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Finally, The Star admits giving DAP evangelistas the VIP treatment

Do the other BN components receive such flattering service from The Star as well?

Regarding the enigma of The Star bending over backwards for the DAP evangelistas, below you hear from the horse’s mouth.

A spokesman for the newspaper yesterday revealed the length to which the MCA-owned paper is willing to go for its political rival (unless they’re not really competing against each other but in fact secretly in cahoots).

Excerpts from the article ‘GE13: The Star refutes Tony Pua’s allegation over DAP ad‘ (1 May 2013):

  • Advertisement material normally needs to be given seven days in advance but The Star accepted last-minute changes and material from the DAP, said a spokesman for The Star.
  • Red FM, the radio station belonging to the Star Media Group, gave “a hefty discount” to the DAP for its advertisement spots, said the Star spokesman.
  • “The Star had carried news and photographs of the DAP on its main pages and Metro Central. In Metro North, a whole page was dedicated to the DAP mega ceramah in Penang,” said the Star spokesman.
  • According to the Star spokesman, ever since the campaigning started his newspaper has given Tony Pua wide coverage in its print copy as well as online portal.
  • Over the past one week alone, The Star carried two reports and a picture of Tony Pua despite his being away from his Petaling Jaya Utara constituency campaigning elsewhere, added the Star spokesman.
  • “He was even invited for a video interview to be carried over The Star Online, which has more than 40 million page views”, disclosed the Star spokesman. [Wow! Terribly impressed.]
  • “We regret that he [Tony Pua] has not been thankful to what The Star has done for him,” the spokesman lamented.

***  ***  ***


And that’s what I’ve been saying all along, i.e. The Star has been actively campaigning for the DAP evangelistas, of which Tony Pua is a leading figure (photo below — Tony & the evangelistas meeting NECF).

By its own admission, The Star Online alone has “more than 40 million page views”. Add that figure to the flagship print circulation and you get a whole lot of captive eyeballs, not to mention pairs of young ears exposed to the DAP evangelista propaganda 24/7 through the multiple media channels and products belonging to the Star group.


Not only that, the Star management willfully allows its staff to use the group’s various multimedia platforms to denigrate the MCA, publicize the evangelista personality cults as well as promote and protect the DAP SuperCyber Bully network.

The Star audience does not comprise poor people who can ill-afford a newspaper subscription but the vocal and articulate middle-class who have been amplifying the DAP evangelista message far and wide, and causing the MCA to bleed to death.

Update: The Star Online has today republished the Tony Pua yesterday’s story under a slightly modified headline ‘GE13: Pua left out facts over DAP’s adverts, says The Star‘.

Postings yesterday:

GE13 The Star refutes Tony Pua's allegation over DAP ad - Nation

GE13 Pua left out facts over DAPs adverts, says The Star


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58 thoughts on “Finally, The Star admits giving DAP evangelistas the VIP treatment

  1. I don’t understand why star is so afraid of DAP. MCA too. Why play DAP tune. Hentam ajelah their infantile propaganda.

  2. Helen – When I read that article this morning, I thought that you would be jumping with joy when your assertion of STAR’s bending towards DAP in reporting, was proven right!

    I just did not expect you would cash in your glory in your blog, that soon! Hahahahaha.

    1. Yes, I’m right, just like I was spot-on back in November about Wong Tack’s anti-Lynas rally being a DAP green camouflage game.

      re: “cash in your glory in your blog, that soon!”

      I’m fast and efficient, and that’s why some quarters think I pose enough of a threat to want to launch the continued DDOS attack on my blog which has managed to slow us down.

      Presently due to the incessant DDOS attacks, I’m not reaching as much of the audience as I could be, except for the diehard readers who remain persistent in trying to access my blog.

      Hence I’d appreciate it if you guys could carry forward the very important point that The Star is supporting the DAP SuperCyber Bully network and thus helping the DAP troopers/Jerusubangites to consolidate their chokehold on the social media.

      From incoming traffic to my blog, I can see that some of my older postings have been resuscitated in the anti-establishment Facebooks. These are closed forums where we don’t know what they’re discussing but a good guess is that they’re DAP hotbeds which are spreading the most outrageous lies about the BN.

