about the minute details that many overlook but they(in this case Tun or Anwar) underestimate the very point that matters the most.

    Tun is prepared to overlook the fact that though many Malays are critical of UMNO, they are not prepared to bring down Najib as it will bring down UMNO altogether.

    Meaning Malays in general vote UMNO in not out of love but maybe because that is the best choice available. Facing daily attack by DAP evengelists, many Malays begin to realise that live would be hell if the only power standing against DAP (and that is UMNO) collapses.

    As for PEERKASA, I hope it realises that Malays will view it as going against malays if it chooses to side with Tun, Make no mistake about it.

    You mentioned something about ISMA. The practice of babysitting MCA must stop. What happened in Alor Setar where the ISMA candidate got a respectable vote is the manifestation of Malay rejection of non Malay BN candidate in Malay majority area.

    Time has change. let give the choice back to the Chinese. How about President of MCA facing off Kit siang. That would be interesting to watch.

  2. quote,”The main thing Protuns and Dapsters have in common is their sifat taksub, i.e. believing that their idols are maksum.

    For the Protuns, Dr Mahathir can do no wrong. For the Dapsters, The Family is infallible.”unquote.


    Let me correct the first line.

    “The main thing Protuns, Dapsters AND PROJIBS have in common is their sifat taksub, i.e. believing that their idols are maksum.”

    Let me add a line after the second line.

    “For the PROJIBS, Najib is God sent, a first class maksum, and 1MDB fiasco wasn’t his making and THE WRONGS of the govt is never Najib’s fault.”

    Fair assessments of the dedak takers of the three idols, kan Helen?

    1. I support Najib because he is the PM and president of UMNO. I support UMNO, the party and not individuals, the same support I used to give to Mahathir. Now Mahathir and all the sore losers ex-UMNO leaders are in cahoots with DAP, the kafir harbi party, its leaders are anti Malays and anti Islam.

      1. The amir supposed to grace the organization not the other way round. Hukum budi tidak dapat dilaburkan wang.

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