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Guan Eng’s special officers and their very special duties

Stopthelies yesterday featured an article about a certain young lady who was

“made one of the 20 special officers in Guan Eng’s office. Yes, you read it right, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has 20 special officers!”

Hmm, is it true what Stopthelies stated?

Does even the prime minister have as many as 20 Special Officers in his retinue?

You gotta wonder why 20 Special Officers are required to attend to one politician and what it is that the whole score of them are tasked to do?

For lack of more in-depth reporting since The Star isn’t doing its job, the inferences below are my speculation (quite reasonable ones methinks).

Special Officer #1

MAKEOVER ARTISTE: Duty — Image consultant to get rid of the oily Brylcreem hair and to help Dear Leader portray a more youthful look

Special Officer #2

FIRST AIDER — Duty: To apply plaster when Dear Leader gets head injuries as you never know what may hit him … object thrown by an “Umno agent”? Sue lah

Special Officer #3

DEFENDER OF THE FAITH — Duty: To deflect criticisms away from Dear Leader on Malay-Muslim issues, read Zairil Khir Johari’s press statement at

Special Officer #4

COURT PHOTOGRAPHER — Duty: Doing puff pieces on the Dear Leader for ‘Buletin Mutiara’
Chan Lilian is in the same T-shirt on both occasions. Is it a uniform or something?

Special Officer #5

UNIT TINDAKAN KHAS: Duty — To protect Dear Leader against Enemies of the State

Special Officer #6

JEFFREY CHEW: Duty — To monitor Calvin Sankaran, CLICK on pix to read

I haven’t managed to figure out just how Kim Guan Eng uses all of his alleged 20 Special Officers.

If you have any idea what the special duties of his remaining 14 Special Officers might be, please let us all know.

The character assassins

And then there are the volunteer DAPster corps.

They are the vigilantes constantly patrolling cyberspace …

HATCHET MEN: Duty — To take the axe to critics of “our Beloved Chief Minister”. They (Penangites mostly) are characterized by the low blows and cheap shots they deliver

Denial also off the record

The video below is said to be an audio recording of Kim Guan Eng’s press conference yesterday. I must say it does sound like him.

Hai-yah, but with the Dear Leader very difficult one lah. Like that fiasco in Johor – for which he had to apologize to the Sultan – also he wanna deny (vely Lingam-like wor) until TV3 came out with the recording.

In his altercation with reporters yesterday, his favourite phrase “off the record” was repeated every now and again. Some online readers have commented, “Deny also got off the record. LOL.”

As to what Guan Eng is denying this time, another reader commented: “Relax lah. If it’s just a rumour, laugh over it. No need to be so tension one.” (Both reader comments found at Stopthelies)

A brief digression. Heck, even I kena one time with his “off the record” ployon 17 Oct 2011, Guan Eng had said to me: “Helen, I hope you don’t mind if we keep this conversation within the group.”

Guan Eng: “I would prefer if we keep this conversation within the group [of foreign correspondents and guests] as far as the both of us are concerned.”

Helen: “Which part of the conversation?”

Guan Eng: “The entire conversation.”

(Read details HERE)

Anyway, fast forward to yesterday and the Guan Eng press conference.

Sex, Lies and Videotape


0: 26 — “I want you all to print first and you see what I do to your paper.”

0: 33 — “I’m going to sue definitely. This is defamatory, man, my lawyer is here.”

0:55 — “Which paper print I will sue because I have no choice. Same thing as my son, that one I will sue. You all print lah. You all print, you see what I’ll do. I’ll sue. This [rumour] is not new what. It has been there for six months, nine months.”

1:11: — “Any paper print, I will sue.”

1:20: — “I will sue definitely. This is defamatory.”

1:39: — “Eh! 这 个 不  要  写  啊.  我  不  要 comment  的.”

1:58: — “You have to print, you have right to print based on the blog report, then you see what I do to you.”