      If not for the wide vein of social media activity translated into ceramah participation and other ABU activities, the MCA wouldn’t be at the terminal stage that the party finds itself in now. After the MCA falls, the flank is wide open for the next stage attacks on the main body, i.e. Umno.

      1. Helen,

        Di Ipoh tak pernah pula saya alami kepayahan untuk melayari laman sdri. Senang je nak akses tak kira siang ataupun malam. Serangan DDOS ni hanya untuk bandar2 besar je kot.

    2. You really are thick. Why dont you go out, do a quick survey and see how many people actually believe what the Star publishes for politics? Also if there are poor people who cant afford rm2 a day to buy the star in 2013 in msia, it speaks volumes about the people you ass kiss daily.

      1. re: “are poor people who cant afford rm2 a day to buy the star in 2013 in msia”

        Alright. I’ll put it up as a question later.

        1. The answer is here and now Helen, and SSSSS too the marhaen who cannot read English won’t buy the Star even at 1.20 or 50 sen for that matter. A bungkus of nasi lemak cost less.

      2. Just because you don’t, doesn’t mean everyone else shares the same sentiment as yours..

        1. Helen ang believes there are people who cant afford rm2 daily and is actively supporting the people who created such an economic environment. There go chew on that.

          1. You are seriously out of touch with reality.

            Yes, there are people who cannot afford RM2 daily. These people would only dare to go into a mamak shop with a friend. Together, these two would get one full polysterene box of rice, on which they put one veg, gravy and one chicken. This meal they would then share. The total price? About RM5.

            How do I know about this? It happened right in front of me.

            They had more than RM2 in their pockets, but it sure as hell wasn’t for some paper.

            So yes, there are people like that. Which must be damn confusing for you because you sound like you don’t believe such people exists, but at the same time you believe that such an economic environment to produce such people exists, and that the people responsible for that environment should be punished.

            Dey, what laa you? Which do you believe?

            While you sort out your confusion and choose an answer, let me remind you that, while there are people in this country who have to share their lunch with others, there are also people who spend more than RM10 for coffee. And quite a number of them have more than one expensive coffee a day, as if the stuff could cure them of whatever diseases they’ve picked up.

            In Malaysia, there are poor people, and there are not so poor, and even rich people. Did the poor Malaysians come from one country, the middle class from another and the rich from somewhere else?

            Some might have, but most have been the product of BN’s 56 year rule. So if you want to blame BN for the plight of the poor, then credit BN for the luxury of the rich. This includes ungrateful jackasses swathed in luxury.


          2. Servant of god – which part of stupid are you? Fuck wits like you need to get your head out of helen angs arse before commenting. If there are people who csnt afford rm2, then punish the bastards who have claimed to manage the economy for the past 55 years…also go and read up the difference between choice and affordability. Either way, you anf helen have been shown for what you are. Useless disgusting umno arse wipes.

          3. Weh, ss bengap (that sounds like a ship full of idiots, and you are the captain),

            Which part of stupid am I? I’m not sure, you’ve taken all the big parts, after all. So I have to make do with whatever scraps of stupidity that you, in your stupidity, have overlooked.

            Name me one country which has as low tax rate as Malaysia which has zero poverty at all. Before you quote me Scandinavia or what, I tell you, “Don’t swallow the stupid juice, moron, it’s making you sound extra stupid. I said countries with tax as low as Malaysia.”

            The truth is that poverty is everywhere, and poverty is relative. But even if you consider hardcore poverty, even that figure has taken a nosedive since Merdeka. See and , and see how much hardcore poverty has fallen since 1970.

            So are there still hardcore poor in Malaysia? Yes, even in KL. But that figure is far less than what it was. So give credit to the BN government for that success.

            Would you mind sharing with me what PR state governments have done for the poor during their 5 years? Any state, any measure, as long as the initiative was by PR, show it to me. I know statistics are not out yet, but show me that PR has consistent in helping eradicating poverty.

