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Put 1Malaysia out of its misery, please

Hannah Twitter No cross on Christmas Day

Commenter ‘wawe‘ remarked @ 2014/11/26 at 7:25 am,

“I personally have not being using the word ‘racial’ for decades. Now, I am having 2nd thoughts. Since others keep accusing us of something not even in our thoughts, might as well embrace it, just to prove the validity of their accusation.”

Added ‘wawe‘ @ 2014/11/26 at 7:27 am,

“Alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, alang2 kena tuduh, biar berbaloi2.”






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9 thoughts on “Put 1Malaysia out of its misery, please

  1. Why emphasize satu malaysia jika dah tahu undi cina mahu dipesongkan untuk matlamat memujuk orang melayu menerima umno seadanya seolah-olah termakan budi dan orang cina tak pernah terkesan untuk membalas budi umno sejak dulu kini dan selamanya

  2. Golongan Bumiputra terdiri daripada berbilang bangsa. Dalam BN pula campoq dengan mereka yang asal usul dari Negara asing. Dalam golongan Agama Islam nah tak terbilang bangsa dari satu dunia. Kalau depa kata kita racist memang otak mereka sewel. Suruh mereka cermin muka dulu.

    Yang kita tak kenan bukan kerana bangsa. Tak kenan dengan orang yang suka belit, tipu, suka menghina, perangai biadap, hati busuk, penghasut, pemfitnah, suka dengki dengan orang, kaki rasuah, tamak dan pengotor tu semua bukan racist ya.

    Lain kali nak tuduh orang racist tepuk dada tanya diri, “am I one of the above, is that why oghang menyampah dgn I?”.

    1. Lim Kit Siang kata ONE PEOPLE (ni menyedapkan telinga Dapster Firster mereka-mereka tu):

      “We all have a common Malaysian Dream which envisions a plural society where all her citizens are united as one people, rising above their ethnic, religious, cultural and linguistic differences as the common grounds binding them as one citizenship exceed the differences that divide them …”

      1. Hah, dia baru mau bikin, baru sedar dari mimpi ke? LKS perlu belajar sikit daripada kaum Bumiputra Negara ini. Macam mana Dayak, Bajau, Jakun dan beratus lain bangsa, apa perkara penting yang menyatukan mereka semua? BAHASA Kebangsaan dan kerana semangat cintakan NEGARA yang indah dan permai ini.

        LKS selama ini mata dok teliang kat mana? PRC atau negara2 barat? Learn from the Bumiputras la..

      2. Ms H. Just look at the real desolate scene in his spiritual Homeland. Some people have become multi-millionaires and their descendants too by harping this evergreen words since 1966!

        If I had known this is such a good money money money making business, I would have done the same too because I only need to exploit the mental weaknesses of the ignorant by talking but not working.

  3. Ms H. I do not know the real reasons behind all the words and all the actions of these 1% fake Christians in recent times. They became fake Christians by the generosity of the BN Government which chose not to tax these Christian amateurs who definitely did not know about the Bible before puberty. And yet, these fakes are all sound and fury.

    1. These guys are picking up the rubbish discarded by the white men.

      While the white man’s churches are now home of the proverbial mice, being long abandoned by human worshippers, the time-honoured Asian pagan-worshippers suddenly became enamoured by the sugar-coated men of the cloth citing the tired phrases like ‘we are of one race, the human race’, while on the subject of distribution of the country’s wealth they steadfastly opt for the law of the jungle i.e survival of the fittest a.k.a meritocracy.

  4. Where is her integrity, this Hannah Yeoh? As the Speaker of the Selangor State Assembly she should refrain herself from politicking in cyber space. Have some respect for the position.

    If she really wants to breathe fire and brimstones, then do the decent thing and quit the speaker’s post.

    1. She is still politicking away and can’t stop.

      However, this particular tweet featured on this page was made before she was appointed Speaker.

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