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Anwar cannot be the cure for our politics as he was its chiefest poison

1. Anwar Ibrahim did nothing to reform the system when he was an insider. And mind you, he was sitting at its apex and even acting as prime minister between May and July 1997.

He did nothing towards a repeal of the ISA, OSA, Emergency Ordinance or Sedition Act. Nor did he roll back the restrictions imposed by the Societies Act and the UUCA.

2. In the 16 years that Anwar was rising up the Umno ranks until he was a heartbeat away from the very pinnacle, he made no changes for the better from the inside. On the contrary, it was he who poisoned Umno’s well through expanding and entrenching the culture of patronage and money politics.

3. He is no democrat. In 1995, the Umno general assembly decided that the top two posts should not and would not be contested in its 1996 party election.

The assembly instructed that only Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar could be nominated for president and deputy president respectively. Anwar was deep in the bowels of the BN system that has been dubbed a “guided democracy”.

Neither is Pakatan democratic. In the DAP, the first families of Lim and Karpal rule like as if the party is their personal fiefdom.

Guan Eng’s younger sister Hooi Ying is Penang DAP secretary. Three of Karpal’s children – Jagdeep, Gobind and Ramkarpal – are YBs. Ramkarpal was gifted an inheritance of his father’s Bukit Gelugor Parliament seat.

As for the PKR first family, Daddy is Anugerah Tuhan aka ketum parti, Mommy is president and Oldest Girl is vice president. There’s even talk of Younger Girl being given the chance to contest Permatang Pauh, previously rotated between her parents.

What democracy are Pakatan people talking about?!

4. Anwar was so Machiavellian in the ruthless way he toppled Ghafar Baba. Anwar was confirmed twice as Umno deputy president – in the 1993 and 1996 general assemblies.

He planted cells everywhere, appointing his coterie to vital and pivotal positions in the superstructure of the state. He was like a giant octopus with tentacles spread over the Umno machinery and the entire government bureaucracy. In short, he was a control freak.

Side note:

Man-in-a-hurry Anwar only served as Dr M’s deputy in Umno for five years (1993-1998) before trying to oust his boss. Unlike the treacherous Anwar, Tun Razak was a loyal deputy to Tunku Abdul Rahman. Tun Razak was Umno deputy president for 20 years (1951-1971) until Tunku resigned his party presidency in June 1971.

5. True, Anwar was infamously given a black eye by the IGP but he was certainly not “beaten to within an inch of his life” as his declared by his lawyer. Reminder: A member of the Bar is not an aspiring novelist (or is he?). Hence he should always endeavour to be more factually precise in his expression and refrain from engaging in hyberbole.

Anwar, on the other hand, is an acknowledged drama queen. If you’ll recall, he had also alleged that he was being poisoned with arsenic. Oh, and the stage props – that ubiquitous neck brace and the wheelchair.

6. As for the claim that Anwar was persecuted by Dr Mahathir, consider this: Among Dr M’s rivals, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah had posed the most serious challenge. Yet in 1996, Dr M allowed KuLi to come back into Umno. He was not vindictive towards KuLi.

Musa Hitam was not expelled from the establishment either in spite of his falling out with Dr M. He enjoys a Tan Sri title and was given plum diplomatic postings and quangos despite the parting of ways with No.1.

Dr M is not vindictive. Guan Eng is.

7. Anwar allowed himself to be co-opted into Umno in 1982. In doing so, he betrayed the cause of Abim.

Dr M commented: “His inclination would have been to join PAS. But he joined Umno because he foresaw no future for PAS. There was no way PAS could ever make him prime minister.” (Asiaweek interview, 26 Jan 2001)

Anwar does not “fight for the country”. He is serving himself and his own over-weaning ambition.

8. After Zahid Hamidi attacked Dr M at the Umno Youth general assembly in June 1998, Dr M counter attacked by revealing the names of those cronies who benefited from the NEP nepotism. Prominent in the list were members of Anwar’s family.

