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Analysis of the MCA wipe-out (results chart)

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The MCA contested 127 Parliament and state seats combined in the general election. It lost a total of 108 of them. The party’s failure rate in GE13 is 85 percent.

Yesterday saw the routing of MCA in Penang, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and the Federal Territory. It suffered a massive loss in its last bastion of Johor too.

From its 15 Parliament seats in 2008, the MCA’s current haul is halved to seven due in part to its weak showing in Johor.

See chart below: Seats won by the MCA are boxed in dark blue while those won by its opponents are marked red (DAP), light blue (PKR) and green (PAS).

PRU13mca1pru13mca2c PRU13mca3b PRU13mca4bPRU13mca5c

MCA lost a significant number of its Pahang state seats too and only managed to keep the Pahang parliamentary seat of Bentong by a whisker. Defended by deputy president Liow Tiong Lai against the DAP’s faux environmentalist Wong Tack), Bentong was won on a majority of a mere 379 votes.

Although the party contested in Kelantan, Terengganu and Sabah, it failed to win any seats in the three states.

MCA’s Malay-majority seats

MCA only managed to keep its Perlis state seat Titi Tinggi which has 76 percent Malay voters, Pahang state seats Cheka (70% Malay-majority) and Damak (56% Malay-majority).

Another MCA seat in a rural area is Kedah’s Gurun (56% Malay, 17% Indian voters) and the semi-urban Kulim (60% Malay, 17% Indian voters).

The only MCA Parliament seat left in Perak is Tanjong Malim — the Proton town with 53 percent Malay and 14 percent Indian voters or in other words a three-quarters non-Chinese electorate. The party lost Kampar and Lumut, two Perak Parliamentary seats which it had held in the last round.

No chance against DAP Chinese

The general pattern is that if MCA is pitted against a Chinese DAP candidate, the BN component party is almost sure to lose.

Against a Chinese PKR candidate, MCA is likely to lose also.

MCA however might stand a fair chance to win against Indian candidates. What does this tell you about the Malaysian Chinese?

In Chenderiang, Perak, the party’s incumbent beat an Orang Asli fondly called Bah Tony (name on ballot paper — Amani Williams-Hunt bin Abdullah).

Nonetheless, MCA candidates are increasingly beginning to lose to Malay opponents. It is only when the MCA man is up against a PAS man that he stands a decent chance — probably due to Johorians being more secular minded.

“Say bye-bye to MCA” — The Star‘s subtle semaphore

The Jerusubang fifth column’s dream came true however in the defeat of MCA veteran Yap Pian Hon in Serdang to one of The Star‘s favourite evangelista politicians, Ong Kian Ming @imokman.



Jerusubang icon DOCTOR-PhD Ong Kian Ming – the newly elected Serdang MP – had tweeted a few months ago his lack of faith in the future of the MCA. Anyone reading The Star is persistently bombarded with messages in the same vein making as if the BN formula is something inherently evil.

These Star articles bash “race-based” politics as racist and holding up the “colour blindness” of the DAP’s MalaysianFirst-MalaysianMalaysia as the correct way in which this country must needs move forward.

The Jerusubang Star indoctrinating the young

In Johor Jaya, the MCA’s Tan Cher Puk (age 52) was defeated by 27-year-old DAP greenhorn Liow Cai Tung. The DAP has the young vote in locked up thanks to the diligent brainwashing carrried out by the country’s biggest media conglomerate which lends its platform to the DAP cybertroopers.

Through its reach to a 5.63 million audience, especially the impressionable and buta sejarah young generation, The Star has been assiduously laying the groundwork for the MCA’s obsolescence over the past half-dozen years (the DAP has been training its cybertroopers the last 6 years).

Dinosaur or panda, not much difference

A scenario earlier thrown to the public by The Star Editor is coming to pass: “If the BN wins, n MCA doesn’t join the cabinet, its relevance will decrease in the eyes of the voters (esp Chinese). # SlowDeath”

The MCA Parliament seats in Johor, for example, were won on the back of Malay votes. Ayer Hitam is 56 percent Malay voters, Tanjung Piai is 50 percent Malay voters and Tebrau is Malay 47%-Chinese 38%-Indian 13%.

While the Umno Malays are reluctantly still voting Chinese BN candidates, there are only a handful of pro-establishment Chinese left to hold up the minority end of the quid pro quo bargain.

OKM slow death

The Star says “best hope for MCA is for BN to lose power”

The Star Editor tweeted: “#MCA shortcomings Became overly close to the taukehs became intellectually flabby under Tun Ling, 2 many old dinosaurs”.

The Star Editor also tweeted: “MCA still dominated by dinosaurs who stuck in time. Hasn’t  changed much since 2008. Best hope for MCA is 4 BN to lose power”.



Scissors brazenly becoming sledgehammer

It was a very close shave for Chua Tee Yong in Labis who retained his Parliament seat by the slenderest margin of 353 votes.

If The Scissors had been successful in plunging another stab in Chua Jr’s back, Labis would have been a goner for the BN — ref. The Star tikam belakang anak Chua Soi Lek.’

MCA biting the dust is the only expected and logical outcome of the country’s biggest, savviest and most influential media network, including its many reporters who badmouth BN public figures and DAP critics in the cyberworld, constantly undermining the very foundations upon which the BN was built.

The Star‘s handiwork in surreptitiously shredding the BN fabric is causing very much the same kind of damage wrought by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his clever son-in-law who had hammered away at the BN’s ideological underpinnings. — ref. ‘Dr M on Gelang Patah’



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112 thoughts on “Analysis of the MCA wipe-out (results chart)

    1. BN is so corrupt with Mahathir, Daim, Mahmud Taib, Najib and a whole host of multi-millionaires like Muhyiddin, Sharizat, Ling Liong Sik etc that we must be mentored by them on how to be truly successful in rentseeking approach. Even bloggers like Helen are paid bloggers by MCA to spew indignations etc….wasted talent and time. Malaysia is so rich but the country is milked by these manipulators.

      1. Why in the world would MCA pay me to forecast their obliteration and feature photos of dead dinosaurs?

    2. It is so much simpler now. Boycott Chinese shops is the best medicine for their bloody simple minded racism.

      Every cents count to a Chinese, so even if you stop your few cents from reaching them, buying a cheap set at kopitiam than you usually do, will translate into losses for DAP owners.

