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MCA siding with DAP over Israel link controversy

Will Umno now side with PAS?

The battle lines are becoming clearer.

It’s not that the Umno war room doesn’t know how the MCA media and machinery have been in cahoots with the DAP and helped to make the Chinese tsunami possible. The war general is fully aware, lah.

Given current developments, I believe my suggestion “Give PAS the MCA seats to contest” is a good one, and why this course of action is most necessary will also become clearer by the day.

For a backgrounder on the PAS challenge to DAP over its alleged Israeli ties, please read:

three wise men on camels

Fighting fire with fire

In politics, there are no permanent friends or foes. I used to believe that Tun was the only leader in our entire country who’s smart, capable and influential enough to stop the DAP juggernaut.

Sad to say, I was wrong. Oh how Tun betrayed us who held to the ‘Us (BN) vs Them (oppo)’ dictum.

But it was Tun’s betrayal of those of his closest supporters who idolized him – my blogger pals who know who they are – that is particularly galling.

Now I’ve come to believe PAS can do a better job of confronting the Dapster evangelistas than Umno.

This is because PAS is an Islamist party (which Umno is not). PAS understands 2:120 far better than the PPTA Umno. And PAS has openly acknowledged that the DAP is full of Christians.


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4 thoughts on “MCA siding with DAP over Israel link controversy

  1. Yes….. UMNO should give Malay majority seats (traditionally given) to MCA for PAS to contest. More likely it will be a straight fight, Cina vs Melayu. With DAP entering the framework, it would be a stroll for PAS to win.

    Ramai Melayu dah fed-up dengan UMNO, dengan MCA and of course dengan DAP.

    And those MCA drum beaters, via Senatorship will surely know where they stand. PRU14 will be a watershed but PRU15 will most likely the brutal one. Islam vs Kristian, Melayu vs Cina.

  2. re, Show proof of DAP alledged Israel links,MCA tell PAS.

    Why MCA sound’s confronting PAS about the issue ,should it be DAP is asking PAS to proof their allegation .

    MCA is very funny indeed’s .

  3. I m waiting for you to release the result of the poll on the National Unity Youth Chief’s post.

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