What is it that Guan Eng will do to the reporters who write and the bloggers who report, ah?

He personally do? Or his henchmen do?

All the Emperor’s men

Like in a certain earlier episode where Zairil wrote that a critic – political commentator – had “an inexplicable fixation” and that “his current pet obsession [is] the DAP-led Penang state government”.

Zairil, who is a Special Officer to the Dear Leader, also labelled Khoo Kay Peng as “so myopic and borderline obsessive”.

In a posting last November, I mentioned that Guan Eng had in his Chief Minister’s Office a total of 28 staff compared with 13 (i.e. more than double) during his predecessor Koh Tsu Koon’s tenure.

Instead of analytical and critical coverage of the ‘Reformation’ of Penang yang makin UBAH jadi Pyongyang, The Star – a newspaper purportedly belonging to DAP’s rival – carries fawning fluff pieces (screenshot below).

One of the CM’s staff Chan Li Lian was investigated by police over allegations that her tweet was seditious. She had tweeted that Christians were persecuted in Malaysia.

We must really wonder what duties are assigned to the coterie of Special Officers attached to the Penang Chief Minister’s Office. Menghasut?

Why hasn’t The Star carried out any investigative reporting?! (see answer below)

Because The Star is really the kissing cousin of Selangor Times.

Read, ‘Adun BN S’gor wajib bertanya kepada dewan’



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23 thoughts on “Guan Eng’s special officers and their very special duties

  1. Looking at zairil and lim guan eng..they look like big jokes…do not have the composure of a statemen.

  2. Regarding the alleged affair that was posted by the chap behind StoptheLies, I did a google on the name Ng Phaik Keng, it appears that there is indeed a special assistant by the name Ng Paik Keng (without the h) appointed way back in 2009.

    …..At the same press conference, Lim also announced the appointment of Ng Paik Kheng and Farida-Hani M. Yacob as his new special assistants.
    He said Ng and Farida-Hani had quit Gerakan and Umno respectively to render their services to the state government.
    …..Ng, a former SMJK Chung Hwa Confusion teacher, used to be actively involved in Gerakan-hosted events as a master or ceremony,….

    PS: No eyes see. 冇眼睇

    1. Why they need to quit Gerakan and Umno to render their services to the state government?

      Do any other state govt employees need to quit BN to render their services to the state government too?

      Is it the official policy of the current Penang state government?

  3. Freedom of Speech as defined by PR: they are free to speak as they wish, but not those who are non-devotees.

  4. hahahaha! i totally lost it already at the “oily Brylcreem hair“… :D *mati aku…*

  5. file lawsuits, that is so typical of the Dear Leader. But wait, hold on. The leaders in Singapore also used the same tactics to get at their opponents. But that is what we all come to expect from the Dear Leader. As for his online storm troopers, well, if you survived the Dear Leader’s wrath, they will move in on you.

  6. i really want to know how much its cost to have special officers for the CM… why not any of the ADUN asked about this during dewan sitting?

    1. Because the ADUN themselves have their own “special officers” in the form of online storm troopers. The Virgin Hannah is the one with the largest numbers of storm troopers. But if I m wrong and she’s not the one with the largest army of online storm troopers, she wouldn’t be far from the pecking order.

  7. juz wondering :

    does it really take a term for these clowns to realise that taking charge of a state is NOT the same as ‘maen pondok-pondok’

    it is a S-E-R-I-O-U-S matter…people!

  8. Hahahahaha Helen…I like the one about Jeff Chew’s “special duties”.

    Once Jeff actually made an offer (ie, bribe) to me so that I would stop criticising the Dear Leader. When I refused he got mad and resorted to personal attacks and harassments.

    BTW, I am glad you and Stop The Lies brought this issue up as the whole of KOMTAR Level 28 is crawling with the Dear Leader’s “special assistants”. Most of them are either cronies or former reporters and ex-Gerakan/UMNO folks recruited.