      Even if you cannot help going to Chinese shops, stopping from splurging will erode their profit margins.

      These will have the effect of these capitalists looking elsewhere where their capital can be used for greater profit. So every cents saved is profit down for the Chinese economy.

      When they are weak then they dont have the time to go to stadium for hours instead they will stick to longer hours behind their retail outlets.

      A simple and effective way to cut down demonstrations. Cut down your spending in Chinese own shops.

  1. it’s sad when the ignorant & racist melayu BN supporters that still have faith and willing to kongsi with the Chinese, isn’t it .. while the other party wants & praying for total annihilation.

    It’s beyond tragic that up till now the chinese still not satisfied hence the black profile pic and gearing for Bersih 4.0.. As much as they’ve lost faith in Najib, I’ve lost total trust in them.

    Now, I hope, i am praying for total 100 percent shakeup in The Star. They have got to go!

    1. Kini saya dah hilang kepercayaan. akan sentiasa memandang dengan curiga dan penuh prasangka

  2. Anybody who contested against BN with Chinese electorate of say 15% Chinese will win because the Chinese will vote for him or her since the policy of ABB.

  3. Your prediction and many others that the Chinese would dump MCA has been proven right. The Chinese did this not only just to punish MCA but more because of their hatred of Umno and BN (read Malays).

    The question now is how the Malays going to react to this hate directed against them by the Chinese. I bet they would not be so accommodating of the Chinese anymore.

    Based on the GE13 voting trends, they can safely presume now that of the 10 Chinese they meet on the street, at least 8 of them must have harboured some kind of hatred or dislike against the Malays. This is really really dangerous for harmony and the well-being of the country.

    The ultras in Umno will start demanding that the government adopt a more punitive approach in dealing with the Chinese. For the Malays, ungratefulness is something alien to their culture and this is what they are seeing emanating from the Chinese. They will not be able to understand how someone who has benefited so much could not and would not want to reciprocate that kindness.

    In short, post-GE13, the Malays will now view the Chinese as enemies.

      1. not all Malays will view Chinese as enemies-but they will view DAP as enemies..and for PAS they better realise now that DAP is using them to garner votes among Malays…this pack of PAS zombies is the most stupid among the Malay population.

        1. PAS zombies maybe stupid but at least they respect and treat others fairly and not racists. Chinese vote DAP=PAS not of race but of hoping to bring good governace and this include giving hope to the Indians. With respect to zombies, the real zombies are MCA and Gerakan used by UMNO. They have been spending millions for rock stars, free dinner and lucky draws and with UMNO promising millions for public housing in penang and to uplift the Indians. Without PR and DAP, will BN do it?

          1. Solo, apa yang kamu lihat dalam negara ini adalah apa yang di beri oleh BN termasuk UMNO dan MCA. Ketika itu, PR tak wujud lagi. Dap sudah ada. Tetapi pembangunan dan kemajuan manusia sudah sedia ada sejakj merdeka lagi, bukan hanya selepas PR di wujudkan. BN wujud kerana mahu kurangkan politiking dan wujudkan perpaduan semua kaum tetapi Dap tidak mahu menyertai BN.

            Kalau UMNO rasis dan mca serta gerakan adalah zombies seperti tuduhan solo, maka BN tidak perlu wujud dan negara ini akan terus menerus di kuasai oleh bangsa Melayu sahaja selepas Tragedi 13 mei 1969. Tetapi kerana Melayu melalui UMNO mahu berkongsi kuasalah, maka BN di wujudkan.

            Solo harus tahu bahawa hanya dalam tempoh 12 tahun kaum cina di beri kerakyatan, mereka kaum cina sudah berlaku kurang ajar dan biadap kepada bangsa Melayu. perlukah Melayu bersabar lagi?

          2. Based on my experience during the campaign, PAS was more obsessed with ABU. Good governance etc came last. Deep down they looked down on kafirs. Their talam dua muka with Umno, kafirs are all for the sake of votes. Nothing to do with humanity, fairness etc.

            They have practiced buy kafir last, ever since I know them. I am an inactive Umno member, married to a hard core Umno guy. But I join a lot of religious activities organised by PAS, thus I am familiar with their thinking process. One word can describe these hardcore PAS, EVIL.

        2. Melayu akan menganggap kaum Cina sekarang adalah musuh Melayu bukan hanya Dap. Ini kerana yang mengundi dap hingga mca dan bn kalah adalah termasuk ahli-ahli mca dan gerakan sendiri yang terdiri dari kaum cina. Ini kerana mereka mahu BN yang di dominasi oleh UMNO akan hilang kuasa politik, ekonomi dan segalanya. Saya setuju dengan Aremes.

        1. solo and undi hantu

          A case study of DAP cyber troopers complimenting each other online.

          Guys do it behind close door la, not in public. Komtar penuh oredi meh? Gosh!

          1. True la islamist..these three wonkers are dap cybertroopers. Pas supporters respect others? Then why are they calling Muslims who don’t support pas as infidels/kafirs? Buy chinese last? Anyone? Sis Helen? you have shown the true colours of the majority of chinese in MALAYsia, dapsters!

          2. Very good Islam 1st for Islam promote religion and not race as there are many amking racist remarks and yet pray regularly.

          3. Uhm, what’s wrong with supporting each other if you agree with their opinion?

  4. MCA’s fate was a foregone conclusion.

    In contrast UMNO increased its parliamentary seats by 30 from 79 to 109, an emphatic whopping 38% increase.

    My quick observation, UMNO only suffered narrow to mild losses in other areas where Chinese voters constituted at least about 20%. Generally said, solid 90% chisumi votes from the 20% most likely contributed to 5% or less margin loss by UMNO. Which nothing Najib could do about it.

    In the end, under this unprecedented Chinese Tsunami onslaught, UMNO did pretty well, with flying colors indeed, whilst the same chisumi did save PKR and PAS the embarrassment of heavy thrashing, i.e. PKR/PAS scrumbled to win against UMNO in those 20% or more chisumi areas.

    Kudos to UMNO and its Sabah Sarawak counterparts! To Harris and his Abu Abu, a huge thanks for bringing back the Malays to UMNO. Please continue with your Abu and debu you picked up last nite.

  5. The Chinese have spoken. And duly noted and acknowledged by Najib. Lessons learned. The irony of it is that PR is no more in control.over the sustainability and direction of this Chinese tsunami in the next 5 years. Najib will!

