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Teresa Celupar ialah EVANGELISTA

Yap Pian Hon adalah seorang veteran MCA. Beliau berkata Teresa Kok tidak kenal akan kebudayaan yang sebenarnya kaum Cina.

Ini ialah kerana naib pengerusi DAP itu seorang EVANGELISTA.

Politikus DAP yang selalu membuat onar adalah dari kalangan EVANGELISTA seperti Hannah, Tony dan Ong Kian Ming.

Yap Pian Hon

Heng Seai Kie adalah ketua Wanita MCA. Beliau berkata Teresa Kok bukannya membikin video Tahun Baru Cina.

Ini ialah kerana naib pengerusi DAP itu seorang EVANGELISTA yang baginya sambutan perayaan Krismas lebih bermakna.

Politikus DAP EVANGELISTA lah yang sering menghasut. Politikus DAP yang suka menghina orang ialah penganut Kristian seperti Hannah Yeoh dan Tony Pua.

Heng Seai Kie

Donald Lim adalah timbalan pengerusi MCA Selangor. Beliau berkata Teresa Kok tidak menghormati adab Tahun Baru Cina.

Ini ialah kerana naib pengerusi DAP itu seorang EVANGELISTA.

Di serata dunia orang Kristian sedang dan terus berperang dengan orang Islam. Sejak turun-temurun lagi Kristian dan Islam sudah bersengketa.

Donald Lim

Love, love, love
Love, love, love

DAP an-Nakba

Ia adalah DAP EVANGELISTA yang terlalu licik dan selalu bermuka-muka.

DAP pasti membawa malapetaka kepada kaum Cina.

Politikus DAP macam Hannah tidak mengaku pun diri mereka Cina. Mereka EVANGELISTA !

MCA lain

Dr Chua bersembahyang memegang colok
Tradisi Cina: Dr Chua Soi Lek bersembahyang memegang colok


Orang DAP EVANGELISTA bermain politik Kristian.

Mereka mahu kebas istilah ‘Allah’, “Insya Allah”, “sahur” dan tudung dan sekarang ini, songkok pula.

Mereka hanya pandai menjaja air liur dan bijak menyeleweng bible.

Lubuk EVANGELISTA ialah di The J-Star.

Desmond Tutu







Hannah Yeoh (hannahyeoh) on Twitter


“DAP fanatics Christian.”

“Mereka bukan Cina.”

– Datuk Huan Cheng Guan, Centre for Political Awareness

Twitter - Huan2U

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35 thoughts on “Teresa Celupar ialah EVANGELISTA

    1. Blinded by the light, in too deep can’t revert so much at stake (most or probably all are worldly stuffs)

  1. re: “Orang DAP EVANGELISTA bermain politik Kristian. Mereka mahu kebas istilah ‘Allah’, “Insya Allah”, “sahur” dan tudung dan sekarang ini, songkok pula. Mereka hanya pandai menjaja air liur dan bijak menyeleweng bible.”

    These deviant church goers are evidently over-concerned with their own political standing at the expense of traditional Chinese propriety and the well-being of the nation. Would Jesus the Prince of Peace, peace and blessings be upon him, acknowledge them as his heart-disciples?

    The Hidden Story of Jesus: [YouTube]

    1. Now we’re talking! Besides his major mission to confront the Anti-christ, his other main directives would be the abolishment and the destruction of all crucifixes and the paganish symbols of Isa Ibni Maryam al-Masih (p.b.u.h.).

      Wish for youself to be around, to witness his descendance to guide you to the path of righteousness.

  2. The problem with the Evagenlistas like Terasa is that they think they are better than others. Buddhists and Muslims are inferior in their mind and they are always cleverer.

    What would Terasa, Hananah feel if the MCAs or the UMNOs did a video parodying Christmas? Perhaps it is not offensive as it is art. Perhaps we gave Reza Azlan’s book at a Christmas present and eat pudding while watching Last Temptation. Think about it.

    Is it Christian to fitnah people?

    1. We see them accusing Teresa of insulting Malays and Muslims with her video. I have watched the Youtube and there is no part in it where she condemns Islam or the Malay race.

      Perhaps these folks think it is halal to ‘fitnah’ their political opponents?

    2. re: “Tradisi Cina: Dr Chua Soi Lek bersembahyang memegang colok” The problem with the Evangelistas like Terasa is that they think they are better than others. Buddhists and Muslims are inferior in their mind and they are always cleverer.”

      Boasting of one’s great knowledge is like having a 1000 meter fishing line with one hook, yet the fish just keeps 1 centimeter away from the hook.

      Just think of the trees. They let the birds feed and take shade among its leaves and branches, without desiring to attract them nor to restrain them when they depart. The trees continue to exist in contentment, by the grace of the Creator. Now if the human heart can be like the trees, then the people will not be off The STRAIGHT WAY.

      Buddhist Wisdoms: [YouTube]

      1. Thanks for the video.

        Whilst some people in Malaysia claim “persecution” of Christians by Muslims in Malaysia, they should look at the persecution of Christians by some Orthodox Jews in modern Israel, as is evident from 45.23 minutes to around 59 minutes in the video.