            PR cannot even deliver affordable housing, you want to speak as if BN never helped anyone? Lu memang bangsat laa…

            I’d tell you go to fuck yourself, but I won’t, since I’m sure you’ve swallowed all the stupid juice by now and I am afraid that you would really try to modify your genital to really fuck yourself.

            So keep calm and rational, please. If you really want to shame me, then all you have to do is share with me the anti-poverty programmes that PR has consistently implemented in the last 5 years to benefit the poor in their respective states.

            BTW, if you’re thinking of replying to the tune of “that’s the responsibility of the federal government”, then by all means do modify your genital and fuck yourself. You and your masters deserve each other.

      1. “Dr Chang feels that DAP now offers nothing more than just a platform for people to vent their anger towards the government, not trying to convince the public with their policies. As such, judging from the current situation, support for the opposition is only a kind of emotional outlet for the people.”

        this says it all about the people coming to your blog to stir up trouble too. remember SS, Ravin@Mohd Aziz et al ?

        1. “DAP now offers nothing more than just a platform THROUGH THE STAR FOR FIRSTERS people to vent their anger towards the government, not trying to convince the public with their policies. As such, judging from the current situation, support for the opposition is only a kind of emotional outlet for the people VENTED THROUGH THE STAR’S LINK UP WITH THE EVANGELISTAS”.

  3. Helen, one thing that I noticed is the fellow Amarnath. I think he’s one of the more active cybertrooper. He’s MIA these days but he’s watching you – just read his comments on my letter to FMT (on politics of hate) in the comments section.

    1. Yes, he’s silently lurking in here. He used to put in the odd comment in the very early days. He can usually be found at Haris’s blog.

      1. watch this Helen. you will absolutely love it !

        The Red Bean Army L O L !

          1. As far as I’m aware, 红 卫 兵 = Mao Zedong’s Red Guards.

            Perhaps SYA can enlighten us. I’ll post update shortly.

  4. Mana cukup semua itu. Tony Pua mahukan berita positif tentang DAP memenuhi ruang akhbar Star setiap mukasurat termasuk ruangan sukan dan ruangan iklan setiap hari.

    The Star juga perlu memberikan ruangan iklan kepada DAP secara percuma – ia adalah pengorbanan yang sedikit untuk mengahapuskan kejahatan mahabesar UMNO yang membuli MCA sejak dahulu. Ia adalah untuk kebebasan rakyat Malaysian-Malaysia juga.

    Ruangan radio kumpulan the Star pula perlu memainkan lagu-lagu berunsur kristian evangelis sekerap mungkin selain celoteh-celoteh menyokong DAP oleh para DeeJaynya.

    Kurang dari ini memang membuktikan bahawa The Star hanya mengikut telunjuk UMNO.

  5. The best way to clean up the Star is to sack the whole Board and Wong Chun Wai on 6 May 2013 for all the complaints and for doing business with the Singapore Government.

    This is politics not fun and games for the hoi polloi ! There is a saying,’ Do not bite the hand that feeds you !’



    Vote BN. All Malaysians, You vote the rock solid BN which delivered the goodies for 56 years and will deliver more the next 56 !

    1. As I understand it the star try to protect itself against libel. Otherwise it would just go ahead. Afterall its about money money money.

  7. Did the Star’s editorial & advertorial team as well as the radio stations’ management extend the same courtesy & considerations to their biggest shareholder I wonder?

  8. Hahahaha…. Go Helen…. . A few of my friends who really Dapster die hard fans are now covering out… They not even want to see me today… Long live Helen…

  9. This Pua fella must be nuts. Would any of those “independant-hehe” on line oppo portals like Mkini and such accept ads from BN?

  10. Hi Helen. Salute you for your non-wavering stance against The Star.

    Today you stand vindicated.

    Can I please have your permission to reproduce this article on my blog to assist in partly overcoming the DDOS attacks?



    Vote BN. The ‘ BRAND NAME ‘ which has delivered the goodies for 56 years and will do more the next 56 ! Forget about virtual promises of pies in the sky.

    1. You’ve been leaving your comments in Che Det. I believe Dr M has personally read your comments. Today in his article he used the phrase SINGAPORE TROJAN HORSE DAP.

