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Double standards against Felixia Yeap

Felixia Yeap’s interview appeared in TMI today, ‘Being Muslim, I appreciate my Chinese roots more, says ex-playboy model‘.

The article has drawn 117 194 reader comments as of now.

The same interview also appears in FMT,


felixia handbag

Someone said the handbag is Hermes

Anti-racism, anti-extremism, anti-bigotry

Felixia, now known as Rara (Raisyyah Rania) is also of polemical interest to Firsters.

Anti racist‘ commented in the TMI Felixia article:

“The last thing we want to read is about islam during Chinese New Year. Everyday Chinese are being targeted for insults daily for just being ‘Chinese’ in this country. CNY is not about halal compliance and don’t need to be preach about the “wonderful” new found faith of this convert. Chinese do not need to appease or apologize to others for their culture or Religion. We are not mca. Just let us celebrate this humble occasion in our own way, free from Morons who are addicted to publicity.”

Felixia for being Chinese

A “disgrace” to the Chinese race

The “beyond race” Malaysian Firstness seems to be forgotten, haha.

‘drngsc’ commented:

“I hope that by now, your father has disowned you. You are a disgrace to your race. Go and be forgotten.”

What I want to know is why Felixia is to be disowned by her family for converting to Islam but the same standard is not applied to Hannah Yeoh’s conversion to Christianity?

And why, in the eyes of the Moderate Firsters, is the hijab-wearing Muslim convert Felixia deemed “a disgrace” to her race but the tudung-wearing Christian convert Hannah is not?

Felixia disowned

Hannah black tudung litup
Hannah Yeoh

SABM – “no Malays, no Indians too and zero Chinese”

One ‘Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia’ (SABM) going by the moniker ‘I Malaysian‘ commented:

“Riduan tee can learn a thing or two from this. That is once a chinese always a Chinese. RT is just a bud grafted tree who has forgotten his roots.”

Ridhuan Chinese

Roots and race traitor

So where does that leave Hannah Yeoh who had written “Anak Malaysia” in the ‘keturunan’ box when filling in a borang rasmi.

Hannah flatly rejects her Chinese ethnicity. She is the new Anak Malaysia race.

I malaysian‘ accuses Ridhuan of having “forgotten his roots” but nobody says Hannah has forgotten hers. Not double standards, meh?


And Ridhuan is “once a Chinese always a Chinese” but they don’t say the same to Hannah. Why not?

Wow, J-Juice really is a miracle drink. An antidote is required to counter the colour blindness disease it induces.

Felixia persecute

Who is promoting hate?

The Chinese also feel “persecuted” in Malaysia – see TMI reader comments above and below.

This is why BN is losing almost all the Chinese votes because this is the way the Dapster evangelistas feel.

otakpusing_II‘ – comment reproduced from the love portal TMI – is oozing with the spirit of the brotherhood of man.

Felixia hate

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43 thoughts on “Double standards against Felixia Yeap

  1. When you become a Playboy bunny, dress flauntingly, participate in wild party, you are look upon with high esteem and bring respect to your race. But when you become a Muslim, dress properly, conduct yourself in good manner, then you are a disgrace to the Chinese race.

    Well this is the sort of “value” by the new Chinese generation. They are completely twisted.

    While our forefather (Chinese) would throw fornicator into river in a pig basket, these foolish firster Chinese believe the opposite. And yet they want to accuse others of loosing their root.

    If we want to go back to the root, probably 80% of the young Chinese generation would have been thrown into river already.

    1. I did a Google search on “Felicia Yeap + Mermaid” and “Felicia Yeap & Playboy Bunny” and from the images I see, kind of understand the kind of life she must have led being an object of exploitation for capitalist corporate profit, and who will be discarded like used toilet tissue once she ages and her beauty fades.

      So it comes as no surprise, that after a rather meaningless and spiritually empty life of partying in the fast lane as a sex object and Playboy bunny, Felicia would have begun to look for something more meaningful as a foundation and anchor in her life and in her case, found it in Islam and good for her.

      Of course, she could have also found that spiritual foundation in Buddhist philosophy and spirituality (not just the rituals), Christianity, Ba’hai, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism or in secular morality, but in her case, she found it in Islam.

