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Two biggest Malay parties are in the opposition

Sungai Kandis was the Rubicon and Umno has crossed it.

In the general election earlier on May 9, the Harapan candidate had won the Sungai Kandis state seat handily with a majority of 12,480 votes.

In the byelection held there yesterday, the Harapan candidate won with a greatly reduced majority of 5,842 votes.

It can’t be downplayed – even though Harapan is desperately trying to do just that – an inconvenient fact that PKR’s majority in Sungai Kandis suffered a huge drop of 6,638 votes in only three months between GE14 and byelection.

The Umno man’s improved performance is also predictably pooh-poohed by the Hope politicians and their Ubah cybertroopers but nonetheless, the byelection figures showing a strengthened BN is not to be airily dismissed.

Yesterday’s result at the polls signalled Umno has, at long last, realized they need to start fighting tooth and nail.

BELOW: The bar graphs show the number of votes obtained in Sungai Kandis by Harapan (light blue) and BN (dark blue) in the general election and byelection respectively; Umno has considerably closed the gap in popular support

9 May 2018
4 Aug 2018

Can Harapan ever leave its hate behind?

Najib Razak did not fight GE14 as if his life depended on it. He should have. Failing to do so, Najib allowed Pakatan Harapan to successfully ramp up the hate against himself and his family – all to very destructive levels. Even today Lim Kit Siang is still suffering from Najib Derangement Syndrome.

So now Umno finds itself in the opposition. But what has changed is that the wives of Zahid Hamidi and Mohamad Hasan do not have Rosmah Mansor’s baggage and thus will not make as easy targets for the perpetually humming Harapan hate machine.

Hate politics has been weaponized like a scattershot AK47 by the former opposition Pakatan Harapan. Post GE14, the hate card will not be so easy for them to play anymore against Umno.

The race and religion cards, however, will always remain relevant.

Not right that opposition predominantly mono racial, mono religious

Umno is the party with the biggest Malay membership. PAS is the party with the second biggest Malay membership. Both these parties are in the opposition.

The current ruling party’s favoured smear tactic is to accuse Umno and PAS of not being able to offer anything beyond Race & Religion.

This standard Pakatan accusation fails to credit realpolitik. There is really something wrong when the biggest political parties representing Malaysia’s majority ethnic group are relegated to the opposition bench and at the same time, the country’s “minority prime minister” comes from one of the smallest parties in parliament.

Following some unconscionable defections, Umno is presently left with 50 Muslim MPs, excluding its 51st MP, Sabahan Ronald Kiandee who is Christian. PAS has 18 Muslim MPs. Together these two biggest Malay parties have 68 Muslim MPs.

DAP and PKR have 61 non-Muslim MPs:

  • DAP (40) — excluding its Sabah native MP Noorita Sual whose religious status is unknown to the general public in the peninsula
  • PKR (21) — excluding its Sabah MP Jonathan Yasin (his parents are Sino-Dusun Christians) whose religious status is unknown to Semenanjung pundits

The bottomline is that the two biggest Malay parties in the opposition have 68 Muslim MPs whereas the two biggest multiracial parties in the ruling coalition have 61 non-Muslim MPs, not counting Noorita and Jonathan.

68 vs 61. That’s close.

Yeo Bee Yin, Hope = Harapan

Harapan bully boy tactics

PAS info chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi was recently accused of inciting religious tension when he highlighted that the new Chief Justice, Attorney General and Law Minister are all three of them non Muslims.

It is the standard operating procedure for Harapan to liberally throw allegations that its political opponents are religious bigots, racists, extremists, morons as well as “wicked and evil” – the latter epithets being a favorite slur by DAP evangelists like Hannah Yeoh.

Nevertheless Nasrudin is right to be concerned based on his understanding of Islam as an ustaz. Furthermore it must be stressed that the CJ, AG and Law Minister are ALL CHRISTIANS!

There’s a difference in saying our legal triumvirate is merely “non Muslim”, as three non Muslims could easily be one Buddhist, one Hindu and one Sikh, i.e. adherents of different religions. But no, the trio belong to one single religion, Christianity.

Not all DAP Yang Berhormats use Christian names 

Umno MP Tajuddin Abdul Rahman was similarly attacked by the Harapan lynch mob for pointing out that DAP Christians are in many positions of power.

