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Are the evangelistas willing to make peace with Islam?

Haters gonna hate.

Do the DAP evangelistas respect Article 3 of the federal constitution which says that Islam is the religion of the federation?

Do the DAP evangelistas know of Newton’s Third Law of Motion that states “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”?

“Itu Cina! Itu Cina!”

Last weekend in the vicinity of Low Yat Plaza, three journalists – Chan Woei Loon (Sin Chew reporter), Sam Kar Haur (China Press photographer) and Calvin Foong Yi Kian (Kwong Wah Yit Poh photographer) – were assaulted when covering the riot sparked by Malay youths whom MCA newspaper The J-Star had labelled as “thugs“.

Another major newspaper similarly called the Malay mob “thugs” – see ‘Ruckus erupts between thugs and salespeople in Low Yat‘ (The Sun Daily, 12 July 2015).

There was also separate China Press report of a 28-year-old person known as ‘Ah Dee’ sustaining injuries in the Low Yat-related fracas.

In a separate incident a stone’s throw away from Low Yat, a trio of young men – Patrick Lim, Max Chu and Vincent Peng – all three Chinese and 21 years old, were dragged out from their car and beaten up by the mob. The viral video of their assault has been uploaded by almost all the major Chinese and English-language news outlets.

Relating his harrowing experience, Patrick said he heard shouts of, “Itu Cina! Itu Cina!” from the crowd of Malay youths who were pointing towards his car.

Then a man yanked open the car door and asked Patrick if he was Chinese. See interview, and

Teresa Kok speaking to press at Low Yat
Teresa Kok speaking to the press outside Low Yat

DAP screams “racists”, Isma counters “chauvinists”

In a press conference at the DAP Kuala Lumpur headquarters on Monday (July 13), acting party chairman Tan Kok Wai accused the mob at Low Yat of inciting racial hatred. See in Teresa Kok’s website, ‘Cops stood by as racist insults hurled outside Low Yat, says DAP’.

Those fanning racial sentiments are the DAP evangelistas

Wong Shu Qi distributing kurma at a pasar Ramadan

DAP’s posse of Anak Bangsa Malaysia

Echoing her Chairman, DAP Johor Yang Berhormat Wong Shu Qi (Adun Senai, pix above) said in her July 13 press statement, “Umno stoking racism in Low Yat to divert attention” – see screenshot.

YB Wong alleged that “the ruling regime has found it fit to constantly agitate racial tension for its own political survival”.

Wong, who is also the policy director for DAP Johor, added:

“As a ‘Anak Bangsa Malaysia’, I believe all Malaysians are standing together to say NO to racism. It is incumbent on the regime to ensure that the Low Yat incident does not escalate further.”

Click to enlarge

Wong Shu Qi racism

Isma: “Melayu memang terkenal dengan amuk”

In his statement on the Low Yat riot, Isma information chief Ustaz Mohd Hazizi Ab Rahman said the incident was merely a symptom of a chronic cancer whereby the response by the Malay youths was a case of taking the law into their own hands to “melepaskan geram”.

According to Ustaz Hazizi, the “diaspora chauvinists” (referring to Chinese) had been provoking Islam and the Malays as well as challenging the federal constitution but nonetheless appeared to be immune from any action by the law.

HannahYeohRacist“Cauvinis diaspora inilah saban hari membuat provokasi; memperlekeh ajaran agama Islam, mempersenda budaya orang Melayu, mempersoal kedudukan Islam, Melayu dan institusi Raja dalam kenegaraan Malaysia, menghasut orang Melayu agar membenci mufti dan ulamak, dan sebagainya,” he said.

Ustaz Hazizi added, “Perbuatan memaki dan menghamun, hatta perbuatan ‘melanggar’ kedai Cina itu pun, tidak lain hanya tindak balas perasaan marah. Melayu memang terkenal dengan amuk”.

Hannah Yeoh = DAP SuperCyber Bully

Hate begets hate, viciousness begets violence

The DAP Anak Bangsa Malaysia have been daily screaming “Racist”, “Extremist”, “Bigot” and “Hater” at Umno and the Malays, and more recently at PAS together with Perkasa, Isma and Pekida but at the same time proclaiming their eternal love for Malays and deep “respect” for Islam.

