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Merah itu Umno, please own it!

During Bersih 4.0, ‘somebody’ was stuffed into a cage and paraded around – see photo below. The cage signified a jail cell and the effigy a disgraced criminal.

This ‘criminal’ was also strung upside down like a slaughtered chicken – see photo below.

The Chinese took firm ownership of Bersih to showcase their political agenda.

Not only were they unapologetic, they were very much in-your-face.


Bersih chicken

Malays really need to grow some balls

While the Chinese were unapologetic about their behaviour during Bersih, the Malays were self-deprecatory about their Sept 16 rally. Pardon them for living.

Instead of taking ownership of Merah – yes, use just one word ‘MERAH’ – the self-effacing Malays preferred to wrap their rally with such euphemisms as Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu / Himpunan Maruah Melayu.

In future, I suggest that they just call themselves Merah, unequivocally. Make the branding clear-cut.

BELOW: ‘Najib’ as the punching bag getting kicked

Najib made punching bag

Expletives are their standard vocabulary

One of the foul-mouthed RBAs who regularly stalks my blog called a red-shirted rally goer, “Nothing but a piece of shit Melayu” and teeming his insult with an abundance of ‘F’ words. See comment @ 2015/09/18 at 10:21 am.

I dare the Anon RBA to repeat what he commented in my blog to the targeted Red Shirt (pix below) direct to his face.

I wouldn’t bat an eyelid if this garang Malay man (left) with the Bring-It-On challenge were to sock the DAP cybertrooper straight between the eyes for being so kurang ajar, and deservedly.

Azmi Arshad

Kepala Melayu pun dah penyek dah kerana asyik jer dipijak

Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid was just being truthful when he said that the Merah rally erupted because Malays felt their back had been pushed to the wall.

That’s one way of putting it. The slogan “DAP jangan pijak kepala Melayu” displayed in the placard below similarly captured the mood.

DAP jangan pijak kepala

Patience on the verge of snapping

The expressed purpose of Himpunan Merah was to redeem Malay dignity but ironically, the maruah of the rally goers was brushed off by detractors with the dismissive putdown “rent-a-mob”.

The label denotes that those present at Padang Merbok last Wednesday were merely hired hands or rented bean counters.

Lim Kit Siang even scoffed that the Malays only managed to last a short four hours under the sun (and haze) compared to the Chinese’s 34-hour marathon during the Bersih overnighter.

Rather than tamping down the sizzling racial temperatures, the insufferable Dapsters in cahoots with their evangelista handlers are choosing instead to daily escalate the provocation.

2015 parliament rural urban

Evangelical Christians and their persecution complex

Decades-old stereotypes and race prejudices reemerged on Sept 16 where those wearing the red T-shirts were derided as stupid kampung folks.

At the same time, the party representing rural voters – that would be Umno (see chart above) – is portrayed as tyrant who oppresses the urban Chinese and Christian minorities.

What is the scorecard for both rallies? Well, supporters of Bersih are the more sophisticated crowd; Marina Mahathir attended Global Bersih 4.0 in London (pix).

Bersih in London

Bersih was better planned and executed. Its participants are more public relations savvy and able to utilize the social media with greater efficiency and expertise.

Meanwhile the organization of the red rally was in disarray.

BELOW: The underprivileged, persecuted and oppressed Malaysians attending Bersih in KL had their coffee in Starbucks and sandwiches in Subway

Bersih 4 Starbucks lines

Himpunan merah was a qualified success

Bersih had the advantage of easier mobilization of the Klang Valley urban crowd compared to Himpunan Merah which had to bus in the bulk of its rural participants from out of state.

Furthermore, many self-conscious Malays on a guilt trip had kept away from Himpunan Merah for fear of being cast as racists, bigots and the Ku Klux Klan’s KL chapter.

Yet unexpectedly and quite surprisingly, Merah managed somehow to deliver a sizeable turnout enough to give Bersih a run for their money.

My guess is that the colour red appropriately symbolized the simmering anger which drove the Malays to take part even though there was little Umno leadership to galvanize the movement.

Star Red Jamal

Who will lead Merah 2.0 in Penang?

The Reds had shown up in great numbers despite the black propaganda blitz to demoralize and demonize the rally prior to the event, during its live media coverage and subsequent postmortem.

Umno’s ambivalent top leaders must now decide whether they support Merah and its future editions.

The most prominent Umno figure in Merah was the badass Jamal Sekinchan (above, holding mic) – a party division chief.