      On another note, I find a certain hypocrisy amongts those who claim to be “anti-racists” and and support a “Malaysian Malaysia”, in that they do not practice it in their daily lives and political practice.

      Judging by the comments on sites such as The Malaysian Insider and directly from friends who are DAP members or supporters, they adopt a chauvanistic “us versus them” approach to such issues, rather than stand together with like minded fellows of other races and speaking a “we” against any kind of divisive racism.

      For example, in his activism for racial equality for blacks in the U.S., Dr, Martin Luher King Jr. sought the unity of blacks with anti-racist whites against the racially discriminatory and segregationist laws in the U.S. at the time.

      I do not see this progressive mindset in most comments by “anti-racists” and “Malaysian Firsters” online or amongst members and supporters of the DAP which claims to stand for a Malaysian Malaysia.

      If that is so, why did DAP members elect 80% Chinese members to the Central Executive Committee on 15 December 2012, later revised to include one Malay – Zairil Khir Johari on 29 December, 2012. The revised lineup of Exco members has 16 Chinese, three Indians and one Malay.

      In this regards, the PKR does better with 20 of its 65 (about 30%) 2014 to 2017 Exco members being non-Malay, according to my count. pusat/

      So how can DAP claim to be “multi-racial” when its members do not practice multi-racialism in real life and within their own part?

      Achieving true multi-racialism is a long process which involves ensuring that none of the respective races within a country are disadvantaged or left behind as the nation and society gradually evolves economically and mentally towards becoming fully inclusive.

      Merely putting “Bangsa Malaysia” in the enthicity field is not good enough.

      1. (1) You’d get more search results if you Googled “Felixia Yeap + Mermaid”, Felixia spelt with ‘x’.

        The psychology is understandable and I agree with you that she seems to have found peace in Islam. Her hijabi photos look real nice – jernih wajah.

        (2) As for the DAP’s muka Melayu in the CEC, the Malays are not convinced.


        (3) re: “On another note, I find a certain hypocrisy amongst those who claim to be ‘anti-racists’ and and support a ‘Malaysian Malaysia’, in that they do not practice it in their daily lives and political practice.”

        hypocrisy rather, and of course the love preachers take the cake.


        (4) re: “In this regards, the PKR does better”

        Yup, they have the most multi-racial seats and beating BN.



        (5) re: “So how can DAP claim to be ‘multi-racial’ when its members do not practice multi-racialism in real life and within their own part?”

        They can’t. They’re hypocrites and charlatans. Dan setinggi-tingginya tupai melompat, akhirnya akan jatuh ke tanah juga. Wait. It’ll happen sooner than you think.

        (6) “Achieving true multi-racialism is a long process which involves ensuring that none of the respective races within a country are disadvantaged or left behind”


      2. Postscript:

        The spiritual journey … Felixia drifted into Christianity first, as did Ridhuan Tee.

        Attended church and all that, she revealed in one interview.

      3. Stupid talking, she chose to be this, and famous. and now she chose to cover everything she did, she convert. This hiding! I like a song, return to innocence…Be Your Don’t Hide, Just Belive in destiny, Don’t Care What People say, just to follow your own way, don’t give up, and use the chance, the return to innocence. U just hiding, be yourself, u just hiding for what u done before.

        1. She will never learn. See how now all Muslim guy leave a msg to her in Facebook or what, she really throw our Chinese face off, 丢我们华人脸

    2. Do u know what Root mean? Root mean, u still a Chinese, with along your Chinese name. But when u convert u change to Muslim name, that is u forgotten your root. We don’t mind any human race belive in what they belive. But keep your name, that your root, and it won’t change. But happy to see u change to be a better person. But u always a Chinese, don’t forget.

    3. Don’t say anything about Chinese root, or how how Chinese anti racism, if u don’t know about Chinese. please… who done the damage more. We Chinese love to work earn more for living. We love peaceful.

      1. haha, talking not from your heart, or not knowing what you say yourself?.you’d better reserve the ‘work hard’ at your own waste motherland, which you should know where it is.then, you’d stop complaining about working hard for other country, other race.

  2. How many roots has she had for chrissakes? the term root has many connotations. One of them is the root that happens to playmates after hours.

        1. LOL, luckily I was not in the midst of sipping coffee when reading or I’d spurt. So hypocritical on so many levels.

          Do you have any solutions to repair the lobotomized sheeple brain?