Now how about explaining the source(s) of Anwar’s wealth where expenditure, like his residence nicknamed “Istana Segambut”, exceeds all visible legal income.

9. It was Anwar who undermined the things that the Dapster evangelistas are today loudly clamouring for, i.e.

Religious freedoms – During Dr Siti Hasmah’s era, young Malay women did not cover their hair. It was Abim’s Yayasan Anda dakwah undergrads who popularized the wearing of tudung litup in our university campuses.

Role of English – Anwar was the Malay language nationalist who downgraded the use of English. As Education Minister, he renamed the national language Bahasa Melayu. It was Bahasa Malaysia previously.

Vernacular school – Anwar precipitated a crisis and Ops Lalang by sending non-Mandarin speakers as senior assistants to the SRJK (C).

Secularism – Anwar fast-tracked Islamism in the civil service and academia, and weakened the separation between ‘church’ (mimbar) and state.

Press freedom – He put his men in charge of the party and government media apparatus.

Daily the belligerent Dapsters will hurl curses at Ketuanan Melayu.

They fail to detect the anomaly in anointing Anwar as their PM-in-waiting given ketum’s past wherein it was he, more than any other Umno leader, who epitomized the Ketuanan concept. Ever heard the urban legend about Anwar’s threat to stop temple bells from ringing? (Oh, tapi dia dah bertobat. Ya ke?)

Duh, Dapsters can really be so self-delusional.

10. The Dapsters hate Tun with a vengeance but seemingly forget that Anwar had been a close associate of Dr M for decades. In fact, the doctor even gave drafts of his The Malay Dilemma manuscript for Anwar to preview. Yup, the two of them go back a long way and that’s why Dr M brought Anwar into Umno in 1982 – after a mere one year following his ascension as Prime Minister.

The ironic contradiction – Dapster embrace of Anwar as saviour and their damning of Umno, both in the same breath – invokes the split personality of his Chinese supporters as much as that of Anwar as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

11. Anwar is an Umno veteran albeit one who was expelled from the party. He is also a veteran of the establishment.

Apart from the Education portfolio in his earlier career, Anwar handled the Finance Ministry right up till his sacking. So, what education policies are there to show of Anwar’s that have benefited our country? Which financial policy formulated by Anwar has had a lasting and positive impact on our economy?

It was Dr M who rolled up his sleeves in 1998 to stave off the IMF – read more HERE.

12. Anwar is a chameleon and Pakatan a chimera. The former is all rhetoric whereas the latter is pretty polemics … of not much substance than ear candy.

“Anak Melayu anak saya, anak Cina anak saya, anak India anak saya”, goes the Anwar hook. And why not? It’s the kind of Bangsa Malaysia sop that Firsters – those non-Malays clutching at straws – desperately want to hear.

Now imagine Lim Kit Siang, the other one-third of the Pakatan triumvirate, saying: “Anak Melayu anak saya, anak Cina anak saya, anak India anak saya”. Now that would make the Malay toes curl and laugh.

As for the Indians, they will jolly well ask Kit Siang, “Hey, what happened to your Gelang Patah declaration?” Nothing of the DAP promise (plagarized from Hindraf’s blueprint) has been delivered to the Indian community since Lim Sr won the Johor Parliament seat in GE13.

Ultimately, what kind of man is Anwar? Consider all the many, many people who have turned their back on him. Read Dr Chandra Muzaffar, for starters.

13. Anwar empowered the evangelistas.

It is repackaging the hardline Islamist with a Hallmark (greeting card) multiculturalist wrapping.

He goes to church and he tells the congregation that he had read the Bible every other day during his time in jail. Zul Noordin who helped to pack Anwar’s stuff upon his release has revealed that he did not come across any Bible among Anwar’s possessions.

It says something about the parishioners, doesn’t it, to whom the “I read the Bible” fairy tale was told. Why are they so easily duped by such hypocritical and cheap populism? (Answer: Too much J-Juice.)