    Lets await his next moves.

  6. The very very high percentage of this failure really shows how weak and vulnerable MCA is to the Chinese and also BN. Its high time for them to bow out gracefully by pulling themselves from the BN Coalition. Further more they have said that they will not accept any ministerial post if given to them after this failure. The same goes for Gerakan too.

    1. Pulling themselves out and sekali lagi tikam belakang the Malays and others who had cast their vote for BN?

      Manyak cantik lu punya muka!

  7. UMNO won 91% of parliamentary seats it contested compared with 74% by DAP.

    Thank you ABU. Thank you Harris.

    without Malay’s money, Chinese business can’t sustain.
    Malay & Chinese are equally big spender compared to other races.

    but sadly, many Malays are just keyboard warrior. on FB, Twitter, kedai kopi cakap berapi-api, sembang kencang tapi makan minum jkat WhiteCoffee owned by DAP jugak.

    i stopped buying almost everything from Chinese. yes, please call me racist. this morning I asked my mother to stop sending her car to fix to one Chinese mechanic. eventhough he’s friendly but i’m suspicious, friendly for the sake of business. my mum ask, laaa habis tu nak hantar dekat mana? i said, kita carilah bengkel orang Melayu.

    actually i planned to rebonding my hair but since there’s no Malay or Indian salon, I will buy the straightener and chemical stuff and DIY. yes, to this extent. so far we buy groceries from either Malay or Indian shops. coincidentally, my HP broke and I yet to think where to buy new one. absolutely not from Chinese shop anymore. we’ll find alternatives for other things.

    sorry to innocent, neutral & non-racist Chinese.

      1. Brader lu tak tau baca ka, itu MalayPrincess cakap BUY CHINESE LAST!!!

        Sini datang talak bayar lui maa. Flee maa, you do wan ah?

        Lu tak mau lu cau lo…

        Go and practices your cyber attack some where else.

        Hannah Yeoh talak blog ah?

        1. hahaha…Helen Ang is “DIFFERENT”…she’s a sober, level-headed, non racist Chinese. please read the whole comment until the last para.

          she’s okay with my comment, why must you feel offended?
          she approved my comment because she knows she IS NOT what I wrote.

          she approved my comment so stupid idiot DAPster cybertrooper like you can read clearly the message. why must afraid? if you DAP so powerful, no need to afraid with “BUY CHINESE LAST” slogan.

          do you understand Malay proverb, “he who eats the chili will taste the heat.” you don’t know because the first time you mingle with Malay folks only this year to ride votes from stupid Malay PKR & PAS supporters.

          tq islam1st hihihi….*o*

          1. I was not a racist before and believed I never will. But after the election result, I am one now. To the extent, I will close one eye to corruption and excessiveness by the current UMNO government. I must protect my race and religion at all costs.

          2. just my two cents

            kalau nak buat pun, biarlah berpada2.

            bukan apa taku nanti berlebih2 buktinya terang di sana sini. orang sekarang kalau nak printscreen senang saja doh. Walaupun niat baik nanti senang disalahfahamkan.

            kita bising2 nak jatuhkan org lain, efeknya sama macam lagu belah tu nak jatuhkan kita. Nanti orang meluat pulak ;_;

      2. We accept and welcome with open arms and love to all BN Chinese, Gerakan, MIC, Hindraf and others but we stop short with Scum DAP and all those lowlives associated with them. We extend our middle fingers to them with the expression, up yours.

    1. Welcome to the club of racists.

      I’ve always been known as an apologist of sorts for the non Chinese by my Chinese friends. Not that I give a damn about their friendship anyway if they wanna end it on that basis.

      I received text messages from exactly 255 Chinese friends/family between 6:30 pm & 10:30 pm last night. The messages came with a common theme. Goading me with PR’s win. I suppose they must not have many Chinese friends/family who’s openly pro BN.

      I initially ignored most of the messages as I was glued to the telly watching the updates. However at 3am I dutifully responded to each & every one of them congratulating them for playing their part in turning the whole country against us Chinese due to our collective selfishness, greed & all round stupidity.

      Guess how many responses I got from the 255 as of now? A grand total of 6 responded. And every one dripped with sarcasm on my approval of a “corrupt”, “racist”, “Malay” & “incompetent” government.

      I could honestly live with that. Especially sans the brood of vipers that will be occupying the opposition benches at federal level. .

      BTW, me thinks with Teresa Kok not in the Selangor DUN, the way is Hallelujah-ly clear for the queen bee of Subang Jaya, her holiest of holies, lady Hannah of SJ to be a state exco. Perhaps she could be in charge of waste management since SJ ain’t a model of a clean township by a country mile?

      Would love to see her use a straw hat, wearing an old long sleeved shirt of Ram & sporting bright yellow PCK boots sweeping the streets to set an example for her rabid worshipers to follow. Can’t you imagine that happening?

      1. I can actually picture that making the full front page cover of the Star and maybe even an unprecedented double page spread in their metro section ala the popstar posters of the 80’s.

    2. Saya dan rakan-rakan di batu pahat dah mula berhenti membeli di kedai cina sebab pada kami kalau cina tu tetap jugak cina. Cina hanya baik jika itu menguntungkan mereka. Tunggulah mesyuarat agung cawangan UMNO nanti, akan banyak tuntutan tuntutan Melayu di zahirkan dan kebencian terhadap kaum cina bakal di hamburkan hatta ke peringkat lawan cina hingga jadi abu!!!

    3. Ok, bila cik jatuh eksiden nanti, jangan terima rawatan kalau doktor ialah Cina, walaupun tiada doktor Melayu berdekatan atau free. Biar bungkus, asalkan tak dirawat doktor Cina, ok?

    4. chinese is clever, they not put dap logo in their shop, so we malay no doubt go to their shop but for pas supporters, even their bumbung umah kaler ijau, and one pasar malam seller even pakai baju bersih while selling, want to boycott that guy even he is malay, shall i?

  9. But i think the chineze needs to re establish its political space in Barisan Nasional. They are still an important component of the Malaysian landscape.

    Th confrontation this time mild as its through the electorate, the chinese may now realize how vast the Malay and bumiputera electorate is. If the Barisan nasional which succeeded the Perikatan Alliance can be conceived after the 1969 riots, why not a new fresh start within this term before PRU14?