Other speakers like Ali Rustam and Annuar Musa are not sitting cabinet ministers nor heads of any state government. Himpunan Merah is bereft of high-level leadership. It is a real grassroots groundswell.

Merah Padang Merbok

Reason Najib should go for it

To help Umno decide on whether it wants to openly involve itself with Merah, below is a quote from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar:

“There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.”

Umno should follow the advice above and sail with the wind. Take this red tide at the flood.

I’ve blogged that for Najib to regain Malay votes, he will need to be a war general. Any war general will require ground troops but foot soldiers are what Najib is sorely lacking.

The Red Shirts are a sea of people looking to find a leader. Najib is a leader without a cause looking to find real followers.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Najib should seize the moment, carpe diem!


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42 thoughts on “Merah itu Umno, please own it!

  1. “Who will lead Merah 2.0 in Penang?”

    Actually the Doggate scandal will be the cause of the fall of the Lim Dynasty.

    There is no confirmed cases of rabies in humans, by our Health Minister.

    “Its minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam said 12 people in the northern states had been bitten by dogs that were confirmed to have rabies. “But none of the victims are confirmed to have the rabies virus. To confirm whether a person has rabies can only be done after death by testing the brain tissue,” he told reporters today.”

    Who knows medicine better? A real doctor or a failed accountant.

    1. re: “Actually the Doggate scandal will be the cause of the fall of the Lim Dynasty.”

      I don’t think so. From the public expressions on this issue, there are far more Chinese and Penangites giving blanket support to Papa Dapster (no matter what he does) compared to the animal lovers.

      In fact, the DAP supporters have been making downright cruel and callous statements, not that I’m surprised.

      1. UMNO current leadership cannot claim the Red Shirts as UMNO because they are not malay focus. They are just businessmen and wanna get rich bunch of opportunistic group.

        They ride on Malay power given to UMNO but they are not malays.

        The Najib Govt is not a Malay govt. They are not malay based policies so that is why the current UMNO leaders cannot and dont feel part of the Red Shirt.

        Their main concern is what will my Chinese owned companies think? Will they terminate my Directorship? Or like Taylor College Indian run did, terminate the Malay Wawasan bus contract?

        And of course we Malays dont want these people to claim the Red Shirt because they didnt fight for malay rights.

        They just wannabe billionaires and beneficiaries of NEP APs etc..

  2. Lacking of leadership and a towering Melayu icon is obviously eating into the psyche and confidence level of the Melayu. The basic fundamental root-cause is the; Developed Human Capital within the Melayu elitist that so-called themselves as “pemimpin”. The beneficiary of this group is getting smaller by the days. It is always about having the same “pemimpin”, family of the “pemimpin”, friends of the “pemimpin” or people who is within the circle of this group universe.

    The political scenario today; would actually benefited any “Marhaen Melayu” that is bold enough to stand up and say, “Aku Melayu Engkau apa lagi Mahu” on one sphere and someone who is elegant enough with gracious Intelligence to lead on the other platform. The combination of both of this factor; should they merged in the middle-ground which is a non-playing field for the cina shall create the momentous movement that we have yet to see since the 1960s period. The Islam Melayu is still awaiting for the moment. The moment is now; in the march towards PRU14.

    The New Economic Policy, have created a pool of highly talented, educated with world class level human capital skill within Bangsa Melayu. Unfortunately, this does not manifest itself into the current group that is “managing” our beloved country, Malaysia today. I am using the word “managing” and not “leading” and am very generous with the choice of this word too. For, I believed should there be a performance appraisal being conducted; 90% of them would easily be rated within the C to D bracket with some would have even score F! That is the dilemma of Islam Melayu today.

    Fighting off the cina is a nice to have reality struggle to show-case that Bangsa Melayu is still in existing. Their voices; concerns and perhaps even their dreams to a betterment tomorrow is very real. The potential of Bangsa Melayu could be relish to the fullest once they are able to garner their strength as a forced to be reckoned with and not a mere splinter groups as a wall paper decoration.

    Cina is not a problem to the Islam Melayu. This could be managed and it has been managed for decades. British, Japanese, Kepimpinan Melayu Terdahulu have successfully shown us the way.

    Now, Bangsa Melayu fate depends on their ability in Identifying the “leadership forced” within the capable Islam Melayu. This is the key to overcome the struggle that is facing Bangsa Melayu.