Hannah Yeoh accused a Sin Chew columnist of holding “extreme views” when he chided her copious tudung-wearing. She pontificated that “lack of respect for another person’s religious belief” is extremism! She even anthropomorphized our weather as extremist.

@hannahyeoh is respecting a place of worship

What goes round, comes around

The DAP loving is in reality an Orwellian form of bullying. It overwhelms us, this continual DAP super cyberbullying that has been nothing short of vicious, so much so that many Malays are feeling under siege.

If it was truly love-love-love that was being spread by the opposition evangelical Christians, wouldn’t they have received oodles of love in return?

In truth, you get back what you give … truly.




Do they really, truly lurrrve Islam as they’ve been loudly professing?

The evangelistas have also been trying to undermine the status of Islam through questioning the content of Jakim’s khutbah Jumaat and the role as well as funding of state Islamic agencies in addition to attempting to equalize the use of the name ‘Allah’ on top of occupying the masjids and suraus.

Isma’s information chief Ustaz Hazizi has linked the eruption of violence at Low Yat to being a consequence of the endless provocations by the “cauvinis diaspora”.

Hannah Yeoh nafi peluk Islam
Hannah Yeoh nafi peluk Islam

Needless to say, on the part of Anak Bangsa Malaysia, it’s denial, denial, denial all the way. They deny that the violence which broke out in Low Yat could be due to any connection, or a result, from something they’ve done (to draw such a violent reaction).

Observing that Low Yat is only a gentle reminder, Azmi Arshad said,

“We all know that Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Eric Paulsen, Tony Pua, Nga Kor Ming, Hannah Yeoh, Teresa Kok are among those who insult and provoke Muslims. They spit on the Constitution, Rukunegara and Social Contract.” (via Ismaweb)


Make peace or choose hate at your own peril

Love or hate are simply very human emotions. That’s how people feel. Nothing unusual at all.

However, it is the chameleon who wears camouflage, who are dyed-in-the-wool evangelistas but dressing like Muslimah – it is this hypocrisy stinking to high heaven that’s the perversion and what’s turning our socio-religious landscape upside down.

We did not have this level of racial and religious tensions before the DAP evangelistas swept into power in 2008.

So now the crux of the matter is very simple. Mouthing love while exuding hate is a political charade that can only go so far.


Hoping for goodwill and understanding for Islam from the evangelistas is perhaps too ambitious. Let’s just settle for a show of self-restraint for the sake of keeping peace.

Will the evangelistas stop their provocations now?

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang


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18 thoughts on “Are the evangelistas willing to make peace with Islam?

    1. And “Eid Mubarak” to you too!

      Do I hear a response of “Shukran Khatiran” from you?

      I am glad that you have such a high opinion of my knowledge of the English language.

      I am also reasonably sure that the parties you mentioned are eminently capable of reading and researching facts and theories for themselves.

      Are we going to debate about “Sinophobia”?

      Why should we?

      Does the Malaysian government espouse a Sinophobic agenda?

      Let’s hear your answer to this. With no ifs, buts or maybes!

  1. It is only a matter of time before something like this happens, and on a massive scale.

    The haters are going to have a field day laying all the blame on the natives. A certain blogger whose name I shall not name is already making the rounds laying all the blame squarely on the Malays. Since he is ad verboten I m not going to provide the link to his latest provocation but I m sure Helen knows who that blogger is. His blog name starts with the letter S.

    When will these people stop ? Or will they ever stop ? No they will not stop, ever !

  2. RE: “Cauvinis diaspora inilah saban hari membuat provokasi; memperlekeh ajaran agama Islam, mempersenda budaya orang Melayu, mempersoal kedudukan Islam, Melayu dan institusi Raja dalam kenegaraan Malaysia, menghasut orang Melayu agar membenci mufti dan ulamak, dan sebagainya,” he(Ustaz Hazizi) said.

    We should also acknowledge that the Malay ummah is a divided community. The culture of “takfir” or branding other Muslims as heretics or ingrates has long been practised by the Islamist/ Wahhabis in this country following the lead of the PAS leadership – thus negatively influencing a whole generation of Muslims towards aversion, suspicion and divisiveness against one another.

    Pemimpin2 Islamist ini selama berpuluh tahun kebelakangan telah menghasut orang Melayu agar membenci mufti dan ulamak yang tidak bersepandangan dengan mereka mengenai fahaman akidah dan peraturan undang2 Islamiyah. Sampai hari ini adalah unsur2 radikal yang terlahir dari konsep perjuangan politik mereka yang tidak berprihatin kepada ijmak ulamak tersohor yang bukan dari parti politik mereka.