    1. Only racists think it is race. As if Chinese cannot see how free makan, free beer (why only in Chinese Areas) and giving $500 and rearing cows in Singapore, using government facilities when one is just a caretaker government are unethical ethical and dishonest government? Don’t think that non-bumis do not have religous belief even though their religion maybe different. Non-bumis are grateful to Almight and not men as they are not perfect. So non-bumis are wrong and should continue to vote BN. Lastly BN teaches Islam a race religion?

        1. he’s so active today…DAP must increase the pay from RM3000 to RM5000 per comment.

          congrats, 38 seats won by DAP, more chances to rob people’s money. now not only UMNO, MIC & MCA can makan duit rakyat….we DAP also must perform better!!!

          if not, how to give makan to all these cybertroopers.

    2. NewRacist

      Do lah what you want but stop hijacking UMNO la brader, too much la lately…

      You don’t have to be a Malay poser, we will know how to deal with UMNO

      Tutup sebelah mata is when you guys voted LKS and AI for all their worth.


    3. NewRacist

      Do lah whatever you want, but please la stop hijacking UMNO, too much la lately

      We will know la what how to deal with UMNO, you bagi jalan, stay away ok

      A classic case of close one eye is when LKS and AI being voted for all their worth!


  10. Ladies and Gentlemen. Realpolitik is entirely different from human emotions. It is like chalk and cheese.

    Look at the results of the whole 13th General Elections in Realpolitik terms and you can see more than meet the eye and the future to come.

  11. Rumours alleged that there will be some form of demonstration against the 13th General Elections by the losers.

    As a major political party the DAP, it is not appropriate for me to suggest that most of the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, supported them, not because of their skills in street demonstrations but for their perceived virtues. Let not the World perceive the DAP as an unholistic body given to street demonstrations at the drop of a hat.

    1. yeah..there’s some petitioning to US or something about fraud, Ahhh, if they only know the truth at who’s actually bringing the hantus, they’re in for a big suprise. LOL!

  12. Helen,

    agaknya apakah perancangan MCA selepas ini?
    adakah akan berlaku penghijrahan beramai-ramai ahli MCA ke dalam DAP?

    BN dengan diterajui UMNO selepas kemenangan PRU13 seharusnya mengorak langkah ke hadapan.

    pilihan telah dibuat oleh orang cina bahawa mereka tidak perlu berada dalam ‘mainstream’ kerana keyakinan mereka bahawa mereka boleh maju dengan diterajui DAP dan BN harus menghormati pilihan mereka.

    kegagalan MCA seharusnya menjadi iktibar untuk mereka bangkit menjadi komponen parti yang kuat lagi menguatkan BN, itupun jika barisan kepimpinan MCA mahu.

    apa yang penting sekarang ini ialah apakah yang akan dilakukan oleh orang cina…!

    saya fikir, orang melayu dan lain-lain kaum sedang tunggu dan lihat!

  13. i have working and living day in day out with chinese for 5 years or so. i believe chinese has this misleading belief that they can beat BN without (or little) Malay support. This PRU 2013 was the most Chinese vote could do and they couldn’t even touch UMNO at all.

    1. Pengurus-Harta.Com

      Its good for them to know, at least they won’t be so easily manipulated.

      Although they would like to think otherwise.

    2. But there’s where most people get it wrong. They are playing this political game really well. They are beefing up their troops in areas that are predominantly malay. The borders for the constituencies, the population in each area, the ethnic composition within the constituencies are all known factors. You want to know why they are confident, just look at the growth in registered voters of Chinese ethnicity in predominantly Malay areas over the last five years.

    3. You’re right, the Chinese couldn’t beat BN without or with minimal Malay support. That’s why they did it with the support of other races – Malaysian Malaysians.

      In Malaysia, the Chinese make up 30% of the total number of voters.

      In the recent election there were 11,257,147 voters, or for easier maths, 11.2 million votes. Of this total, 30% or 3.3 million voters would be Chinese. If we take it that three quarters of Chinese were PR supporters, there would be 2.5 million votes.

      Yet PR received 5,623,984 votes. 5.6 million votes. Where did the remaining 3.1 million votes come from?

      The truth is, PR is supported by ALL races, especially in the urban areas. They would not be able to win areas like Shah Alam where there were less than 15% Chinese voters. By the way, the winner of Shah Alam is from PAS, so if Chinese are claimed to be racist and only vote for the Chinese DAP, then shouldn’t you say too that Malays are racist to vote for Malay PAS?

      The bottomline is, do not let the issue of race cloud the main number one problem here. This is not a Chinese tsunami, this is the urban tsunami. More and more urbanites have access to free uncensored media, and are able to look at both sides of the story and think for themselves. This is quite unlike the olden days or in less-developed areas where any form of information come from sources that are filtered, controlled and largely one-sided. It’s not healthy to read just from one point of view, be it from BN’s or PR’s. That’s why we all have to read alternative viewpoints, then decide.

  14. I think PAS will opt out of Pakatan in their next Muktamar. Already before the election, Harun Taib had said that the grassroots can bring forth the motion for PAS to leave Pakatan in the next Muktamar should they want to. And seeing that PAS was the biggest loser this time, I think the grassroots would want PAS to leave, and early indication shows Hadi too is for it. The only stumbling block is Nik Aziz, but I think he may rethink PAS’s position as well after the GE 2013 results.

    Lim Kit Siang is denouncing BN, i.e. Najib for saying that this election saw the wave of a Chinese tsunami. Interesting, seeing that it was the DAP that used the term first (or was it Joceline Tan?). Regardless, the damage is done already as election is all about perception, and right now, that is the perception.

    I think a lot of Malays are trying to reconcile after a tiring 4 years of campaigning onslaught, but unfortunately, the Chinese are not reciprocating. It does not help that majority of Chinese are signing a petition with the White House asking US to interfere and even bombarding Obama’s FB page calling for help (so memalukan!). The Chinese must know that the last time foreigners interfered with our political affairs, it took us more than 400 years to be free…so, there is not way the majority Malays would ever support any attempt to bring in foreign interference. Big taboo. It does not help either that pictures of Chinese youths holding our flag upside down as a sign of protest are being circulated via FB. For the Malays, there are some things which are off limits, and the flag is one of them. This, yet again, shows that the Chinese do not really mix well enough with the Malays to understand their psyche.

