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Why MCA must exit BN now

“Nazri Aziz has no place in moderate Malaysia as he does not embody the BN spirit,” said MCA sec-gen Chew Mei Fun in a media statement yesterday.

Chew added, ”the good name of BN has been contaminated by leaders who are racist, extremist and egoistical, like Nazri Aziz”. She said in the same press release, “BN is not solely owned by Umno alone nor is Nazri Aziz the sole absolute owner of BN”.

Dinosaur MCA fails to understand that Nazri Aziz has evolved.

Poor MCA is still living in the jurassic age when the rest of our country has moved on to New Malaysia. Needless to say, MCA is a highly endangered species and once it becomes extinct, DAP will wholly own Chinese issues like UEC, SJK (C) and ‘Justice for Teoh Beng Hock’. Good.

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Evolution is ‘Ubah’ — MCA no change, no future

Let’s break down Chew Mei Fun’s failure to understand basic evolution, and why her antediluvian party has become geographically isolated like Darwin’s Madagascar.

Firstly, the “BN spirit” Chew invokes is already broken. From having 13 parties pre-GE14, the former ruling coalition has dwindled to only three amigos – Umno, MCA & MIC – through the brutal process of natural selection. Natural selection is a foundational tenet of evolution.

Secondly, while I agree 101 percent with the MCA sec-gen about Nazri’s oversized ego, Chew nonetheless misses the woolly mammoth (elephant) in the room.

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DAP evolved into the Desperately Arselicking Party

True, Nazri had objected to the chief justice, attorney-general and finance minister for being non Malay but still, crux of the issue is that they’re not Muslim. Not incidentally, Richard Malanjum, Tommy Thomas and Lim Guan Eng are all three Christians.

MCA must surely be able to see that Nazri has drifted into the PAS gene pool, i.e. insisting leaders in an Islamic country must be adherents of Islam.

Recall that Nazri threw a red herring saying Richard, Tommy and LGE did not take their oath of office on the Quran.

He then sauced his red herring with the spicy tidbit that Argentina ex-president Carlos Menem, a Muslim, “was forced to convert to Catholicism in order to take his oath of office in 1989” – as per the Malaysiakini report on Monday. [Note: Nazri’s specific claim has not been fact checked.]

Bicycle camouflaged as a unicorn

While Nazri’s objection undoubtedly involves race (prompting MCA to label him “racist”), the real deal breaker however is religion. And unlike the unadaptive MCA, the DAP is woke enough to adopt a religious camouflage.

In a truest Survival-of-the-Fittest test, DAP blends into the Malaysia Baru monomorphic population –  witness Hannah Yeoh’s tudung cosplay, various DAP Yang Berhormats occupying mosques, quoting Quranic verses/Hadith, and Guan Eng styling himself an ‘amar makruf nahi mungkar-caliph Umar Abdul Aziz’ disciple.

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Umno-PAS-Pribumi perpaduan ummah ≈ 95% Chinese voting bloc

Previously I mentioned that top politicians such as Nikki Haley and Bobby Jindal, whose parents were Indian immigrants, had converted to Christianity and adopted all-American names (Nikki’s birth name is Nimrata, Bobby’s is Piyush).

There is another example across the pond, British Home Secretary Sajid Javid who is of Pakistani descent. Sajid – whose wife is white – does not practise Islam. He is quoted as saying:

”My own family’s heritage is Muslim. Myself and my four brothers were brought up to believe in God, but I do not practise any religion. My wife is a practising Christian and the only religion practised in my house is Christianity.

“I think we should recognise that Christianity is the religion of our country.”

Religion matters more than race. This is not something the Buddhist MCA can continue pretending to be oblivious to.

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MCA does not know how to play religion politics

Nazri Aziz has time and again taunted MCA to leave the BN.

MCA’s only retort is how unsuitable and unqualified Nazri is to be the BN sec-gen, on top of his vomit-inducing ‘khalwat’ with Guan Eng (pictured below).

The truth is it’s actually the unevolved MCA that is unsuited for living in the Malaysia Baru new age religious climate.

PAS does not exclude Chinese from its leadership. Fact: The party’s Kota Lama Adun is Tan Teng Loon but better known by his Muslim convert name Anuar Tan bin Abdullah. He is also a Datuk and formerly in the Kelantan state exco.

More of a shocker than Nazri being investigated under the Sedition Act is to hear the BN sec-gen reading from the same script as PAS about mandatory Muslim leadership. MCA must internalize this new reality.

It is DAP that represents the Chinese

With only one MP in the 222-seat Dewan Rakyat, MCA is about as relevant as mosquito party PSM which had a lone rep – Dr Jeyakumar – in parliament once between 2008 and 2018. Today MCA’s presence in BN is equally irrelevant.

DAP presently has 42 MPs; 32 or more than three-quarters of them are Chinese.

DAP has 106 state assemblymen, including those in Sarawak; 87 of these Aduns (82 percent or four-out-of-five) are Chinese. [Note: Zairil Khir Johari is counted here as Chinese.]

In summary:

  • Chinese MPs — MCA (1), DAP (32)
  • Chinese Aduns — MCA (2), DAP (87)

All three of MCA’s seats – Titi Tinggi  (78% Malay voters), Cheka (72%), Ayer Hitam (58%) – are Malay majority. The MCA reps were elected by Malays.

MCA is still trapped in its ideation of BN as a Tan Cheng Lock-era entity. But BN has evolved. Harapan too has evolved into BN redux, and Pribumi into Umno Terbaru. Meanwhile DAP is now MCA 2.0.

At MCA’s strongest in 2004, the Chinese BN party had 31 MPs versus Umno’s 109 MPs. Rightly, Umno was the BN taiko on merit.

At DAP’s strongest in May 2018, the evangelical party had 42 MPs versus Pribumi’s 12. Is it at all meritocratic for Pribumi to be the Harapan taiko?

MCA needs to accept that the Chinese have fully embraced DAP while consigning MCA to the graveyard of extinct relics. The community has made its bed; so please lah MCA, just let them lie in it.




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One thought on “Why MCA must exit BN now

  1. Apa yg u ckp mmg betul.
    MCA masih x berubah. Masih syok sendiri. Hnya org tua cina saja masih sokong MCA. Itupun sikit.
    Btw, Helen, boleh u suggest apa yg MCA blh buat utk dapatkan semula sokongan org cina? Kalau MCA nk jd hero kpd kaum cina dgn memperjuangkan UEC, sy tak rasa org mlyu dlm umno akan setuju.
    MCA ni ibarat hidup segan,mati tak mahu.
    MCA ini masih tidur, tak mahu mengakui bhwa satu2 nya jln utk BN kmbali memerintah ialah dgn bekerjasama dgn PAS utk kumpul undi majoriti rakyat di ngara ini. Utk mngumpul majoriti undi mlyu, maka Umno perlu berjuang utk hak mlyu dan islam kerana itu yg mnjdi kemahuan majoriti rkyt mlyu di mlysia. Ini tak bermakna kaum lain diabaikan. Ini adalah hakikat politik masa kini kerana BN sudah tak boleh terlalu berharap pd undi cina dan india. Jadi isu kaum dan agama mmg tidak dpt dipisahkan. Ini yg MCA gagal utk memahami dan mengakui.

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