    * Khutbah Aidil Fitr Majlis Ugama Siingapura*

    “Alhamdulillah, Ramadan yang baru berlalu di Singapura dipenuhi dengan kebaikan dan keihsanan. Namun, ada juga di luar sana Ramadan yang sangat berbeza. Ramadan dipenuhi dengan kekerasan dan pertumpahan darah. Pembunuhan yang tidak lagi mengenal bangsa, agama, malah tempat. Sesuci-suci bumi yang didirikan di atasnya rumah Allah s.w.t. juga menjadi sasaran.

    Isu-isu kompleks seperti ideologi yang radikal, serta pemikiran dan kepelbagaian gaya kehidupan yang mencabar keimanan, menuntut kita agar sentiasa membangun pemahaman Islam yang sesuai dengan keadaan dan keperluan masyarakat. Iaitu pemahaman yang mengambil kira kerencaman dan kepelbagaian tradisi Islam yang luas lagi mendalam . . . . . ”

    – more at:

  3. Ms H. Please do not forget all these Hainanese are at the forefront of being ‘friends’ with others or diddled others to get them to be angry for no reason at all. You will have to examine the Chinese literature on this interesting subjects !

  4. Helen

    The front page report “Carry in work of pioneers, Yaacob urges Muslims” in today’s Singapore Straits Times provides an appropriate response to the views you have expressed.

    1. re: The ST article you cited

      The Minister for Communications and Information already said that Singapore is “a secular society”. Malaysia is different. We are not secular.

      re: “Mufti Fatris Bakaram … said the world sees Islam in two ways – one which promotes peace, moderation and prosperity, and the other which spreads radicalism and extremism.”

      – See more at:

      You’ve stated that the S’pore Muslim religious leaders have provided “an appropriate response to the views [Helen] expressed”.

      Are you implying that the Muslims in Malaysia are spreading radicalism and extremism and unable to co-exist peacefully with other religions? Don’t be coy. Just spell out what you’re really saying.

      1. I am not implying anything.

        You expressed certain opinions.

        I pointed out the official message that is being put out in Singapore, a neighbouring country.

        Are you implying that things are handled differently in a “secular society”?

        Are you implying that religions are “disadvantaged” in a “secular society”?

        Are you explicitly taking issue with the views expressed by Dr Yaacob Ibrahim and by Singapore Mufti Dr Fatris Bakaram? If yes, on what grounds?

        1. re: “You expressed certain opinions.”

          Will you specify which opinions I’ve expressed that you take issue with. Let’s get things clear or otherwise we’ll just be talking at cross purposes.

          After you provide your clarification, I may be able to respond to your questions more to the point.

  5. Peace with Islam? Maybe you should ask if Islam is a peaceful religion. Just see the international news coverage of the mid-east (ISIS, Saudi, Yemen, Syria etc). There is very little positive or peaceful news coming out of those regions.

    And while you’re at it, ask yourself which form of religious thinking is more progressive and open to change? Is it Islamic thinking or Christian thinking? One religion emphasises rote memorisation without understanding (as it is practised in Malaysia), while the other celebrates multiple interpretations through open discussion.

    Evangelists are making inroads because they are willing to cross over and adopt the customs of other religions. This makes them appear more than just ‘tolerant’ of other religions; they appear like they are welcoming other religions into their fold.

    Muslims are too rigid. Islam’s religious leaders won’t accept any relaxation in the rules, which alienates the non-muslims and even the moderate Muslims.

    The hardcore Muslims in Malaysia are too thick to see any alternative to the ancient rules. As long as they believe in literal interpretations of the Quran and Hadith, they won’t be able to adapt. They also lack the sophistication to operate in this modern world, which makes them easy targets for those who have the media-savvy and the resources to manipulate the truth.

  6. Further to my post at 6:21 pm, I will quote directly from the Singapore Straits Times report “Carry on work of pioneers, Yaacob urges Muslims”:

    “The Pioneer generation of Muslims worked very hard in developing the way Islam is practised in Singapore, Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs Yaacob Ibrahim said yesterday, as he urged the younger generation to carry on the efforts of their forebears.