  12. Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak and BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties have

    1. Delivered goodies from 1957 to 2013.- already in your pockets.

    2. The Transformation Programme – onwards and more to come.

    You have all received the goodies and will receive more.

    WHAT HAS THE SINGAPOREAN TROJAN HORSE DAP AND ITS COHORT OR DIGITS GIVEN YOU ? Plenty of promises which are like pies in the sky.

    Vote BN. The ‘Brand Name’ for solid delivery of goodies to the Rakyat since 1957 and will do more for the next 56 years.

    1. Of course the government of the day is in the position to give out goodies. they are expected to serve the people and provide the best governance, infrastructure, etc. look at pap, they have been giving out goodies till their country is now ranked higher in many ways.

      it’s just the same as saying you should be grateful to your dad for bringing you up and providing you with goodies. in this case, it’s not like you can change your dad. IT IS his duty to provide you with goodies since he planned to have you (or even by accident, LOL). hope you had a good dad.

      if for some same twist of fate or in another alternate universe, pap has been delivering goodies to malaya since independent and are not delivering it so well now, they will be kicked out too.

      1. msleepyhead,

        It is the responsibility of every government and every father to do like how you described?

        Yes, it is their respective responsibilities.

        But, does every government behave like that? Does every father?

        The PR state governments have shown that they haven’t a clue about effective management. So why bother voting them again?

        As for your “father” argument, have some sense to realize that there are fathers out there who have completely neglected their children. There are fathers who gamble away their rent and food money, fathers who abuse their children instead of showering their kids with love, fathers who just couldn’t care less how their kids turned out.

        So please realize that good fathers do not just happen. Good parenting, just like good governance, is about good management of resources and good decisions, both of which I do not see from PR.

        So screw you.

  13. Vincent Tan is hedging his bets. Mahathir’s prodigal daughter the fence sitting Marina Mahathir is playing midwife to a new era in media freedoms (she wishes).

    Vincent Tan is playing with fire if it is true that his paper the Star is favouring the Chinese led opposition in DAP.

  14. Check out the Q & A with Star Publications exec deputy chairman, Datuk Vincent Lee today.

    “The Star never told its employee who to vote for. The staff has a right to choose. This is what democracy is all about.” – Quite obvious by their tweets, news content & news slant who they’re rooting for no?

    “In fact, none of the English, Malay or Chinese newspaper has extended such coverage to the opposition candidates… However it is sad to note that despite our fair stand, we have been targeted by cyber troopers and rival publications, simply because they see The Star as a media group owned by MCA.” – They must be trying their damnest to shake off that tag judging by how they run down or ignore MCA’s leaders.

    He even expressed his disappointment at R Nadeswaran’s piece last week slamming The Star. Then again, I’ve always been in the opinion that RN is a bit too full of himself especially where the Sun is concerned as he seems to have double standards there. He has of course gone out to justify the Sun publishing the MCA adverts as “business decisions”. In my book he’s just saying, in another way, principles can be bought over. But I digress.

    Seems like The Star is rolling a bigger gun than the Wong duo to address the DAP advert issue. Wonder why Tony is remaining silent when his nonsense was exposed? Silence ain’t golden, at least not in this case.

  15. We must all remember that The Star Publications is listed on the BURSA. It is a public company that thrives on media. It lives on ADEX, and in 2012 secured its record revenue of over RM1 billion. Generating in excess of RM200 million in profits.

    How will it ‘reject’ adverts is unbelievable. Shareholders will definitely query the reason for it, and as proven now The Star did not reject DAP’s ads but merely asked that it follow the guidelines.

    I think if anything The Star shows itself as a responsible company that follows its income model, thus not cheating their shareholders.

    Who are the shareholders?

    Yes, it has often been said that MCA owns The Star, but would you be surprised if MCA only has 47.14% shares under Huaren Management Sdn Bhd? Who holds the others?

    I just scanned through the Annual Report, and Statement to Shareholders in relation to Proposed Renewal of Authority for Star Publications (Malaysia) Berhad to Purchase Its Own Shares of The Star. It does appear that they are now on a buy-back program to strengthen their position, seeing that The Star has shed some value over the last few months.

