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We’ve had enough of you people

“Don’t ask what the Red Rally achieved. It’s more about what the Red Rakyat won’t let Yellowbangs achieve.” – Azmi Arshad on Facebook (see below)

I’m not a mind reader but I reckon Azmi is saying that the Reds won’t allow the Yellows take over the country.

Azmi was one of the Malays who took part in the Himpunan Kebangkitan Maruah Melayu on Wednesday, Malaysia Day.

Among the messages delivered by the rally is “DAP jangan jolok sarang tebuan”. I fear the warning will only fall on deaf ears. The Dapster motto is “Di mana ada sarang tebuan, di situ pasti kami jolok”.

Azmi also cautioned the Yellow Shirts to “stop provoking”. I’m afraid that that’s not going to happen either. It is as clear as day they won’t stop.

The Centre for a Better Tomorrow, or Cenbet, is an organization presided over by former MCA vice-president Gan Ping Sieu and Lim Chee Wee, a past president of the Bar Council (in photo below).

Cenbet chairman is Clement Hii Chii Kok (HCK), the former executive deputy chairman of Star Publications.

Sitting on the Cenbet board of governors are everybody’s favourite Umno icon Saifuddin Abdullah and Chong Cheng Hai.

Chong is senior editor-in-chief of HCK Media which operates news portal The Heat Online.

Cenbet recently hosted a public forum titled ‘Malaysia – 52 years on : Sehati Sejiwa?’ and inviting the Malaysiakini and TMI bosses as speakers.

Jahabar Sadiq – The Malaysian Inciter‘s chief dajjal – wore a T-shirt (below) with the slogan “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”.


Cenbet talk

ABOVE: The Cenbet forum, click to enlarge

I believe it is the condescending attitude of patronizing people like Jahabar (and Eric Paulsen, Ambiga as well as Hannah Yeoh) that provokes “red rakyat” like Azmi.

In his TMI editorial, Jahabar wrote, “Let’s not make Malaysia Day one that is filled with fear and dread”. In relation to this, I’m of the view that the Red Shirts rally on Sept 16 was a reaction to all the aggravation to which Jahabar’s Inciter contributed. A lot.

Jababar featured as the media “expert”, alongside Malaysiakini co-founder Premesh Chandran, who said it was time for Malaysians to dump our race obsession.

We are advised by the Cenbet panellists to stop being racially obsessed and to identify more as part of the nation.

I do not think it is a good idea for the Firsters to persist in their ‘ethnic cleansing’ attempts, whether it is to indirectly nullify Article 153 through the “no Malays” browbeating or “zero Chinese” bullying.

The message on the placard below is appropriate to direct to the DAP evangelistas.


One of the banners seen at the Red Shirts rally said “Pantang Melayu Berundur”.

Similarly the 10 percent Chinese voters who support BN have been pushed into a corner by the 90 percent demented Dapsters. With our back against the wall, we cannot berundur either.

Prod us some more and trust me, we too will BITE the sneaky bastards.



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19 thoughts on “We’ve had enough of you people

  1. `Jangan hina Melayu dan Islam`

    Kalau macam tu, Melayu Islam kenalah tahu cara memerintah. Barulah kita jadi tuan di Tanah Melayu ini.

    1. Kerana kebodohan kepimpinan orang Melayu Islamlah memerintah selama hampir-hampir 60 tahun yang lalu, Persekutuan Tanah MELAYU dan kemudiannya Malaysia dah jadi papa kedana hinggakan even the hilly-billy from the poorest part of East Asia and the Southern Part of Asia were getting rich by the day followed by a few Melayu Islam who were supposedly ‘boloting’ all the riches in this failed nation!
      Kan gitu ?

      1. Stop blaming the pemerintah. Look at the government’s policies and initiatves, NEP, MARA, Felda, Felcra, Petronas, just to name a few. Were these not undertaken with the objective of improving the economy and lives of the bumis?

        Kerana pemimpin itu Melayu Islamlah, sistem pendidikan diperbaiki dan diperkembangkan untuk memberi pendidikan ke seluruh pelusuk kampung di negara ini di mana sebelum merdeka pendidikan tertumpu di bandar dan kepada kaum pendatang.

        Just because there are quite a few questionable decisions and perceived scandals recently does not nullify the good that was undertaken previously. On the same reason, just because Dap now sounds like they are championing every Malaysian’s rights does not negate the fact that they are Cina-centric and have totally Christian supremacist attitude towards Islam and Melayu.

        You guys have malay nicks but I wonder if you malay. It’s easy to blame the Malay government when all you care about is changing that government. Do you think that if you change to a government that is not BN you will still have PNB as it is now, MARA, UiTM, Felda and all the rest?

        So since you guys wrote and agree with each other that pemimpin Melayu Islam di sini bodoh dan tak tahu memerintah, why don’t you share with us your thoughts and ideas and how the Melayu Islam should memerintah?

        1. ‘Just because there are quite a few questionable decisions and perceived scandals recently does not nullify the good that was undertaken previously.’

          Betul tu. Setuju. Akar umbi Melayu ingat ini. Geng2 liberalis saja yang sering buat2 lupa.