14. Anwar gave the Chinese false hope.

The Chinese like to posture as if they know it all. But in truth, they have swallowed a lot of bullshit, not to mention having poor judgment.

The Chinese rejected the best of Umno that is to say Dato’ Onn Jaafar but are embracing the worst of Umno – this B-grade actor Anwar.

They easily believe in all kinds of conspiracy theories and swallow propaganda (read how Odikal – Otak Di Kepala Lutut they are). Take the irony of DAP’s Ubah – from bashing Anwar during his Umno days, they now hype him as PM-in-waiting.

It was actually Karpal who denounced in Parliament the homosexual activities of Anwar (see Hansard @ Oct 22 and Dec 18, 1997). Anwar is not innocent, okay. It is his coerced/consensual sex partners who are the real victims.

15. Anwar is the consummate political animal. He will eat gullible little fools.


Dr Mahathir dealt decisively with the Reformasi and 1998 street protests. We hope and expect the same from Najib Razak in this reprise of Anwar’s jailing.

No compromise with the opposition. No reconciliation with troublemakers.

Please stand firm, BN!

Recommended read:

Guan Eng went to jail for a Malay girl’ — oh puhleez lah

The “failed accountant” was convicted for sedition, not for “defending the honour of a young Malay girl” as his hagiographers would have you believe. The court found him guilty of promoting hatred. It’s the DAP bread and butter – the Politics of Hate.


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30 thoughts on “Anwar cannot be the cure for our politics as he was its chiefest poison

  1. expect a lot less of freedom of expression under pakatan rule. even puan speaker twitter have blocked numbers of account as you highlighted. not to mention iguana led government who shun prime media like utusan from reporting news of the state.

    wouldn’t be surprise if all media are nationalized to gain full control like what happened down under once they get their hands on the helm. bloggers must be licensed and anything against the pakatan government will get sued ala ketum style.

  2. Lima Puloh Dalil kenapa Anwar Tidak Boleh Jadi Perdana Menteri the book went viral during PAU and down here you gave another additional 13 + 1, superb dan nanti Lady Ganga Hanaah kok jerit sekuat-kuat hatinya menembusi tembok Sungai Buloh la

  3. Chinese are not gullible little fools . They know who Anwar really is. And the malays know this hypocrisy.

    1. Narcissistic and Psychopathic Politicians and Leaders [YouTube]

      “Anwar was like a giant octopus with tentacles spread over the Umno machinery and the entire government bureaucracy. In short, he was a control freak. Anwar is an acknowledged drama queen. Anwar fast-tracked Islamism into the civil service and academia, and weakened the separation between ‘church’ (mimbar) and state. Anwar also empowered the evangelistas – It is repackaging the hardline Islamist with a Hallmark (greeting card) multiculturalist wrapping. Anwar does not “fight for the country”. He is serving himself and his own over-weaning ambition.”

      Beware the oncoming tsunami of violent reactions from the jilted master of narcissism . . .

  4. btw helen, i just read on the fb status of a lawyer that anwar ibrahim is still updating his facebook, twitter, blog, etc without interruption in spite of being incarcerated.

    according to the person, the malaysian prison system does not allow handphones, laptops, tablets, etc as well as internet access except in cases where permission have been granted for e-learning to further education. and that only in kajang, bentong or KK prisons.

    looks like this penjara2 is going to be same ol’ same ol’ jugalah… with all the special privileges.

    1. His daughter also got to visit him when (I read this in the blogs) under normal prison regulations, the first visit has to wait a fortnight.

  5. this politics of hate and giving d Chinese community false hope must stop.

    my attempt 2 propose some strategy 2 pm’s people was not well received.

    being a Chinese yrself, u may hv some ideas on how 2 alert d Chinese community so that they will stop being so gullible towards d hate game that d DAP is playing.

    1. I fault MCA for allowing things to come to this pass, i.e. the tsunamic imbalance reaching 90:10. By the next election, the ratio may drop to 95:5 … what with the Ismail Sabri-type of blowback.