Unfortunately for Tajuddin, he was mistaken in identifying Tony Pua and Anthony Loke as Christians due to their Western names.

Despite simplistically homing in on the Anglicized names, Tajuddin was not wrong in his basic premise. He only needs to note that the DAP Yang Berhormats are savvy enough to keep their religion under wraps because they still need to appeal to the DAP’s Chinese Buddhist and Indian Hindu voter base.

Among the party YBs who are Christian but do not publicly use their Christian names (those that do have one) are:

Lim Guan Eng, cabinet member Yeo Bee Yin, deputy ministers Ong Kian Ming and Teo Nie Ching, Dewan Deputy Speaker Nga Kor Ming, Penang chief minister Chow Kon Yeow, MPs Ngeh Koo Ham, Sim Chee Keong, Su Keong Siong, Lim Lip Eng … they popularly go by their Chinese names and Tajuddin is none the wiser.

Then there are those believed to be Christian such as DAP parliamentarians Kasthuri Patto and Wong Kah Woh but whose biodata – previously available in their online profiles – have been scrubbed from public view.

Conclusion. Action

Since Tajuddin is taking up the cudgels, he needs to do his homework rather than look merely at the surface – like the misleading two Tony’s. There are really too many Christians in the DAP top leadership but since these cannot be verified with 100 percent certainty, they shall escape mention for now.

Tajuddin will surely be aware that DAP reps are adroit in putting on appearances, e.g. non-Muslims wearing tudung, and that cybertroopers create fake Malay/Muslim names for their social media accounts.

He and Umno just need to internalize that they’re dealing with the ultimate sneaky bastards. That’s why he and Umno have been kicked into the opposition, never realizing how sneaky the DAP are.


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23 thoughts on “Two biggest Malay parties are in the opposition

  1. hahahaha….race and religion again?? are you saying by emphasizing on one race and one religion only, our majmuk nation would fare well?? Did you take up political studies, you sound so smart…..btw, not getting your point from the article. Are you saying
    1. Tajuddin should wisen up?
    2. A muslim should be afraid of everthing from christians to toyols and tahyuls

    PRU 14, umno had 11.5k votes, pas has 7.5k votes, by right, the recent prk, umno should be having 19k votes. What happened?

  2. Even now, PH cybertrolls are still active or even ramp up their activities on a daily basis in non-political blogspheres. With their funding boosted on a national scale, I can say the neutrality of the internet is lost, unless Malaysians awoke en mass to their lies and propaganda. I have low expectations that will happen though….

    1. joke…so the neutrality of the internet was not lost during najib’s time??…stop kidding.

  3. Yes, sneaky bastards. I also noticed recently these Cybertrooper reps, start using real picture, and added some contents (share, communicating with other fake acc) in their facebook, so people wont start noticing it’s fake. They even use Malay photos, disguised as Malay, with family but their words are questionable.

    I’ve been with the internet since almost the beginning, starting from MIRC, YM, and early stages of Myspace, Friendster and Facebook. One can distinguish between a real and fake account.

    But recent years, they’ve grown outsmart, using real photos, bombarding all social medias pages, very aggressive. Of course, some of them are real, some are not.

    I agreed with you, they are sneaky bastards. They actually might influence others but not who is smart. But some get influenced, that is the problem. The Malays need to get smart.

    1. What is racial to the nons-? Defending one’s right and norms is racial? That is being harped by the daps and its goons. The Chinamen in PRC were àgainst the evangelists ever since. It is not racial, it is prevention of foreign elements and alien to a homeland. That is protecting the sovereignity not racial.
      Of course DAP and its goons always continue with their hate mongering by disoirting the racial issue just so it would work out in their favour. What to expect from opportunists like them who were rejects from their own motherland and no where to turn to
      I bet if Malayland were Chinaland, Malays would not be allowed to even set a foot on its soil. That is how far DAPs racial sentiment would go. As it is they wld continue harping the racist issue especially their leaders coz these are the means for them to control everything and grab whatever they want to grab. They hv nothing to lose and everything to gain by harping the racist remark.
      The ones losing are the Malays coz it is the Malayland that is at stake and not the Chinaland. The problem with the Malays especially those from PH are they are too soft hearted having low self esteemed without much will to fight against the proocative and advamcing aliens. It was the same like our forefathers who were so kind hearted to tolerate the aliens of that time. They could not predict what was and is in store for their kindness. Coz opportunists are always there as opporrunists, in guise or otherwise. How unfortunate and shameful.