    I suggest the DAP, being the party that represents the Chinese now, use their position to advice their Chinese supporters to desist doing anything that can be seen as unpatriotic. As it is, a lot of people are looking at the Chinese in a very suspicious manner, so don’t add to it. And stop blaming UMNO yet again for the Malay perception of a Chinese political tsunami. That will alienate the Malays even more. As it is, Najib is trying to reconcile the nation, the DAP as the party that represents the Chinese must meet him halfway.

    A lot is at stake here. If the Chinese persists and Najib is seen as soft, the Malays will kick him out and put in another Malay leader in his place, one that may not be as moderate. And that leader may be open with working with PAS even if it means implementing Hudud, and do we really want that?

    1. Thanks. I shall put up your comment shortly.

      Jos Tan used the term “Chinese tsunami” in her article headline and the chairman of Asli Tan Sri Michael Yeoh (the guy who moderated the CSL-LGE debate) said the same but dunno who say first.

      1. Helen,
        I’ve been showing that this year I am more leaning to BN and my office mates knew. We were talking and jeering for fun last week but today, is a little bit different. They speak cantonese in my presence today (i don’t understand cantonese). All of them have the tense look when they look at me. Seriously for the whole day at the office I was given cold shoulders! It is like I am the reason PR lost?

        1. If the topic is football, Man U and Liverpool supporters cheerfully engage in conversation after a match.

          The current topic, however, is a bit more sensitive. Perhaps speaking in another dialect is a way your friends use to not hurt your feelings. instead, it had the unfortunate effect of making you feel victimized and/or slighted.

          a family friend wanted to know my thoughts on the GE13 results. she told me she voted DAP for state/BN for federal, though for the longest time she has professed support for BN for both along with her rationale.

          the first thought that came to mind was ‘oh boy’. and the reason was because at that time, i had not finished thinking about how i feel and what i can summarize about the results at the time.

          the experience of continuing the discussion was like probing for the sore spot in your gums when you sakit gigi. you could touch a nerve. perhaps that was what your friends were thinking too.

        2. same as few of my chinese friends. Their leaning towards BN make them a pariah among their chinese friends.

          The differents is, they said they fight by saying “Now looks what happen, you just show to all malay that we chinese truely recist. They won becouse they have a mojority of malay, bumi and indian behind them. We’re totally alone. Lets just hope LKS and LGE will help us now if we have any major issue. We cannot ask anything from goverment anymore.” and they said this statement will keep them silent for a long time – or unti end of working days.

        3. No one should be made to feel that way, neither PR nor BN supporters. It is okay to disagree as long as you’re informed about your choice. Perhaps they do not understand the reason why you’re leaning more towards BN.

          Hahaha well I feel the reason why PR lost is due to political measures put in place long ago to always ensure BN’s victory. Try reading on gerrymandering and malapportionment (I always can’t pronounce this right) to find out more.

        4. Sorry for my reply because I know how u fell.
          That mean maybe u ar not standing strong enough on what u believe and mature enough on this bc for what i kno, ppl must got emotional reflection after the passion failed. And if they really gave u cold shoulder, only mean that they ar not s mature voter. I been through all this b4 during the period I study and work in Taiwan btw 2000~2010, just after the first “Ubah” btw KMT and DPP. Malaysia is just exactly having the same situation with it. Ppl accuse every false on opposite supporter. Not only in company area , even with family members under same the roof. So, dont mind it. PPl will get through with it and get cure by time.

      2. Helen,

        Sorry. someone said UMNO won 109 seats in Parliaments? Is that true?

        There is an interesting story today. I went to the office today. and I come across my Chinese friends. they seem to have mixed feeling. Happiness and at same time a bit remorseful. I asked him why?

        One of them told me that all this while he thought Malays are abandoning UMNO. He was surprised that UMNO manages to wrest Kedah and increase Parliamentary seats In Kelantan.

        I told him that UMNO has mixed result. Its influence in Kedah is growing. In kelantan too. But it is somehow shaken in Selangor, Trengganu. A bit I guess.

        Then i told him this election also manages to proves to the Malays a thing or two. First, UMNO led BN still manages without Chinese participation.

        Secondly, as the result dictates, DAP becomes the dominant in PR. In simple language, it achieves a similar position to UMNO in BN. So, should Pr take over, DAP will decide policy matters.

        Then I sweetly told him that instead of toppling the government, Chinese vote themselves out of government. But I think that too is not a problem as Helen told so

        So, dear YAB Najib, finally it “dawns’; on you despite engaging heavily in social media and spending time donating to Chinese schools, AT THE END OF THE DAY , your government was saved by “makcik makcik UMNO” with their tireless effort.

        So, do take note.

        1. re: “… Chinese vote themselves out of government. But I think that too is not a problem as Helen told so”

          To clarify again, I said that the presence of Ng Yen Yen, Liow Tiong Lai, Kong Cho Ha and Chor Chee Heung in the last cabinet was immaterial to me (and even more immaterial to the DAD supporters).

    2. What they did, collectively is tantamount to pengkhianat negara, treason of the highest other-against Yang Di-Pertuan Agong nonetheless.

      And they should all be brought to court. This is what happened when sejarah was being feed by LKS and gangs! Very pathetic!

    3. It does not help either that pictures of Chinese youths holding our flag upside down as a sign of protest are being circulated via FB


  15. Pru 13 adalah undi maksimum yg cina boleh dapat …lepas ni terpulang pada umno untuk kuatkan parti dan kekal berkuasa …tanpa nik aziz peluang umno lebih cerah ….tambah pengundi secara agresif dan neutralkan anwar secara yg boleh ….pru 14 pasti lebih menarik … yg pasti pada masa tu hope pada undi cina diletak bermula pada level 0

  16. They have been bombarding the Obama Facebook asking the US to interfere. All of them are Chinese. But I think it will recede in a few days. After all, isn’t Guan Eng already angkat sumpah as the Penang CM?

  17. I voted for mca in kelana jaya and umno for seri setia seat. What I noticed in the 15 day campaign period was the lacklustre attitude of mca members to campaign for their own candidate. All the pondok bn around my area was manned by umno. Looks like mca have given up even before the actual fight.