          ‘just because Dap now sounds like they are championing every Malaysian’s rights does not negate the fact that they are Cina-centric and have totally Christian supremacist attitude towards Islam and Melayu.’

          Tepat sekali OK. Pelanduk selalu lupa jerat, jerat tak lupa Pelanduk!

        2. orang kampong,
          sorry if I rattled you, do you really understand what I was trying to convey to razko.
          We the old pensioner were just like the Mahathir fella, always conveying messages with a little sastera/literature that we learned and remembered from the old fashioned school days.
          No hard feelings eh! With malice towards none and charity for all.
          Melayu tetap Melayu tapi not a racist.

          1. I’m not easily rattled, but lately there seems to be 2 groups of people within the Bangsa Melayu. Group 1 is among the leaders who insists that everybody should bersyukur, but It sounds like people should bersyukur to them instead of Allah.

            Group 2 are the ones who blame the malay Umno leaders for everything from the weather to petty crimes to heinous crimes to whatever they are not happy with for the day. Get stuck in traffic, bloody government cannot plan for traffic flow. Loss money in stock market, bloody government don’t know how to manage economy. Jerebu, bloody government annot bil a big fan to blow away the dust.

            There were and are some good policies in place, but unfortunately a lot of the policies are not well explained to the rakyat so in the end you have a lot of failed initiatives. Can’t totally blame the government for that.

  2. I read some headlines claiming The Red Shirt Rally turns unruly and such. However no such headlines were used when Bersih 2 and 3 turned violent.

    Some groups in FB and Whatsapp posted pics of huge amount of money (in pallets) being counted by some guys and claim that this was used for the Red Shirt Rally.

    Did you also note how the Pakatoons and Dapters claimed that the Red Shirts wanted to bath in the Chinese blood ? I think that Jamal guy should sue them for fitnah.

  3. helen,

    Many Chinese misinterpret Malay reaction. They view Malays as weak for not responding.

    As a Malay I fully understand how Malays perceive things. One thing for sure, they are “sabar”. Malays will tolerate nonsenses that no other communities would want to tolerate rubbish churned non stop b y DAP.

    But Malays have their perception on limits. Once the limit is was broken, then they will teach people like Guan Eng and Kit Siang in manners that are simply unprintable here.

    Actually malays have been responding but not many notice it. The almost total Chinese rejection of BN( more importantly UMNO) had been responded by a totally Malay led governments in Perlis, Kedah, Perak, NS, Melaka, Johor, Pahang, Trengganu.

    I hope Chinese will take the Himpunan Merah as as wake up call.

    1. Yes, yes….we’ve heard all this before.

      This will pay the bills, put food on the table and move the country forward to Vision 2020 (which, incidentally, the PM hasn’t disavowed. Or has he?).


      These notions of “limits”, “dignity” and “sabar” cut no ice in the cut-throat world of competition between countries for investments, jobs and economic advancement for their populations.

      A 100% Malay-Muslim government in Malaysia, should it come to pass, will still have to engage with the outside world. On what terms? And with what inherent advantages apart from “dignity” and “sabar”?

      It must be wonderful to be able to disregard realities and talk about “limits” and “dignity”.

      If only the outside world would be so understanding….

      Because then we can shut down Wisma Putra, Miti, the special economic zones, the MSC etc and rely solely on “dignity” and “sabar”.

      Why don’t you tell Umno to fight the next election on this platform?

      1. Sorry to mencelah in your conversation with Shamshul … minta laluan.

        re: “in the cut-throat world of competition between countries for investments, jobs …”

        It would be a shame if sifat keMelayuan was lost to the cutthroats (DAP, Dapsters and evangelistas).

        Japan is an economic powerhouse but they did it on their own terms. They still prize their Japanese-ness.

      2. Platea480,

        “…these notions of “limits……..”

        Yes sir. These traits do not matter to you UNTIL the very people (or the very race) that holds the power discard the much taunted traits. Then you will appreciate the values of such traits.

        You may want to appreciate the traits say if the girl who stomped on Hadi’s and Najib’s photo IS STRIPPED OF HER CITIZENSHIP for being “melampaui batas”. Simply because it was not done before does not mean it cant be done. If someone claims the citizenship is “iron clad” does not negate the fact that the people whom you mock will issue one directive that makes you stateless overnight.

        Competition is stiff no doubt. Woe betide Kit siang if Najib shares the same character as him( Kit siang. ).

        Helen mentioned that it is a shame if “sifat kemelayuan” was lost….I would be more worried for Kit siang if Najib shares his trait. Kit siang openly challenging a legitimate government by slandering and making Chinese believe of nonsense “Bangla voters”.

        DO THINK. Was not what Kit Siang did is enough for any supremo on other part of planet to act?

        Exactly the attitude of mocking Malays( just like what Platea480) wrote is stretching the patience to the limit.

  4. Who the fuck is Azmi Arshad?
    Nothing but a piece of shit Melayu. Who gives a fuck what he says.
    You should see what the chinese post of THEIR fb.

    Fucking idiot.

    1. And who the F*** is Bolan? “Nothing but a piece of shit, Fucking idiot.”

      Baik punya bahasa…namun bahasa menunjukan bangsa, sudah terang lagi bersuluh..

      RIP, harmony and understanding

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