  3. Apa nak heran dgn aktiviti evangelista ni.. curi nama tuhan tu satu hal.. cermin SJMC pun depa ‘kebas’ sebab depa kata ada imej Mother Mary.. baik2 Helen.. klu umah u ada apa2 imej yg evengelista ni suka, lg baik u duduk diam2.. nanti dengan rumah2 u depa kebas..

      1. While I don’t agree with the word “kebas”, the fact remains that the management of SDMC (not SJMC anymore) had no choice but to give it away, as they couldn’t clean the “supposedly” image of virgin Mary on the glass panel, for the Christians had been flocking the area day and night during the period. The management was essentially under “duress” considering the circumstance, and in order to protect the sensitivity of the Christians, they have decided to give it away.

        1. They are not obliged to give the window pane to the Catholic Church. Nobody will attack the hospital if they decided to clean it up instead.

          1. True, but it took them quite sometime to decide on that after weighing the pro and con. Plus there were some Christians who had started praying Virgil outside the window. It is only the right thing to do on PR basis.

          2. You the pesakit can tahan and get well or not when certain lunatics decided to peek at tingkap on daily basis. Swells more and more, what else can the mgmt do?

              1. Ya lor the lunatics, asal boleh crowd, tingkap pun mau ‘kebas’!!!

                Semua Malaysians yang sakit dalam itu wad pun takut tengok the Adora crowd, lagi tambah stress, amacam boleh sihat?!

  4. Helen,
    Can you please ask Bishop Paul if Teresa’s action are condoned by the Church? Since she “apparently” sought his approval before contesting in the previous GE, did she also seek his approval for this video? Thanks

      1. Article by s d roswell
        Wednesday, February 5, 2014
        Herald Malaysia Online: Politically Catholic?

        I took some time to read through The Herald online today just for curiosity sake. I think I don’t have to repeat that I am not a religious person. I read the Herald today just because I saw the link in some other blog that I read ealier. I must say that if it wasn’t for the web address or the title, I would have thought that I was reading Malaysiakini or Malaysian Insider and I wasn’t surprised.

        If I were to hope for some enlightenment from The Herald, I was instead pulled over to the darkest corner. If I were to look for reconciliation, I only saw provocation.

        If I was looking for the Lord, I am now confused! How can I not be when the Pope was recorded saying: “God is a father who never disowns his children – Pope affirms”

        Pope says that God is a father. The Muslims says that Allah doesn’t have a son. And this Father Lawrence Andrew is saying that Allah is God.

        Almost all of the news and articles in The Herald is about the fights of the Christians to use the word ‘Allah’ in Malaysia. If Catholic is really like what The Herald makes it look, then it must be a political party, not a religion and certainly not Christian.

        We have long witnessed Islam being politicized by PAS and today, Christian too, has become a political tool, thanks to DAP. I doubt that DAP is doing this for the religion. Just like PAS, it is all about power and money. However, there is one thing more for DAP in this, that is ‘race’.

        Which takes us to the difference between DAP and PAS: DAP is all about power of the race (Chinese), while PAS doesn’t mind sacrificing the race (Malays) for power.

        Some Christians had actually disagreed with me that the whole ‘Allah’ name issue is mere political propaganda of a much bigger hand from the west. Some actually expressed concerned on why didn’t I support their fights to use ‘Allah’ in the Bible – for the sake of our brothers and sisters in Sabah and Sarawak, so they say.

        Well, I have a brother in Sabah and he doesn’t want to pray to the Muslim’s ‘Allah’, and he uses The Lord instead. Now that the things become a dispute, he feels even more uneasy when his congregation prays to ‘Allah’ in church.

        I guess he would rather follow the Vatican and worships ‘the Lord’ instead of following Father Andrew and worships ‘Allah’. On top of that, he would rather follow what Jesus told us to do that is, to choose peace over war. We all know that the only way to maintain peace is to abide by the law and the ruler.

        Abiding the Law and the Ruler, doesn’t make us a traitor to Jesus or the Lord. It also doesn’t mean that we must never criticize our leaders. It simply means to put peace and order above all, for our own sake.

        It is disturbing to learn that some quarters in Sabah/Sarawak already call out for war against the Muslims.

        Now, where does all these hostility come from?

        This is why, there shouldn’t be a catholic-political news source in the first place. It is very irresponsible of The Herald to keep on pushing on the issue when the court has made a decision. Perhaps, it is not the use of Allah’s name by non-Muslims that is supposed to be banned, but it is The Herald’s license what has to be revoked.

        Some Christians may say that I’m siding the Muslims or the government but I know that deep inside, they know that I’m saying things just as it is. No double standard, no lies, no hypocrisy -just plain-hurtful-truth. Ouch!

        Posted by S.D Roswell at 11:34 PM
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        1. the Herald and to some extent the Christians like Guan Eng, Pakiam, Andrew and others are taking this battle Head On!

          Do they expect the Muslims, being warned in the Quran with the biggest fitnah Dajjal of all in Akhirul Zaman will still buat-buat bodo. Things are happening just before their very eyes, for Allah knows best.