            1. If one fine day Ram converts to Islam and becomes a mamak, pray that it would happen, then I hope the ‘I see a Malaysian’ thing still valid and Channel News Later will do another interview.

              And do another coverage when Ram the Mamak dies and what happens to his dead body, whether it would be burnt soon enough before it could be buried the Mamak way.

        2. Stupid talking, if mixed all will go Muslim, marry must convert. And Muslim law only hari Rays, don’t talk stupid.

          1. haha, again. the pot calling the kettle black. you should use the word ;stupid; to yourself first instead of directing it to others. the use of such word show your lack of rebuttal to counter others.

      1. Your idea is good, all celebrate together as one. But All become Muslim, as marry to Muslim have to convert, and by Muslim law, only hari haya, did u know? I know your eye ram, but u are in the shoe of convert to Muslim?

    1. Tuan Haji, saya bukan Kristian.

      Melinda dan Marina Mahathir (anak-anak perempuan Tun) pun nama omputih juga.

      1. Helen,

        Felicia is ridiculed as she embraces Islam, a religion that is also embraced by Malays. As such those worshipping DAP feel that she has committed the cardinal sin.

        To them, a Chinese should not embrace islam, a religion that is so particular about what and how a person wears his/her cloth. They feel it is a betrayal to the chinese culture( or more correctly daring to defy DAP)

        Dr Ridhuan Tee, being a vocal critic of DAP, is hated for daring to criticize these fanatics. Only DAP can criticize UMNO, Malays and tell how Islam should be practised. DAP even suggest that some of Quranic verses should be abandonned.

        So the fact that they are double standard is known. Nothing to be surprised at.

      2. Sori heheh salah orang, adinda Ms Helen
        juga anak YAB Tun Dr.

        Nama Islam:
        Menantu Kadazan kami di Kepayan, anakanda Aurelia namanya dah baik jadi tak tukar.

        Haji M Zin
        Alor Gajah DPH

  3. ‘When I was in primary school, some Malay classmates would tease me and say that I am committing a sin by celebrating Chinese New Year and collecting ang pows.

    At first I was confused, but very quickly I realised that they were all just stupid and did not know what they were talking about. I was proud of that.
    – See more at:

    The writer is so smart he can’t even explained it to his primary school stupid Malay classmates!

    ‘I have Chinese and Malay blood in me. My grandmother on my mother’s side is Chinese and the ethnic influence is very strong. My brothers and I all speak Cantonese..
    – See more at:

    This UiTM grad kecoh la, Arif Rahman tak bising pun??!!


  4. By coincidence, I am currently in Singapore to visit with friends, catch a few movies (“Fifty Shades of Grey” in all it’s uncensored glory being among them) and to be able to communicate freely in English (ok, that’s a tad naughty, but you catch my drift).

    The Singapore Straits Times today carried an op-ed commentary “Miracle on Waterloo Street” (with the sub-heading “A Jewish synagogue, a Hindu temple and a Buddhist temple are clustered on this street. Singapore’s religious harmony has come about as a result of conscious policy, laws and institutions”) by Tommy Koh.

    I would like to quote excerpts from Koh’s commentary (the full version can be read on the paper’s website).

    – “Religion has often been hijacked by unscrupulous men to gain and retain power and used by such men as a weapon against their adversaries. There are many situations in the contemporary world where religion is a threat to peace”. Among the examples cited by Koh is this: “In one of our neighbouring countries, the Shi’ites are not allowed to practise their religion.”

    – “Viewed against this backdrop, the religious and racial harmony we enjoy in Singapore is remarkable… I consider Singapore’s religious harmony one of the most precious achievements of the past 50 years….Singapore may be a small country but it is one of the most religiously diverse countries in the world. Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Taoism and Hinduism are the main religions of Singapore. Sikhism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Jainism and Baha’ism have small followings. All 10 religions are represented in the non-governmental organization called the Inter-Religious Organization (IRO)”

    (to be continued)

    1. re: ““Religion has often been hijacked by unscrupulous men to gain and retain power and used by such men as a weapon against their adversaries.”