      And MCA Youth is wrong in their approach to out-DAP the DAP. The Chinese will stick to the ori (authentic) product because the MCA’s version is a poor imitation.

      Lepas tu, yang dikejar (undi Cina) tak dapat, yang dikendong (undi Melayu) tercicir.

      Chong Sin Woon has effectively cut off MCA’s life support (talian hayat) through his challenge of – bad choice of words “tanam ubi” – Ismail Sabri. Chong is two generations removed from 1969 and I wonder if he even has any inkling as to what kind of emotions his taunt had elicited.

      The current MCA leaders simply do not have the competence to navigate the present Malay mood. (Note that Tan Cheng Lock and Tan Siew Sin were Malacca Babas.)

      The first and foremost strategy is plainly staring us in the face. The DAP EVANGELISTAS must be stopped.

      I’m an alert and astute media monitor, and I’m going to state this unequivocally – Most of the provocation is coming from the Born Again / evangelical Christians. If they’re not stopped, there will be a head-on clash with the Muslims sooner than you anticipate.

      We can see that the patience of the Muslim NGOs are close to snapping and hence the strong reactions to the pat-a-dog event, Eric Paulsen’s Jakim tweet, the episode of pork thrown into mosque compound (which I suspect could be an agent provocateur set-up) and anything else, e.g. Wanita DAP chief Chong Eng’s comment on the JAIS sermon.

      MCA is no help. At this stage, they’re merely a hindrance and in any case, the party was internally sabotaged during GE13. The scissorati must be dealt with and it’s crucial that The EvangeliSTAR is neutralized.

      The PM and his konsetan and punahsihat must share the blame. I really don’t see MCA (or Gerakan) being able to dial back the Chinese tide.

      Dr Chua Soi Lek will be more effective than Liow Tiong Lai in providing solutions. He was willing to bite the bullet and keep MCA out of the government. Liow and Wee Ka Siong are too hard up for their cabinet positions and they reversed (rescinded) the resolutions adopted under Dr Chua’s watch wrt to taking up various cabinet and exco posts.

      Dr Chua, who’s able to distance himself from the shenanigans (entitlement and patronage of having government cables), may be willing to prescribe the necessary bitter medicine. Liow and Wee, on the other hand, will just make futile clucking noises, sit on their hands and mark time while clinging on to their Ministership.

      I’d recommend that Dr Chua be consulted and taken on board.

      The 10 percent Chinese who rejected Pakatan must be empowered but the powers-that-be must realise that these dissenters are not in the MCA and they’re certainly not in The J-Star.

      1. may I suggest that u n jasonL who frequents yr blob sit down n come up wth strategic blueprint n send to d MCA. I hv excess 2 tun ling. I m quite sure he is more than willing 2 help. that’s d best that I can do. this gentleman Jason wanted to meet me n contacted me thru yr blog. pls meet him. n sdr Jason ,if u agree pls meet ms Helen n c what critical minds can do to save the day.

  6. The hellishness of Anwar’s intrigues over the nation will soon befall himself in worst circumstances that he could never humanly imagine.

  7. “The Chinese like to posture as if they know it all. But in truth, they have swallowed a lot of bullshit, not to mention having poor judgment.”

    Very true. Ask any Chinese in Penang what Ubah is fighting for, they can only tell you it is to topple UMNO. What services you expect from the PR government and they can’t even tell you what they want? (Apa mau lagi bila sendiri tak tau)

    In fact over the weekend I was so pissed with one who posted about increased priced Char Koay Teow in Penang and it was the GST that was at fault (even though the GST is not implemented yet). It is not profit taking and exploitation but UMNO who is at fault.

    You would notice the parking summons by MPPP. The Chinese would conveniently divorce MPPP from DAP, like MPPP is free from DAP. MPPP officers are evil as they punish the rakyat with summons, and not the DAP office bearers.