          If the Christians chose to mock Allah, The One True God, held sacred and most high by Muslims with their Fitnah, what else is left for the Muslims not to be angry about?

  5. Hmm, wonder if we’ll end up with an official definition of who can claim to be Chinese or not.

    Like a score card, must:
    makan babi
    skin cannot be tanned beyond Louis Koo level
    no double eye lid (peranakan exempted)
    Have expensive camera
    mix soft drink into wine
    eat only the expensive seafood at the buffet
    park anywhere you like in Cheras, Old Klang Road and Kepong

    Fail any of the above and you are Cina murtad

    1. No Chinese should delude himself about his racial purity. The original Han race have long been mixed up with barbaric Mongolian and cunning Manchu bloodlines. Although traditional Chinese civilization is mainly of Han ancestry, it is exceptionally probable that good and bad elements are intrinsic to every race of human beings since ancient Cain killed his brother Abel over a perceived affront to his sense of self-importance.

      I think just beneath the surface veneer of language and learned habits human nature everywhere is much the same and the prophets of God have always sought to deliver mankind from their follies and oppressions, and to remind us of our blessed true selves.


  7. the day will come when something drastic happens in malaysia, then the chinaman will turn around and put the blame on the christians

    typical of the chinese ruse, divide and rule the core of their existence especially in malaysia.

    1. In the days when MCA wielded some power, you could perhaps say that Chinese politics was being played to secure Chinese interests from the Malay government.

      Currently there is no doubt that DAP is playing Christian politics. Watch the Sarawak state election, coming up.


  8. I have a simpler and more straightforward explanation – i.e. that some Roman Catholic and other Christian churches have become hotbeds of secular party-political activity, even by members of the clergy who make party-political statements even from the pulpit during the mass prayer service.

    OK! Some Muslim preacers also make party-political statements in mosques during prayer time, but I don’t agree that party-political statements should be made during religious services of any religion or faith.

    I disagree with Helen characterterising DAP as “evangelical” versus MCA as “traditional,” “Buddhist,” “Taoist,” etc. as I personally know MCA members who are Christians

    1. re: “I personally know MCA members who are Christians”

      Loh Seng Kok is one.

      The three-term former Subang Jaya assemblyman Lee Hwa Beng (sacked already from MCA not too long ago) is another, and a hideous evangelista at that.

      There are DAP leaders who are not Christians either. Kit Siang. And obviously Karpal.

      However I maintain that DAP 3.0 is being driven by Christian politics.

      We see eye to eye on the “some Roman Catholic and other Christian churches have become hotbeds of secular party-political activity, even by members of the clergy” view. Particularly Bishop Paul Tan!

      1. Agreed that some of DAP’s current leading figures are Christians who are influencing the party’s current agenda but just as with the MCA, I’m sure that there are many rank and file members who are not Christian or Christian but not pushing the agenda. For example, Charles Santiago does not seem to be with their agenda. Blogger Tony Yew is another who disagrees with such party politics from the pulpit.

        I also believe that many of the political activists in the Catholic church are Jesuits, including Bishop Paul Tan. I know a Redemptorist priest who said that they have no time for politics but just their religious duties to their congregation.

        I fear such party politics, including the “Allah” issue could adversely affect the interests of the Christian community such as when it comes to obtaining approvals to build more churches, which have been difficult enough to obtain in the past, such as in the case of the Church of the Divine Mercy in Shah Alam, which took about 20 years, and when finally approved, they got permission to build the church in the Hicom Glenmarie Industrial park.

        However, after this, future approvals could take even longer.

        1. re: “just as with the MCA, I’m sure that there are many rank and file [DAP] members who are not Christian or Christian but not pushing the agenda”

          I have no issues with your statement. Which is what makes the whole situation more galling. It’s like oligarchies everywhere. The DAP evangelista conmen sitting on the apex of the pyramid are getting rich from The Scheme.

          The pure, unadulterated GREED of the evangelistas is for all to see — like Madame Speaker knocking her gavel to give the stamp of approval to her own triple salary increase. And to fuel their party is the Politics of Hate. Take away the irrational hatred that they keep fanning against Umno and its “lapdogs” (the Dapster fav word) and where will Pakatan be?

          Christians and Chinese in general are getting the bad rep for the actions of their leadership — the evangelistas who are reaping the profits (mining the gold, literally). See,

          It is also a betrayal of their party’s founding principle (socialism) when the DAP 3.0 is now playing Christian politics like how PAS has been playing political Islam. DAP has become the Developers Above People party. They are bullying poor Indians and working class Malays.

          They claim to champion secularism but they are using the Christian Religion card which is driving the Muslims in the opposite direction to seek refuge in an Islamic theocracy. See,

          1. ‘They claim to champion secularism but’

            Sorry to interject, but we already know that their hates for Islam and Muslims are the very reason as to why they scream secularism. Should this be a Christian country, they simply won’t bother to scream sec. so loud! Nothing but BS!

  9. Sometimes I wonder whether the China people will accepts these EVANGELISTs in their country?. Open arm of with fire arm?

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