    Apart from these assistants, there are many who have been hired as consultants or contract staffs. These include their Cybertroopers and media consutants who arrange for interviews and carry out his PR.

    I have some contacts at KOMTAR but my friends work in the civil service and have no access to the inner circle of the Dear Leader. According to my friends, only the DAP/Pakatan and their close associates are allowed into the inner sactum of KOMTAR Level 28. Apparently a lot is happening at Level 28. According to my contacts all these special assistants are involved in party and personal tasks rather than official duties. At KOMTAR, there is a caste system of sort with civil servants and their inner circle of the Dear Leader.

    And there is so much secrecy among this inner circle and the Dear Leader himself does not trust anyone outside the inner circle. The civil servants (except the Pakatan folks) are shut out completely from the happenings at the Level 28.

    I would blame the state Opposition for not highlighting the serious misuse of funds and govt machinery by the Dear Leader. The secretive agency called CMI (Chief Minister Inc) is probably being used as a channel to divert the money from govt and private money to be used for Pakatan’s political purposes. The aim of CMI, I suspect is to hide the money trail and prevent public query.

    Recently in my letter, I had asked why the Bayan Mutiara land was transferred from PDC to CMI. This is very serious issue where I suspect the Dear Leader has diverted the land illegally to CMI for some political reasons.

    However, the state BN did not bring up this issue during the state assembly session.

    There are many such issues but unfortunately Penang BN’s sleeping on the job and allowing the Dear Leader get away scot free.

    On the other hand, at the Federal level Pakatan/DAP are constantly attacking BN, and most of the time for non existent issues.

    It would be very interesting when BN regains Penang as all these dirty dealings of the Dear Leader will be unveiled.

    1. Ha ha ha ! Calvin, for all its worth, the Penang BN is wise not to say anything. Come on ! If you used up all your ammo now, where are you going to get the additional ammo when you regain Penang ? Better to keep your ammo in reserve and use it when you’ve regain power.

      1. Kpee, Jeff didn’t elaborate on his “offer” but he did indicate that it was a job offer with one of the state GLCs, probably in InvestPenang with a juicy “stipends” and frequent overseas travel.

      2. IF there is a next time, tell him you want “the chinese offer” he will know what you mean…..

  9. And I bet every one of those illegally paid special officers are Chinese. I don’t blame Kimmy though. How else would he be worshiped and feared as Shi Huángdì (First Emperor) and tianzi (Son of Heaven)? Besides, underlings from other races could prove to be too dissentious for him.

    And we all know what happens when people oppose the Gleat Lealer. It’s not by chance that I choose to equate Kimmy with Shi Huangdi. In ancient China, the founding of the dominant Chinese race, the Han race, was the result of the “Yellow Emperor” (sic) Huangdi, who unified a federation of tribes to drive the other tribes out of central China as it was known then.

    Replace ‘tribes’ with Lim’s, Tan’s, Kung’s, Ooi’s, Chin’s, Yeoh’s, Cheah’s Chua’s, Ang’s (sorry:) etc and central China with central Penang (island) and you’ll know what I mean.

  10. Hope none of them ever strays into PKR office and there will bump into Anuswar Ibrahim and you guess the fate that befell the boy or girl.

  11. typical chinese emperor and chinese communist party leader…u tak mau dengar cakap, lu habis.

    Has everyone forgotten what the chinese PEOPLE’s liberation army tank did to that lone demonstrator in Tiananmen square?

    A made in china tank driven by chinese soldiers and flattened a chinese demonstrator.

    So beware…if you agree to work for the chinese emperor and his prepared to be flattened too…besides fattened with contracts and perks….

  12. Calvin,

    I agree. What BN is doing about it? It seems that the most extensive explanation on Bayan Mutiara land deal comes from Bloggers.

    Why no visit from SPRM on it? What Attorney General has to say about it?

  13. BN must be pretty lame that they require a bunch of bloggers to run all their expose’ for them.

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