    Is it judgement or is it mere racialism that creates the judgement? What is the stance of the Chinese on hudud? If the current UMNO British Common Law system is considered corrupt in any Ubahan standards then the hudud from the PAS Ubahans should be the best answer. But the PR Chinese oppose. Is it becuase the Ubahan Hudud is Malay based.

    The Chinese complaint of poor maintenance of Chinese schools but when the government offered to send good teachers from China, the DAP balked at the idea.

    “However, the idea of importing teachers and experts in Mandarin from China is not practical as most of these teachers from China are not fluent in Malay. So how can these teachers from China communicate with the students and teach Mandarin as a 3rd language effectively? ”

    Teo Nie Ching wants China teachers to know Malay but in fact it is the Malaysian Chinese students who are actually weak in Malay. See the buck passing. UMNO will forever be evil in the eyes of the Chinese majority here.

  8. “‘ this B-grade actor Anwar”‘ cum General Degree Pengajian Melayu”‘

    But “‘magna cum laude”” in lies, deceit ,crap, and his
    double life

    That sums it all up.

  9. “Anwar was the Malay language nationalist ….”

    I still remember the Bahasa Baku fad when I was a student in the 90s learning BM in high schools. I guess that was also a result of Anwar’s policy. Once I was asked to read out a karangan in the class and I tried my best in “Bahasa Baku mode” and ended up being reprimanded by my Malay teacher half way for having a weird, pseudo-Indon accent, lol!

    “Vernacular school – Anwar precipitated a crisis …”

    Actually most Chinese (esp. those who followed the on-goings of Chinese schools) have never forgotten Anwar’s role in that event (forgive but never forget). But still, he’s been given benefit of doubt because, well, they thought Anwar has become a “reformed” good guy after having “gone through hell” in the late 90s (Anwar’s own words).

    1. I remember TV3 newsreaders and their bahasa baku … urgh.

      As for Chinese giving Anwar the benefit of the doubt because kononnya dia sudah bertaubat and is today acceptable as the Good Guy, it’s the “Bak Kut Teh is not pork” syndrome. Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih, and how clever the Chinese are to come up with all sorts of justifications.

      Anwar is whitewashed of his sins because it serves their ABU! ABU! ABU! “Ini kali lah” purpose.

      An ideal check and balance is 45:55 but that’s too much to hope for. Kalau boleh dapat 25:75 pun dah bersyukur dah. Every now and then the Malay readers would ask me how to make the majority Chinese come to their senses. I see it like confronting the Great Wall, and banging head in futility.

      You’re probably the one out of 10 Chinese. Do you have any idea how more among the 9 out of 10 can be persuaded to get themselves out of the rut? in terms of their BKT-is-organic-vegetarian-really (if it suits me to bluff you) attitude.

      1. Masyarakat Cina kena faham, ini Anwar bukan pandai taubat punya kaki, kami penyokong dia sudah kena. Dulu sodomi 1 kami mati-mati sokong dia, ingat dia betul-betul kena fitnah.

        Bila keluar penjara dan sudah menang besar piliharaya, dia bikin sodomi 2, mana ada taubat.

        Kebetulan mangsanya sodomi 2 saya kenal dan kawan rapat anak saya, bila dengar cerita penuh dari mangsa, alahai malunya saya kerana sokong maknusia macam dia.

        Jadi Tipah tertipu lah kami semua, kami geng reformasi rupanya jadi geng pembela peliwat. Nak minta maaf pada Tun Mahahtir, pun terasa malu.

  10. Helen,

    In all honesty, I believe that part of the blame should go to Tun himself. Tun treated Anwar like a “royal politician”. Tun himself announced Anwar as an UMNO member. Other people file an application to become an UMNO member without fanfare.

    Tun did not object Anwar’s bid to become UMNO Youth Chief shortly after joining UMNO. Why cant Tun advise Anwar to wait a bit longer. Tun also did not say anything when Anwar took over UMNO Penang State UMNO Chief post from Abdullah Badawi, the very man in Penang who reminded UMNO people to support Anwar’s candidacy in Permatang Pauh back in 1982.