    Me signing off, Ibu Zain

    1. Kita bernasib baik kini zaman internet. Kita tak perlukan alpha malay untuk mengetuai Melayu kerana orang itu tidak wujud. Perkongsian pendapat ditahap kritikal mass kini boleh dicapai dengan wujudnya komuniskasi sosial.
      No one person can be so wise as to lead a society, not in Japan or even US. It is always the collective brilliance of the society that propel it forward.
      And the Malays collective brilliance is all there for the worlld to see in a new banking system, new political worldview.
      There never was a leader in Malay history. Its the rakyat who fought of the Malayan Union no the individual Rajas.

      Just look at the Himpunan Melayu Bersatu doesnt it sound like Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu? The Malays fought off Onn Jaafar who was the English lackey when he wanted to lead them else where.
      The Malays got rid of Kutty, Got rid of Pak Lah…the Baju Merah may seem leaderless but they were compact and homogeneous in their solidarity…

    2. Jika kita tidak berpuas hati dengan keadaan kita, kita perlu mengambil tindakan dan bangun membaiki, kalau bukan dengan tenaga dengan mulut.

      Nasib baik Ibu Zain sudah sedar, dan ramai melayu sudah sedar dan bosan dengan penipuan oleh sekumpulan melayu tamak dan bodoh memimpin parti melayu. Sebab itu Baju Merah terjadi tanpa di dorongi oleh sesiapa.

      Melayu tamak ini bukan saja di uMNO tapi di PKR. intelektual yang lahir dari NEP kini sedar cara golongan perompak poltiik ini adalah dengan memesongkan konsep yang halal seperti CSR.

      Ini memudahkan mereka mencuri dana negara atau negeri Selangor tanpa kawalan Dewan Undangan Negeri.

      Jika diperingkat nasional ada 1MDB, di Selangor, Melayu PKR mencuri juga melalui CSR.

      CSR ini adalah peraturan untuk syarikat syarikat swasta menderma keuntungan mereka dan mendapat pelepasan cukai.

      Kerajaan menggunakan jabatan dan kementerian untuk menjalankan perkhidmatan sosial.

      Tetapi perompak politik di PKR Selangor mengaku menjalankan aktiviti CSR!!!

      Kerajaan Negeri Selangor menjalankan TanggungJawab Sosial Korporat!!!

      Ini tak lain tak bukan adalah cara mencuri harta negeri selangor.

      Dengan CSR kononnya, PKR boleh mengeluarkan zakat ke negeri melaka atau kelantan tanpa kelulusan DUN!

      Melayu yang perlu diawasi adalh Azmin kerana dia berguru dengan Anwar UMNO.

      Mereka mahu kuasa untuk mencuri kekayaan negeri Selangor.

      CSR memberi mereka kuasa untuk mengeluarkan dana kepada rakan rakan mereka tanpa disiasat oleh DUN atau auditors.

      Satu lagi special vehicle untuk merompak oleh kaum ini adalah penggunaan Yayasan.

      Dana yang dikeluarkan kepada yayasan tidak perlu melalui DUN.
      Sekadar berkongsi..dan mengingati..

  3. HMM was an umno event. period. bet all have seen the video where umno goons go around gathering the even the homeless people from chowkit to attend. and felda makciks pakciks conned to attend a Malaysia Day event.

    And the video of boys who are there to just “Protect”….nothin gelse but protect, but can’t list what they are protecting.

    Hope somebody could elaborate on how the Malays felt their back had been pushed to the wall.

    1. Surrhead,

      1. Complaining about places in Uni
      2. The “bible” issue
      3. Stepping on Malay leaders pictures
      4. Criticizing Malay institutions
      Shall I go on?

      1. 1. complain about places in uni – u mean the non-malays complains about not getting places in uni OR what?
        2. The bible issue – what is the issue?
        3. i have seen umno goons stepping on TGNA and hadi’s pic before – and also on Malaysian chinese leader pics. so what’s the problem here?
        4. Please elaborate with examples.

        Please go on. u aren’t making any sense except coming out with a general rhetoric reason of plain hate with no substance.

      2. and i came across this – UiTM has the largest number of small branches throughout the country with a predominantly Malay student population. We have the best interest rates for Amanah Saham. We get special quotas and extra discounts when we purchase property. We get loans easily approved. We dominate the public sector. Our children get scholarships while the non-bumis with better results miss out. Almost every state is ruled by a Raja Melayu. Majority top posts are held by Malays (although many may not deserve it).

        so, how did Malays felt their back had been pushed to the wall?

        1. That’s what having special rights means. That we get more than you……………pls read the constitution. How did we get pushed, because you are now raising your voices……….if you all behaved as good pendatangs should like Kak Helen, this wouldn’t happen.