    “Sharing his thoughts on this year’s Aidilfitri sermon delivered at mosques across Singapore on Hari Raya, Dr Yaacob said the message calling on young Muslims to seek out a good Islamic education and carry on the principles of their forefathers is a “timely reminder”.

    “He said the pioneer generation strived to ensure the teachings embraced here are based on the fundamentals of Islam and the religion is practised in Singapore’s context of a secular society. It has also co-existed peacefully with other religions since Singapore’s Independence.

    “”We have something good going for us in Singapore and the Mufti is reminding all our young people that we should not throw away the tradition, but embrace it and find the right sources of our knowledge, refer ourselves back to the religious teachers who can guide us.’….

    “Dr Yaacob noted that there are “seductive ideas and views” online which can mislead youngsters. This was a point raised by Mufti Fatris Bakaram who, in his sermon, asked parents to approach their children wisely and with compassion when they do the wrong things.

    “Dr Fatris said the world sees Islam in two ways – one which promotes peace, moderation and prosperity, and the other which spreads radicalism and extremism.

    “He called on Muslims here to embrace a religious outlook that promotes peace and fosters progress, and that stands for justice, love and compassion.

    “Also commending the work of the pioneers, Dr Fatris said: “They built mosques, conducted dakwah activities as well as charity work, and laid the foundations to ensure that we are able to continue to practise Islam in an organised and productive way.

    “”This is the Islam that we have inherited in Singapore, and this is the Islam that we want to pass on to our children.”

    “Dr Yaacob, who is Minister for Communications and Information, added: “We open our doors, we embrace non-Muslims, we invite them to our homes…we show a sense of compassion, we show the spirit of gotong royong, or coming together.

    “”So these are good traits that we have been able to display to show how our religious life in Singapore is consistent with the modern world and consistent with the Singapore society.””

    That seems to be clear and unambiguous.

  7. Singapore and Indonesia have better versions of Islam.

    Malaysia seems to have one of the worst versions, only a few steps behind the likes of the austere ISIS version or Muslim Brotherhood version.

    1. Singapore and Indonesia are no different, the only hindrance to full blown Islamism is artificial – both governments are strongly secular or influenced by secular forces (Indonesia – the army, Singapore – PAP).

      With increasing wealth, Muslims all over the world look to the Middle east for inspiration. This explains greater prevalence of the hijab, calls for Islamic family courts and financial services in the West, Malaysia, and even Singapore. Unfortunately, the birthplace of Islam (ie the source of inspiration) is very much Wahabi.

      The Wahabis didn’t become masters of Saudi Arabia overnight. As to who were behind them, your guess is as good as mine.

      The great thing about Malay people is that they are not an Arab people to begin with. Any Talibanization will have to undergo a period of translation, distillation and etc. If you could change their loyalties from being Muslim first to Malaysian first, the Talibanization will stop.

      But pray tell how and why would the Malays want to become Malaysian first with the current climate =)

      PS Helen, please check out Amran Fans on facebook or the internet. Very representative and popular insight to the average Malay mind. Amusing (humorous jabs at BN/establishment) and worrying (blatant racist remarks, call for violence) at the same time.

  8. For the record, Tank Keng Liang (Gerakan Youth Chief) just referred to ISMA as “head damaged beyond repair” on his twitter page.

    Muslims, he’s insulting your sensitivities and creating division. I ‘m sure you can all look forward to an article from Helen critcising what he just said, as she would if it was done by the opposition. She claims to be objective so I would expect nothing less.

    1. re: “She claims to be objective so I would expect nothing less.”

      Urm, I’m both objective and partisan. I believe that DAP evangelistas are dajjal and BN must not be allowed to lose GE14 – this is political partisanship and I’ve clearly picked my side.

      However I’m willing to look facts/data in the eye and assess them objectively. I mean if an object is round, then it’s round. Why spin that it’s square?

      Nonetheless, we still have the freedom to choose and to reject – I prefer round or I prefer square, it’s ultimately my choice.

      The evangelistas however have gotten the Dapsters drunk on J-Juice so that the sheeple will swear that round is square or circle is triangle – whichever suits the DAP’s agenda.

      This is the reason I prefer BN. They’re not such sneaky bastards as the dajjal. It’s a backbreaking job but somebody must call a spade a spade, and a dajjal a dajjal.

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