      1. ‘Tommy Koh’

        ‘Manakala dari negara Singapura adalah: Duta Besar, Tommy Koh; Sue Ann Lee, penganalisis Islam Singapura; Suzaina Kadir, Universiti Nasional Singapura. Berdasarkan nama-nama di atas, kebanyakan aktivis Islam yang dijemput untuk memberi idea adalah kelompok yang dilabel sebagai Muslim Liberal yang terlibat dalam memperjuangkan demokrasi, liberalisme dan pluralisme agama.’

        Ini RAND kaki memang suka tulis ini macam la brader.

        Click to access ISI_DALAM_LIBERAL.pdf

  5. orang cina masuk islam…dikatakan buang bangsa….
    orang cina masuk kristian…dikatakan okay, boleh diterima.

    bukan hanya kelihatan rasis tapi jelas anti-islam, anti-melayu…!

  6. Soalan:
    Felixia masuk Islam dikecam oleh orang Cina.

    Kalau India masuk Cina mengapa tidak dikecam? Kes Ram, suami HY.
    Bukankah menjadi amalan bangsa dan nama keluarga bapa diambil bila menamakan anak? Cuma dalam kes khas seperti bapa tidak dikenali atau ibu tidak mahu pertalian konvensyen ini tidak diambil.

    Mengapa orang India tidak marah? Kalau saya orang India saya marah dengan keluarga Ram. Bukankah ini perkhianatan?
    Double standard.

    1. re: “Mengapa orang India tidak marah? Kalau saya orang India saya marah dengan keluarga Ram.”

      Ada. Sebab tulah Puan Prada melenting kat “MIC troops” yang didakwanya rasis.


            1. D-Day coming up then.

              The munafiq will be eventually be unmasked and the Decepticons unveiled (for those duplicitous munafiqs masquerading in tudung), tick tock tick tock.

              1. Chong Eng should learn a thing or two from Hannah Yeoh on kesopanan dan kesusilaan. Kan itu yang termaktub dalam Rukun Negara. Anyway comes hudud kan senang nanti…

                tick tock tick tock

                  1. I’ve met him once, nice man. I think Chong Eng is a good sort but she’s DAP Olde School and not adept at navigating the current Muslim cultural landscape.

                    1. ADD:

                      Plus she’s never tried to exploit and parley her personal life (the mixed marriage) into cheap publicity and political capital, like you-know-who.

                    2. ‘Suami Chong Eng pun India juga’

                      Saya tahu Mulan.

                      ‘Plus she’s never tried to exploit and parley her personal life (the mixed marriage) into cheap publicity and political capital, like you-know-who.’

                      Nampak gayanya begitulah. But coming from a mixed marriage background, and looking at her age pula tu, patutnya dia lebih respectful dengan Muslims…

                    3. islam1st, Mulan,

                      I’ll chip in my 2 sen.

                      re: “patutnya dia lebih respectful dengan Muslims”

                      I don’t think it occurred to Chong Eng that her statement would cause her to be questioned by police, after incurring the wrath of several quarters.

                      Today, with the evangelista aggression, the borders of Respect and Offence are getting blurred. If the evangelistas were not so aggressive and the Dapsters so abusive, the rest of us Chinese need to be treading on eggshells.

                      Each time someone (e.g. Eric Paulsen) lobs a hand grenade, the threshold of tolerance is lowered for everybody. Chong Eng has just not kept up with the latest calibration. The tit-for-tat – latest, MCCBCHST vs IIS – is spiralling us to rock bottom.

                      The most acrimonious friction occurs between the evangelical Christians and the Muslim fundamentalists. Pity the rest of us :(

                    4. ‘Muslim fundamentalists.’

                      To begin with, I think the West are not being sincere about it. They have got it all wrong too due to that and especially with the way they tries to group us all into three major groups, the so called; modernists, traditionalists and fundamentalists (I prefer the term ‘radicals’)

                      To make it worse, they way the West are pushing the Muslims to follow their brand of Islam, the exact way they want us to, what more with ultimatum such as ‘either you are with us or without us’ is actually radicalizing all of us.

                      Sadly, people like Kit Siang, Chong Eng, Hannah Yeoh, Eric Paulsen etc blindly follow the misguided West and are too proud to admit their wrongs.

                      Even the moderates among us can’t tahan and buat bodo already. Thus the brouhaha. And being labeled Muslim fundamentalists just for protecting our own beliefs is never a concern for most of us. Maybe to some like Zaid, Farida and gangs!

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