    2) I am not sure what can be done to win over the Chinese support. 99 percent of my Chinese friends are pro-opposition, They refuse to listen to any rational arguments.

    3) PM Najib has done his best to get close with the Chinese community for the past few years. However, it seems that this was not reciprocated at all in the ballot box.

    4) Finally, BN faces a really strong challenge in capturing the young generation votes….

  18. muaklahhh cerita pasal MCA ni.

    after this I will use TheStar to wipe my ass after finishing my loo business (of course the free copy from my office, coz I stop buying TheScissor 2-3 years ago after noticing so many pages featuring Fat Lady of Subang ugly face….urgghhh).

    sis Helen,

    ada sebarang komen atau analisis tentang kekalahan HINDRAF?

    what’s their plan and direction post-GE?

    HINDRAF lost the seat, so how or what HINDRAF gonna do to ensure government will deliver the blueprint for Indian community as they sealed in MoU?

    1. The last I heard the Ponnusamy brothers are in two different camps.

      Uthaya said don’t vote BN but up to individual conscience as to whether want to vote Pakatan.

      Waytha said vote BN after inking the blueprint deal with Najib.

      Since Waytha has just been recently appointed a Deputy Minister in the PM’s Dept, then he becomes the point man for delivering the promised programmes.

  19. PR got 51% of the total votes. Even if 100% of Chinese supported PR, this is only 22% of the total votes. Who are the 29%? Indians? This is not a race war but class war. PR won more seats than 2008 and get more votes. They improve the state seats by 70 seats and 7 for federal seats. Beside Kedah, they retained the other 3 states with 2/3 majority. A lot of seats have their majority improved. All these cannot be done by Chinese votes alone as majority already supported PR in 2008 election. PR had set their goal too ambicious but this is a warning to Najib. Najib’s BR1M did the trick and most rural Malay took the bate buts they will get addicted to this year after year. The middle class have to foot the bill and this is only pushing more middle class to PR.

  20. You know, just a quick thought of the analysis.

    If BN does not need Chinese majority areas to win the GE, this wouldd mean that the Chinese constituency sudah show hand? Are we going to see how far both sides are willing to go to court the Malay votes – the majority who actually decides?

    I mean, to those who believe in Chinese being kingmakers with split Malay votes can clearly wake up from THAT dream. I think the sentiment of the masses is one of mutual antagonism. I understand why national reconciliation is needed, but honestly, the just concluded GE had NO SUBSTANCE whatsover on national development – there was only my handout is bigger/better than your handout.

    The phantom voters and indelible ink hijacked the news cycle so much that the rest got drowned. This is probably an election riding on election fraud allegations rather than electoral education OR national / local matters. In the end Lynas factor and Pangerang factor all whimpered out.

    Did the social network crowded out election development agendas? With a longer campaigning period, I was expecting more discussion of issues and matters/affairs of the state. All I got was BN/PR will bankrupt the nation and EC is inept/in cahoot with cheaters/enjoy tracing voters. Is this an election where the EC is both the star and the stage manager?

    Curiouser and curiouser.

  21. Maka prejudis dan prasangka yang sekian lama terpendam terhadap kesetiaan orang2 Cina terhadap negara Malaysia ini sudah terjawab dengan keputusan PRU13. Melayu akan bangkit drpd tidur yang panjang. BN harus menggantikan semua Kerusi MCA dengan UMNO, jika mahu mengekalkan kemenangan di kawasan majoriti Melayu. Tiada lagi toleransi dalam perkongsian kuasa.

  22. Whatever happen to MCA’s one million members. Depa pi pangkah DAP ka?

  23. News about MCA nonexistence in Star, furthermore Star only showed the bad manners of MCA. UMNO alone won 109 out of 120 parliment shy 3 for simple majority. All these handouts to chinese school and chinese community doesn’t make sense anymore because they knew the federal will gives whatever they want but still vote to DAP.

    1. re: “All these handouts to chinese school and chinese community doesn’t make sense anymore because they knew the federal will gives whatever they want but still vote to DAP.”

      The Chinese are feeling themselves to be very smart now. They got the stuff they wanted (the handouts they wanted) and they still got to vote the way they wanted, i.e. for the Rocket.

      So the question is will the BN chairman still repeat the handouts to the Chinese on the eve of the next election?

  24. Dear Helen,

    Thank you so much for your analysis. I feel very sad that this beloved nation of ours is no divided on race after 56 years of independance it is very clear what is happening. The nation has regressed back to 1969…….

    I went to a national school, I have Malay, Chinese, Indian friends that we still keep in touch today. If we are serious about becoming as one….it must start from the schools. Look at what Singapore did, Lee Kuan Yew did away with Chinese schools….only one (1) type of school. So the Chinese must show thier sincerety and not just ask others to sacrifice without they sacrifising anything…….

    Then, MCA now cannot just wash thier hands and walk away due to thier dismissal result. They had once asked UMNO to reform, now Chua (who was a good health Minister) must owe up and reform MCA. He just can’t abandon ship.

    They people have spoken…..respect the decision.

    I pray to God that HE continue to bless this nation of ours and its subject.

  25. Now that its obvious where the Chinese vote went, the Chinese are not gonna be represented by the rulling gov in the Parliment.

    How is DAP gonna bring up Chinese issues in Parliment?

    Remember DAP are supposed to be a multiracial party are’nt they?, Everytime a race based issue is brought up by non-DAP supporters they get whacked good and proper for being racist by DAP.

    Lets see DAP now bringing up Chinese issues in Parliment and get whacked for being racially biased.

  26. “MCA however might stand a fair chance to win against Indian candidates. What does this tell you about the Malaysian Chinese?”

    Can you explain how DAP’s Kulasegaran defeated Cheng Wei Yee in Ipoh Barat with over 29,000 majority ?

    I would like to bring up another of your former posts accussing the Chinese of voting in OTK because of “anti-Malay sentiments”

    Who is the YB of Pandan now?

    And what is the majority?