      1. Even in the western countries they are starting to be suspicious of those aliens and immigrants in their countries in spite of trying to uphold their open mindedness towards foreignors. A bit late, they are beginning to see the destructive elements towards their local culture and elements.

      2. “Defending one’s right and norms is racial?”

        If defending one’s rights leads to reducing the rights of others, then of course it’s racism. A just person will not be happy about that situation. Affirmative action policies are not fair polices.

        The fact that you can’t see anything wrong with these policies tells me everything I need to know about you.

        “It is not racial, it is prevention of foreign elements and alien to a homeland. That is protecting the sovereignity not racial.”

        Of course it is. So many Malays are annoyed with Western governments and Trump in particular for turning away Muslim refugees but in the same breath refuse to accept non bumis as their equals. The level of hypocrisy is unbelievable.

  4. Helen, just a simple question to you based on simple scenarios below:-

    1. Assume GE14 share of Malay votes: PH 25% vs Umno & Pas 75%. GE14 share of non-Malay votes (i.e. Chinese & Indian): PH 90% vs Umno & Pas 10%. Share of Sabah/Sarawak votes are excluded here due to difficulty to ascertain them.

    2. Look at the development of post GE14. BN component parties in Sabah and Sarawak dumped BN. BN now consists of 54 MPs out of 222 in Parliament (Umno 51, MCA 1 and MIC 2). Plus Pas 18, the Oppo Bloc commands 72 MPs (32% of Parliament).

    3. Let us assume the MPs from others such as Independents, Warisan, Sarawak’s GPS and few parties from Sabah are friendly to PH. In total PH commands directly/indirectly 150 MPs (68% of Parliament).

    4. Let say Umno & Pas merge or enter into formal coalition under the war cry of Islam/Malay unity for GE15 in 2023. Can they command up to 90% share of Malay votes? Even if they can, they will lose all the votes from non-Malay and Sabahan/Sarawakians. With 90% share of Malay votes, can Umno and Pas win enough seats to form the Federal Government?

    What you think?

    1. I think a lot is up in the air because the ‘principles’ (or rather the lack of) of our elected representatives are so fluid.

      (1) Look at how many Umno YBs have already jumped ship and the bullshit excuses they’ve given to voters whose mandate they betrayed. If post GE14 these Umno YBs can quickly hop over to Pribumi, who’s to say that in GE15, Pribumi YBs won’t hop over to Umno.

      (2) Sabah politics is even more volatile as history has shown us. The state’s previous ruling party Usno is no more. New parties are continually formed, and a Sabah politician will have had several affiliations – think Jeffrey Kitingan or recent ones like Darell Leiking and Junz Wong. Joseph Pairin’s second government collapsed even though PBS legitimately won the election. The four Sabah BN components immediately withdrew in the aftermath of BN’s defeat last May. The previous Sabah CM is in exile.

      I think Sabah politicians may swing either side post election.

      (3) Do you have any guarantee that S’wak will be Harapan friendly? There are lots of pitfalls on the road to GE15. Unhappiness over MA63, oil royalty, lack of S’wak representation in the Mahathir administration.

      (4) As to the agama/bangsa war cry, that would be the logical outcome for Umno-PAS.

  5. 👍👍👍! A superb analytical, unbiased and factual exposé expressed in “Queen’s King’s English”.

    Well done.

    Keep them coming Mdm Helen Ang.

  6. Helen,

    Frog jumpings are inevitable. If you observe the trend, frogs jumped to the “winning side”. See the former BN component parties in Sabah. They jumped to Warisan, a PH ally at federal level. Same as GPS in Sarawak. While they are not clear cut to be PH friendly, GPS had abandoned BN completely.

    In order for Umno + Pas to enjoy the benefit of “frogs jumping” from PH parties to their fold, they must first win the GE15 at federal and state levels. This will provide the motivation for frogs to jump. If PH continues to win, why would these frogs want to jump and join the loser?

    So the question now is whether Umno + Pas (as single merged entity or formal coalition under the banner of Islam/Malay unity), can they command 90% share of Malay votes and win simple majority at Parliament and various state assemblies and thereafter, motivate the frogs to jump over to their side?

    Or Umno + Pas with combined share of 90% Malay votes, they are still unable to win simple majority because they fail to secure any non-Malay and Sabah/Sarawak votes?