            1. Why do you find his statement offensive? Isn’t that the feelings of most of the commentators here and also the theme of your blog that the immigrant races in Malaysia should respect the indigenous race group and not create disturbances ?

            2. Helen, instead of diffusing umno’s racist ideology, you nurtured this racists. deal with it…..btw, this umno goons are plain stupid, who will eat shit if umno says shit is good. you were born here, you have a legit IC and you know you will be buried here, are you a pendatang?? that sound stupid, right??

              1. Surrhead, you have hit the nail on its head. What I also find interesting is the fact that not one of Helen’s loyal followers have actually stepped in to tell him off for calling her a pendatang, or for continuously using that term on a blog owned by a Chinese person. I guess for them, races trumps everything else if their conspicuous silence is anything to go by.

              1. wow, you consider kak helen as a good pendatang, and you did not mean to offend her. you are a bloody munafiq, salim……

          1. tebing tinngi and urb….to you guys, my middle finger answers you, cos i dont understand what you guys are trying to say.

            mohd salim, if you think u can just push someone around, then you haven’t met the right person yet…you can stop this bullshit on pendatang and whatnots, cos it doesn’t work on citizens who was born here and have legit identification, fool….and guess what, as the world advances, smart people are increasing and umno’s warped ideology is only going to acceptable to umno members only@racists…, i dare you to go up to a Malaysian Chinese or Indian, and tell him that he’s a pendatang….i know you wouldn’t have the balls, unless you are in a group, you slimy coward…..

            1. Not trying to push you around, just stating the facts. As to being legit, I never called anyone an illegal. And yes, I have no problem calling someone pendatangs if it comes to that, but as a Malay, I would rather not rub it in, out of politeness……..not from fear.

              1. if you are gonna call fellow citizens pendatang, you gotta be prepared to be called silly names too….

    2. Surrhead,
      ……Homeless people from CowKit and felda makciks pakciks conned to attend a Malaysia Day event….

      Ya ke? Atau you yang imagine? Kuat berangan la kamu ni.

  4. Kak Helen is right. Najib should seize the moment. True Malay Nationalism is again in our grasp. We can have the pendatangs shaking in their boots, if they aren’t already.

    1. Mohd salim,

      Being a Malay, i understand why UMNO leaders are reluctant to support OPENLY the himpunan Merah. It is part of UMNO mentality that pretends everything will be OK it UMNO chooses to ignore the issue.

      UMNO’s problem is that it refuses to deal with any issue. It refuses to be firm. That is the real issue. UMNO refuses to act like Supremo in local politics when it has the most number of MPs.

      But it was not like that once upon a time. Right up to days of Tun Dr mahathir’s tenure. UMNO behaves justly like a Supremo because IT is the Supremo. Tun would deal with the issue head on. Hannah Yeoh, the Tweeter Queen would be in ISA by now for non stop slandering.

      AS FOR BERSIH, it would not survive had Tun is still the PM, Kit siang would have ended in ISA too for inciting . and people like Mohd Sabu, Guan eng would join Kit siang too.

      AND I MUST SALUTE JAMAL for organising Himpunan Merah. Despite being only Ketua Bahagian, he managed to prove that UMNO still the choice of Malays.

      I once said we cant expect khairi to organise Himpunan Merah.

      1. Mintak maaf En Shamsul

        si Jamal nie nak di angkut sebagai wira Melayu….?

        kenapa…..apa ciri2 dia…setakat mengapi2? are we really out of towering Malays with intelligence, wit, charm and respectability? qualities yg satu pun si Jamal ni takdak…

        watak macam ni ka kita nak angkat ?

        ini pendapat saya lah….

        1. Orang Perlis,

          Saya tak cuba angkat dia sebagai wira. Tapi sekurang kurangnya dia peka perasaan Melayu yg terbakar tak macam Rafidah, Rais yatim, Najib, khairi atau Nazri aziz.

          Dan dia berjaya pada saya(soal Himpunan Merah) ni sebab dia buktikan Melayu pun menyampah dengan “haramjadah DAP” ni. Dan dia dapat buktikan Melayu menyampah dengan DAP sebab dia sedar Melayu tak kira dari UMNO ke PAS pun geram tengok pemimpin Melayu dihina begitu sekali oleh “haramjadah” DAP ni.

          Rafidah kata jangan cakap soal Melayu. habis tu Rafidah menang atas tiket apa? DAP? Rais Yatim minta Najib dakwa penganjur Himpunan Merah. Dia haram tak kata sepatah apa pun pasal BERSIH. Nak jaga hati DAP kah?