      1. If they vote the MCA person, you will say they are racist and do not like the Malay candidate because of skin colour

        If they voted the Malay candidate, you question why they vote the Malay candidate for…

  27. aku terfikir..bangla mudah dibezakan dari orang malaysia…dari jauh pun kite boleh cam…walaupun aku yakin memang wujud bangla jadi pengundi hantu tapi aku tak nampak efek diorang terhadap result pru sebab takdek 1 video pun tunjuk pengundi hantu ni ditangkap dalam jumlah yang ramai…tapi orang dari negara China dengan cina Malaysia aku rase susah untuk dibezakan…ade tak kemungkinan banyak kerusi PR ade yang disumbangkan oleh pengundi hantu dari negara China yang memang susah nak cam diorang cina Malaysia ke rakyat China..just thinking

  28. GE13 will change the Malaysia landscape with following:
    1. UMNO + PAS will implement HUDUD . Hope for 2/3 Parliment votes
    2. Abolish all Chinese and Indian School. For a reason of unity

    Then, we will see the result in GE14.

  29. To nurture the MCA for the 14th General Elections, one of the many tasks for the leadership is to sack the whole Board of the Star and Wong Chun Wai and winkle out the moles arising from all the complaints and for doing business with the Singapore Government.

  30. One thing i realized is in Johor, MCA only won a seat which contest by NON DAP or NON CHINESE. Is that a coincidence or there is something that I miss?

    Interesting “Pakatan” :)

  31. Dear Helen,

    Walaupun keputusan PRU 13 telah tunjuk mood kaum Tionghua terhadap BN, sy semalam masih yakin kita semua masih boleh wujudkan keharmonian seperti dulu.

    Saya menganggap pengundi tionghua maupun segelintir Melayu yang terikut2 dengan emosi tak puas hati dengan BN (kononnya) adalah mangsa kepada kerakusan kumpulan yang misi mereka hanya untuk memerintah. Pada saya, ada ketika manusia memang termakan dengan hasutan. Dan itu lah yg saya fikir berlaku kepada PRU kali ini. Tetapi malangnya sy lihat sehingga kini gelombang itu tidak reda. Masih berlaku hasutan fasa kedua.

    Saya tinggal di Melaka, Disini ada berbagai kaum. Hiduplah kami disini seadanya, Adakala bertembung di kedai kuih Melayu di Ujong Pasir. Adakala bertembung di kedai Cina Ibu dan anak berdepan dengan penjara, adakala bertembung dikedai Mamak di Limbongan pekena roti canai dan teh tarik, sama2 bersorak bila Manchester United score goal, bila Malaysia menang Suzuki Cup lawan Indonesia atau bila Dato’ Lee Chong Wei menang badminton lawan Lin Dan. Ceria diwajah kita kerana Malaysia yg menang. Bukan setakat Safee sali yg score goal atau setakat Dato’ Lee Chong Wei yg menang.

    Itulah kita, orang Malaysia. Tetapi tindakan kepimpinan MCA menambah luka dihati saya sedangkan kekalahan MCA kali ini bukan kerana tidak ada pengundi kaum Tionghua yang liberal, tetapi kerana kaum Tionghua lainnya seperti telah dirasuk dan dihasut sehingga tidak nampak lagi kebaikan MCA sebagai wakil mereka dan rakan komponen parti didalam barisan BN yang utamakan keharmonian kaum.

    Mereka seperti sekelip mata sudah lupa senyuman Dato’ Seri Ling Liong Sik dahulu atau mendiang Dato’ Seri Lim Kheng Yaik yg kami suka ucapan beliau dengan Bahasa Melayu nya yang pelat2 itu. Di saat begini Dato’ Soi Lek meninggalkan kawan. Patutlah saya masih sering teringat kepada kedua2 figure itu meskipun Presiden MCA sudah bertahun bertukar.

    Patutlah sehingga kini saya masih ingat kepada Dato’ Lee Lam Thye. Malah yang paling teruk saya masih belum dapat ingat siapa Menteri Kesihatan selepas Dato’ Chua Jui Meng.

    Pada saya semua bangsa harus sederhana dan bertolak ansur dalam apa jua keadaan kerana kita multi-racial disini. Malangnya kita kini ada figura pemimpin parti yang extremist. Bukan hanya China yang teruk, Melayu dan India juga ada yang teruk. Ini bukan soal bangsa atau kaum. Ini adalah soal karakter seseorang itu. Kalau dia seorang yang jahat, tak kira lah Melayu, China atau India, orang spesifik itulah yang jahat.

    Saya benar2 kesal MCA mengambil langkah yang sangat tak sesuai, Tinggalkan kawan!. Saya harap apa yang bermain diminda saya sekarang tidak benar kerana saya merasakan MCA seperti sudah berpakat dengan DAP untuk kenakan BN spesifiknya UMNO kali ini. Namun saya harap ini tidak benar…….

  32. Helen, I have a question for you since you are YOUNG and CHINESE. I am over fifty, self-employed and live in a rural area. I don’t go to ceramah or listen to any talk on the street or coffee shop etc. In fact I hate using my time reading about politics on the internet.

    However, I met a guy who knew papagomo when they were both living in Wangsamaju, In fact he said they were both involved in forming the Pemuda PKR in Wangsamaju. He has left PKR a long time ago. (He spent few days in jail for that moronic, egotistical, self-absorbed, self-conceited, self-glorified (they all mean the same I know) DSAI.

    I almost lost a job because of him too when he was in power.) My computer got hijacked when I visited papagomo’s website, I could not use internet for days. Luckily I have another computer but I stopped visiting it until after the election. That is when I came across the article written by DAP.

    All my life I try to be fair when I go shopping. I would buy from the Malays, Chinese and Indians. In a small town you do not really have that many choices. 90 per cent of the traders are Chinese. They are depending on the Malay people for their business. This is the kind of things that urban Chinese or DAP fail or pretend not to see.

    If rural Malays read the article and do what is suggested by bloggers, face book users, (I hate fb), buy Chinese last, what do you think will happen to these small traders? They are already losing out to big supermarket or hypermarket. My small town has two big supermarkets and numerous moms and pops stores.

    However, my question is not on these small Chinese traders. (I think they will survive. Kampong folks don’t read internet. They are usually loyal customers although they might be persuaded by their computer savvy children. (Thank God almost no one read The Star in my town although the Sun finds its way into 7-11.)

    Do you think that Lim Kit Siang is really happy that he has created the Continental er sorry, Chinese Divide? According to the article, the Chinese people don’t need the government. What happen now?

    If MCA closes down their Gerakan Offices where would the people go for help when the need arise. Can LKS provide them with what he has promised them. Would he really be afraid of his own shadow when he finds out that he has bitten more than he could chew? Promising is one thing, fulfilling is another.