    1. (1) Party hopping can change a losing side to the winning side in borderline cases like Perak 2009 or decide the state government as in Kedah recently after the deadlock from GE14.

      (2) How much Malay support can a combined PAS+Umno command? I believe their r/ship will get closer with time. As for whether such a cooperation can take them over the GE15 finish line, that will have to be calculated on a seat-by-seat basis and also on the political situation in Sabah & S’wak, i.e.
      How strong the ‘Sabah for Sabahans’ and ‘S’wak for Sarawakians’ sentiments are.

      1. helen,

        Before the last election, PAS has this “pride” that it is the Kingmaker at least in Selangor.

        PAS of course can boast on its relevance by retaining Kelantan and capturing Trengganu and making inroad into Pahang. But its performance was dissapointing in Selangor, Perak.

        Thank God. PAS comes to its senses by agrreing to work with UMNO in Sg kandis. Though PH won in Sg Kandis, but its share of votes drops significantly in comparison to that of UMNO.

        What I can see is that Malays though upset with Najib and Rosmah, begin to feel uneasy with PH. Though Tun and PH try to brush aside the unhappiness the malays are feeling, the sentiment is real.

        The fact that Attorney General is a Christian and the indecent haste in dismissing Ketua hakim negara only to be replaced by a Christian and bypassing seniority of Hakim Besar Malaya does not escape the attention of the malays.

        And I have been told how insulting many security personnels as they ahve to salute the Deputy Minister of Defense

        1. ya, dont worry, umno surely can be a good opposition.
          we are confident that engaging a thief to counter check on PH is definitely the best way since the thief has 60 years of experience in stealing.

        2. ” Though PH won in Sg Kandis, but its share of votes drops significantly in comparison to that of UMNO.”

          Complete BS. UMNO didn’t get any more votes, they simply inherited the voters who would have voted for PAS. PH has not dropped any votes at all, in fact in percentage terms, they have gained votes.

          “The fact that Attorney General is a Christian and the indecent haste in dismissing Ketua hakim negara only to be replaced by a Christian and bypassing seniority of Hakim Besar Malaya does not escape the attention of the malays.”

          If this is true, then then the Malays are ultimately a racist bunch even though they will try and deny this. What’s wrong with having a Christian AG btw? Are you people so easily spooked? Grow up.

        3. re: …….. bypassing seniority of Hakim Besar Malaya does not escape the attention of the malays.

          Tell me how the Hakim Besar Malaya was bypassed by Malanjum with respect to the latter’s appointment as Ketua Hakim?

      2. re: Perak 2009

        Perak 2009 happened because BN was the federal government and Pakatan Rakyat (back then) had a slim majority in Perak assembly. Can Perak 2009 happened had the federal government in 2009 was held by PR?

        re: Kedah recently

        If not mistaken, Kedah assembly has 36 seats. PH 18, Pas 15 & BN 3. No party has simple majority, i.e. min 19. However, PH formed the minority state government with Mukhriz as MB. Why didn’t Pas formed a coalition with BN and requested the same right as PH to form a minority state government immediately post GE14?

        Alternatively, Pas + BN can lure 1 PH Adun to jump ship to secure simple majority. But this didn’t happen as PH is the government at federal level.

        Same as Perak 2009, few PR Aduns jumped ship due to influence of BN at federal level.

        Same thing in Sabah 2018. Former BN Sabah parties jumped ship and caused the BN state government of Musa Aman to fall due to Warisan’s affiliation with PH at federal level. Back in 90s (if not mistaken), the PBS state government (was oppo back then) fell due to frogs jumped to Umno. Again this was due to BN’s dominance at federal level.

        Same thing in Sarawak 2018. The entire former Sarawak BN parties decided to ditch BN and formed GPS, which is currently more friendly to PH vis-a-vis BN.

        My point is: In borderline cases, frogs will jump to another party that aligns with the ruling party at federal level. That is why we don’t see any PH Adun in Kedah jumps to Umno or Pas.

        1. “Why didn’t Pas formed a coalition with BN and requested the same right as PH to form a minority state government immediately post GE14?”

          because for a simple reason, umno is the opposition !😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. if both umno n pas turn right, they r actually fighting each other to attract the same group of voters, i still dun understand how they could perform better than ge14 with tis kind of strategy unless there is internal conflict among ph parties or member.

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