    Inevitably, Sunday’s results will see The Star either rising in value or losing more on the Bursa, at opening bell on Monday!

    In any case, the bottom line is that The Star, though seemingly biased towards its owner, does actually place business first as required in good corporate governance.

    1. MCA will hold 47.14% if the buy back proposal is voted through by the shareholders & acted upon by the management. Currently, they’re holding approximately 42+%. As for Huaren, if memory serves me right, they’re only holding 200k + shares as the bulk of the shares, 330+ million is currently under MCA’s control.

      As for the other share holders, approx 9.87% is held by EPF & 9.8% by ARB as trustee for PNB’s ASN. About 11% is held by OCBC Ltd & Great Eastern Ltd with the rest held by members of the public.

      As for strengthening their position with the proposed buy back, it is debatable. In a way yes, their share prices will stabilize with the bulk of the shares held by institutional shareholders. With the group’s rapid growth, I don’t know if it is a good idea to use up over RM100 million in reserves to buy back shares.

      If you check out the proposed buy back proposal, if approved & acted upon would mean MCA’s increase in shareholding would require them to make a mandatory offer to takeover the company. If that comes to pass, will MCA be prioritizing the welfare of their coffers or the survival of MCA?

      If they choose the former, they’ll end up with MCA basically a subservient eunuch to the emperor, which will inevitably be UMNO. At least at the moment they’re pockets of “resistance” within the party towards UMNO’s understandable race/religious-centric policies.

      If they choose the latter, they’ll end up like NST. Considered trash by many except the most rabid of readers despite the presence of some really good writers & excellent write ups.

      Then again, Malaysia isn’t exactly the hotbed of sanity at the moment is it?

      1. You’re right. Huaren is no longer holding the shares. MCA has control of those.

      2. No, not when there are busloads of people who are willing to believe that the government is flying voters to Peninsular Malaysia in boeing 747s.

        Apa.. kau ingat airline nih semua pakai 747 ke? Kau ingat orang boleh suka hati kata “aku nak boeing 747, sebab aku nak angkut ramai orang”? Nampak sangat takde feedback dari orang airline.

        Kalau nak angkut ramai orang, guna laa A380. MAS ada 5 buah tak silap aku… the rest apa yang ada laa. Tak kisah laa Boeing ke Airbus ke Cessna ke. You don’t specify the plane, you specify how many people you want flown, then the carrier will assign the aircrafts for you.

        Then, if these people are indeed flown over, where will they stay? There are thousands of them, according to that guy. So where are they being put up? Balairaya? Community halls? Hotels? Or do they roam the streets at night, waiting for the polling stations to open? If this is the case, snap photos and make police report laaa….. haiyaa… itu pun tak boleh mau fikir haa?

        So some people will still believe that butt-lover. They love him so much they would kick sanity out the door and nail it shut.

        1. They put their brain in their knee – otak kat kepala lutut. How to think ma… :D

  16. Hi Helen,

    The way I read the article however, is that the points you raised were to refute Tony Pua’s claims of unfair treatment. Say someone accused you for being unfair. Wouldn’t you also bring up the good things you’ve done for that person? I guess it’s all in the way you choose to read the article. The Star has been accused of being one-sided in their pro-government coverage, especially in the last GE 2008 (that’s why I started reading alternative media; also couldn’t stand the reported cockiness of Samy Vellu). Hence the Star is trying to be more “neutral” this election to cover both sides? Assuming half of the English-educated people supports BN and the other half supports PR, the Star wouldn’t wanna alienate a huge portion of potential readers, would they? Wouldn’t be too good for business, heh.

    Just my two-cents worth here.

    1. My considered opinion is that The Star is bipolar.

      When the MCA gets on their case (one occasion I noticed was the CSL-LGE debates, both times actually), then the paper would publish its pro-BN pieces.

      However when The Star is left unsupervised by their political owners (which is most times as the MCA does not micro manage as well as it adopts a hands-off approach as long as the profits roll in), then the paper which is a nest of DAP sympathizers would be left to its own devices and its contents subtly sabotaging the BN.

      Hence The Star is a double dealer.

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