          Khairi sebagai ketua pemuda UMNO buat apa? Tak nampak muka dia pun kat Himpunan merah? Dia naik atas kedudukan dia sebagai Ketua pemuda UMNO. Tak boleh lantik seorang Pemuda UMNO sebagai Setiausaha Politik? Mesti lantik seorang Regina Lee( penyokong UMNO kah?) sebagai setiausaha politik?

          SAYA TAK ANGKAT DIA(Jamal) SEBAGAI WIRA. Tapi dalam saat genting begini, saya bersyukur ada lagi orang UMNO yg berani berdepan dengan DAP.

          Jamal telah musnahkan persepsi yg cuba dimainkan oleh DAP bahawa Melayu telah muak dengan UMNO. Jamal buat pemimpin DAP tersentak.

          untuk itu saya tabik pada beliau.

          1. jamal babi ni saja nak alihkan pandangan rakyat dari isu 1mdb. dan DAP dikambinghitamkan….semua yg pandai tau nampak teknik ni. kamu saja nak buat2 bodoh, dan salahkan DAP. apa sebenarnya salah DAP? boleh list kan?? aku boleh confirm ko pun tak boleh jawab terus, melainkan ko duk dan fikir dulu apa nak dikelentongkan.

  5. I found this good story about the dog and the prostitute from a Muslim page.

    The moral is very good. The prostitute who gave the water to the dog and later died was saved to Heaven.

    ““Ya Allah, sudah semestinya pelacur itu mendapatkan siksaan di neraka, karena sepanjang hidupnya menentang larangan-Mu, ” kata Malik.

    ” Tidak !” bantah Ridwan. Kemudian Ridwan berkata kepada Allah, ” Ya Allah, bukankah hamba-Mu si pelacur itu termasuk seorang wanita yang Ikhlas melepaskan nyawanya daripada melepaskan nyawa anjing yang kehausan, sementara ia sendiri melepaskan kehausan yang amat sangat ? “

    Mendengar perkataan Ridwan, Allah lalu berfirman, ” Kau benar, wahai Ridwan, wanita itu telah menebus dosa-dosanya dengan mengorbankan nyawanya
    demi makhluk-Ku yang lain. Bawalah ia ke surga, Aku meridhoinya.. “

    Seketika malaikat Malik kaget dan terpana mendengar Firman Allah itu, sementara malaikat Ridwan merasa gembira. Ia pun membawa hamba Allah itu
    memasuki surga.”

  6. Be patient …The yellows have been on the street four times while the reds…this is only their practice run…from my observation , at least 2/3 of the attendee of the reds himpunan are young chickos less than 30yrs of age. Its not UMNO’s full strength yet..The Melayus are not really there becoz they dont want to be seen as taking sides betweeen Najib and Mahathir. Second reason being the Melayus are not angry enough..they can still takes a few more slaps.

  7. Breaking news: Press conference from Mukriz

    1- YAB DS Mukhriz menasihatkan pemilik anjing mengurung haiwan peliharaan mereka itu di dalam sangkar bagi membendung penularan wabak berkenaan yang dibawa anjing-anjing yang telah dijangkiti terutamanya anjing-anjing liar.

    2- Kerajaan Negeri menyokong hasrat Jabatan Veterinar untuk memohon penambahan vaksin wabak rabies dan Kerajaan Negeri bersedia berurusan dengan Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia agar permintaan Jabatan Veterina dapat dipenuhi.

    3- Kerajaan Negeri bersedia mendengar nasihat Jabatan Veterinar didalam membendung penularan wabak ini.

    Key words – “mengurung”, “berurusan dengan Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia” and “mendengar nasihat”

    Compare that to Adolph who screams “kill”, “lies”, “stupid”.
    This is the difference between Mukriz and LGE. Who has better leadership qualities?

  8. This is what Menteri Kesihatan said “Tiada seorang pun rakyat di Malaysia disahkan positif ‘rabies'”

    So where are the humans confirmed with rabies. Is Adolph now going to go on the same Banglasia arguement to “halalkan” the kill?

    Oh yes. Doctors are dumber than accountants (even the failed ones)

  9. Looking ahead, assuming Najib can neutralize Mahathir, there still will be huge internal fight before GE jockeying for positions.

    KJ is damn pissed off with Anuar Nusa getting all the publicity. Hahaha.

    HH damn pissed off he will never be PM.

    UMNO is not even near in starting their preparation for the GE. Too bad the opposition cannot get their shit together.

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