    But the biggest mistake Tun make is to stay neutral when Anwar challenged the incumbent Deputy Prime Minister, Tun Ghaffar. Tun could have stopped Anwar. Tun could have sensed something is terribly wrong when Tun Ghaffar only managed to garner 1 solitary vote from Sabah, a state where he was the UMNO State Chief.

    Tun Dr Mahathir at this defining moment in UMNO’s history ignored the fact that UMNO is able to gain foothold in Sabah SIMPLY BECAUSE of personal trust Sabah USNO’s leader (Tun Datu Mustapha) towards Tun Ghaffar. Bear in mind Tun Ghaffar was the only UMNO leader that USNO trusted.

    Tun Dr Mahathir could have reminded Anwar that it was Anwar who went around telling the world that he regarded Tun Ghaffar as his own father. TUN COULD HAVE STOPPED Anwar at this moment.

    WHAT UMNO leaders can learn here is that it is dangerous to accord young untested politician with meteoric rise. Let UMNO leaders climb the ladders. Let them know the suffering. Let them know the aspirations of Malay community.

    Malays have had it enough on UMNO leaders who choose “Melayu pekat” constituent to contests but behave more like “orang tak beriman” once they won.

    AS FOR ANWAR, he is a reject politician, sharing the “limelight” with Mohd Sabu. And I am not wrong to say that they are the worst Malay politicians whom I ever met.

    1. re: “Anwar who went around telling the world that he regarded Tun Ghaffar as his own father”

      And shortly thereafter, he commits patricide. N-i-c-e.

      re: “And I am not wrong to say that they are the worst Malay politicians whom I ever met.”

      Not wrong at all. The worst politician across race. Nobody can compare, not even LKS.

    2. To the Bani Anwar al-Juburi:

      “Tidak akan mukmin Melayu hilang diatas muka bumi.”

      wa lau karihal kafirun . . .

  11. “Reminder: A member of the Bar is not an aspiring novelist (or is he?). Hence he should always endeavour to be more factually precise in his expression and refrain from engaging in hyperbole.”

    Well said Helen, well said.

    1. Islam1st,

      “Anwar gave the Chinese false hope”.

      Anwar gave false hope to everybody. He would say different things to different people. To chinese, Anwar implied that PRU13 was the time to dethrone UMNO( meaning taking power from Malays).

      He knew himself that Malays were not with PR. The Chinese ended up instead of bringing UMNO down , ejecting themselves out of Federal government system.

      1. ‘Anwar gave false hope to everybody. He would say different things to different people.’

        Memang dia kaki belit dan ramai pula tu yang terbelit.

  12. Helen,


    Anda telah berjaya menulis satu post yang merupakan kesimpulan tentang anwar ibrahim.
    Memang tepat bahawa beliau tiada apa jasa pun yang boleh dibanggakan.

    Malang sekali, pengikut2nya yang taksub bergelar M.A.C.A.i (Mengikut Apasaje Cakap Anwar Ibrahim) termasuklah ahli keluarganya masih tidak tahu merasa malu.

    Pada saya, apa saja yang anwar ibrahim lakukan dan apa juga yang dilakukan oleh isteri dan anak-anaknya tidak lebih daripada ‘membuat onar’ dan selepas itu ‘cover-line/damage-control’.
    Itulah sahaja keupayaannya, itulah sahaja skill yang dia ada dan skill itupun sudah diwariskan kepada anak-anaknya.

    Saya tak dapat bayangkan seorang pemimpin negara yang hanya handal dalam dua skill sahaja iaitu ‘buat onar’ dan ‘damage control’…. memang akan tunggang-langgan negara yang kita sayangi ini.

    Memang benar kata-kata mendiang Karpal Sing bahawa anwar ibrahim telah melakukan banyak kerosakkan dan beliau seharusnya bertaubat….!

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