    Do you think the Chinese voters who realised that they have been taken to a high wild rocket ride would do something drastic to their DAP YB? Since Chinese people might not be represented in the government, DAP has to serve more people which means bigger finance. Can Pulau Pinang finance all the needs and wants of Chinese voters who vote for them?

    Well, I have more questions but I think I am done for now. I do want to stress that I can’t get Buy Malay First and Chinese Last out of my mind.


  33. read more:-

    Clean & Fair Elections?

    While the battle cry for Anwar Ibrahim, his People’s Alliance, and Bersih have been “clean and fair elections,” in reality, allegations of fraud began long before the elections even started. This was not because Anwar’s opposition party had evidence of such fraud – instead, this was to implant the idea into people’s minds long before the elections, deeply enough to justify claims of stolen elections no matter how the polls eventually turned out.

    At one point during the elections, before ballots were even counted, Anwar Ibrahim declared victory – a move that analysts across the region noted was provocative, dangerous, and incredibly irresponsible. Again, there could not have been any evidence that Anwar won, because ballots had not yet been counted. It was again a move meant to manipulate the public and set the stage for contesting Anwar’s inevitable loss – in the streets with mobs and chaos in typical Western-backed color revolution style.

    One must seriously ask themselves, considering Anwar’s foreign backers, those backers’ own stated intentions for Asia, and Anwar’s irresponsible, baseless claims before, during, and after the elections – what is “clean and fair” about any of this?

    Anwar Ibrahim is a fraud, an overt proxy of foreign interests. His satellite NGOs, including the insidious Bersih movement openly funded by foreign corporate-financier interests, and the equally insidious polling NGO Merdeka who portrays itself as “independent” despite being funded directly by a foreign government, are likewise frauds – drawing in well-intentioned people through slick marketing, just as cigarette companies do.

    And like cigarette companies who sell what is for millions essentially a slow, painful, humiliating death sentence that will leave one broken financially and spiritually before ultimately outright killing them, Anwar’s US-backed opposition is also selling Malaysia a slow, painful, humiliating death. Unfortunately, also like cigarettes, well-intentioned but impressionable people have not gathered all of the facts, and have instead have based their support on only the marketing, gimmicks, slogans, and tricks of a well-oiled, manipulative political machine.

    For that folly, Malaysia may pay a heavy price one day – but for Anwar and his opposition party today, they have lost the elections, and the cheap veneer of America’s “democracy promotion” racket is quickly peeling away. For now, America has tripped in mid-pivot toward its hegemonic agenda in Asia, with Malaysia’s ruling government providing a model for other nations in the region to follow, should they be interested in sovereignty and independent progress – no matter how flawed or slow it may be.

    1. I need more support in cyberspace to combat the character assassins.

      Methinks The Star is feeling the heat as my GE13 predictions have been accurate.

      So they’re trying to shoot the messenger who wants to hold them accountable for their part in effecting the BN loss due to their sabotage.

  34. The only thing i care abt is “Why many ppl blaming cybertroopers on brainwashing the public.” Wasn’t that it’s just a media as traditional ones. People have right to choose what ever he want to believe. At the same time, everyone can hire their own cybertroopers if they want. But compare with the DAP or PR or PAS, i think BN should hav the higher advandtage to play the game due to the resource they got in present day. The government already own most of the public medias in country, TV1~TV9, RTM1~5, UTUSAN, NANYANG,Chong Guo News, BUKU Sejarah and even our whole education system…what ever, if you want to talk abt brainwashing…..i think we cant ignore these.
    Furthermore, no one against BN to do what they claim the cybertroopers did(if the cybertroopers really exist). So is that fair when ppl said that the DAP’s cybertroopers exist influenced the young generation? My point is even they exist, that is not fair to blame. BC that is the game which base on the whole country Medias + SPR+whole country system VS DAP’s cybertroopers (囧rz). So it is just a Joke if BN loose the battle.
    Pretend as a Skepticism, I just assume both side have it. But, why the DAP’s cybertroopers are more success on social network? Maybe just bc that is too many funny stories from BN that can be told through the net or forum or youtube. From the “Cow and Condo” till the “Collapsed Stadium”, “Lynas without support by citizen”,”MCA leader AV show”….blabla. So i think it is not fair for BN’s cybertroopers here, they should ask for double pay on defending the attack from DAP’s.
    And please look at urself before we accuse ppl as paid cybertrooper, does ppl also think i am. I doubt u ar, Helen Ang. The point is, there is a difference btw supporter and paid supporter. I always think both side have it. The only diff is most of them from DAP site defend online, and the BN’s reply in reality (1 modern 1 old school). See those protester in front Amiga house, seem like paid actor.
    There is a easy way to prove urself not a paid supporter. List 10 “good and bad” of both parties (or list it as much as u can) to make ppl believe u ar discuss it with fair. Because it think we all agrees that is no perfect organization on earth. So even those paid supporter pretend to list it for deny what they ar, I’m also willing to kno what is on the list. What do you think?
    Dont doubt who I’m, bc i have wrote a lot abt this.

  35. MCA now known as 7- Eleven party..

    MCA won 7 Parliament + 11 state seats…

    1. Haha, that’s funny. 7-Eleven Chinese boss Malay workers. MCA Chinese boss, Malay voters.

      1. I no longer go to 7-Eleven stores. I am keeping the ‘BCL’ (Buy-Chinese-Last’ campaign as much as I can. If we can hit at least 30% of Chinese owned business, it’s a gift.

        1. The Star is very Chinese wor, in ownership, staff composition and content.

          Your boycott not extended businesses owned by BN component parties?

        2. Susah juga la nak support Buy-Chinese-Last’ campaign ni. Saya nak oder nasik goreng Cina, tapi tak mau Cina :D

  36. I thought it was a mistake when the MCA decided to sell the Nanyang Siang Pau and the China Press. And rumours (probably emanating from the heart of the Star itself) allege that there is a possible management buy-out with the support of Singaporean interests (Singapore Government?) of the now controversial Star.

    If the MCA is really serious about being a political party of some importance in Malaysia and representing Chinese, Malaysian Chinese interests, in conjunction with the BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties, it should never divest influential media organs at the drop of a hat. Otherwise, the MCA might as well turn itself into a non-political and non-profit investment holding company or trust making money, money, money !

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