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‘Colour blind’ is the last thing that DAP is

Doctor (PhD) Ong Kian Ming is living up to his reputation of “DAP SuperCyber Bully”.


Doctor (PhD) Ong Kian Ming @imokman’s press statement:

“On Sunday, 12th of May, 2013, I told the Chinese press that cases of foreigners being given Malaysian Blue ICs should be investigated. I gave them the example of a Mr. Chua Lai Fatt (IC: 830914-14-6763) who was registered to vote in 2011. Mr. Chua’s case was highlighted because although his name is a Chinese name and the Election Commission’s own records show that he is Chinese, Mr. Chua did not look Chinese based on his IC photo which was widely circulated online. I later found out that Mr. Chua was adopted by a Chinese family which explains why he has a Chinese name. I apologize profusely to Mr Chua and his family for this mistake on my part. I hope to reach out to Mr. Chua and his family to apologize in person, if possible. If you know how I can reach him or his family, please email me at”

The man in the MyKad photo (below) was earlier not considered Chinese nor Malaysian by the newly minted DAP evangelista Member of Parliament for Sedang, Doctor Ong.


Does not Ong Kian Ming’s “mistake” reveal the true DAP mindset which pegs Malaysians into a Firster straightjacket? That is, Malaysians with particular names must conform with a particular ‘racial’ look.

What about this man then (photo below)? He is Tan Sri Krishnan Tan, chairman of the board of construction company IJM Corp Bhd.

Would the Dapsters, who go around screaming that everyone who’s not DAP-compliant is a “racist”, disbelieve that the IJM Tan Sri could be a Krishnan?

RacistBaboonsKrishnan Tan

Election Commission recommends action


Ironic isn’t it for the EC to rebuke the very paragons of Bangsar Malaysia Malaysian Firstness for judging fellow citizens by our skin colour?

More ironic that The Jerusubang Star had hoisted on its 17-storey Menara Phileo Damansara shoulders these DAP SuperCyber Bullies as the young leaders for a better tomorrow.

Read more about The Scissors‘ backstabbing over the GE13 false accusations — ‘About the purported blackouts on polling day


The “DAP SuperCyber Bully” tag in MCA Beliawanis Jessica Lai’s tweet (top of page) rightly included @hannahyeoh alongside @imokman and with good reason.

The duo are birds of a feather with their odikal friends in The Star.

Otak di Kepala Lutut Star reporter interviewing Hannah Yeoh
Otak di Kepala Lutut Star reporter and Hannah Yeoh


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33 thoughts on “‘Colour blind’ is the last thing that DAP is

  1. Dear Helen,

    i have a friend, chindian – mother is an indian, father is a chinese

    he exactly looks like an indian BUT his name is using chinese follow his father’s family name

    people always confuse with him and would always ask regarding him name compared with his looking

    haiyaa…. Dr Ong must mingle around with all kind of many more beautiful malaysian from mix races

    some malaysian even a mix from multiple races

    malaysia is not only truly asia but malaysia is truly world

    1. The DAP Chinese has no right to profile anyone. They immigrants themselves brought by the British. I think a self deportation policy is good to get the DAP chinese who are not happy with the Malay monarchy and parliamentary system to leave.

      Just go where ever there are any stupid country willing to accept greedy and corrupting communist chinese.

  2. My Toksu in Pantai Remis had adopted my makcik yang berketurunan cina. Bagi nama Melayu, agama Islam, pakai tudung and all. Tapi cakap sebijik Melayu. Nasib baik tak kena tangkap atau harassed dengan geng-geng ni sebab nama melayu tapi muka cina (ramai sebenarnya).

    Nampaknya depa target yang gelap-gelap saja!

    MIC, KIMMA, Indians in DAP, PPP and Hindraf should be ashamed of themselves for this utter silence (not enough noise and actions) on this racist episodes.

    Clearly they are targeting the Indians. BN tshirt wearings Indians had been label as Banglas even before the GE13 by these racist idiots!

  3. As I said earlier, Mr Chua should sue OKM in the courts. He should claim for damages.

    On the second point, is this Christainity? No wonder I don’t go to church anymore.

    The old Catholic nuns were about service (education, hospitals etc) but today’s Christianity esp the new form Evangelist churches are all about networking, money etc. The churches are multi level marketing outlets.

    They collect obscene amounts of money through tithes (10%). They don’t provide community service. The only service is a stuck up club for the middle class to miggle. The middle class Chinese would meet up in the swanky churches as a way to socialise and even look down on the poorer and less educated Taoist. The new Catholics aren’t so great either. They are so caught up with buttering up to the politicians.

    The Taoists and Buddhist too have join in the politician bandwagon.

    The funny thing about the Gods of the middle class Chinese are nothing but IDOLS used to personify all the BLING the middle class have. There is nothing peaceful or divide. It is just about having more BLING and with BLING they can buy holiness and human rights. There is definitely a mall that can hold JERUSUBANG and BERSIH.

    1. re: “The Taoists and Buddhist too have join in the politician bandwagon.”

      The hazard of living in Penang where Tokong worship is rife?

  4. Yes. In Penang (and Selangor) god is like buying a smartphone. Wait for this Wesak. It will be a propaganda buffet for the DAPster. There will be walkaround showing how holy and loving the DAPsters are.

    There will be “talks” on how the human condition has been violated by “injustice”. It is all about how much I can donate to a temple/church in front of the press (Star/Sin Chew etc). You don’t have to wait until you die to recieve godly blessings. God will send newspapers. Immediate the approval.

    1. re: “God will send newspapers.”

      So The Star is in cahoots with this enabling and furthering of the Dapster agenda.

      I’ve been reliably informed that The Star reporters in Penang are close to DAP.

      1. In fact except for NST and the Media Prima group and Utusan there are no pro BN media in Penang. Well Malaysiakini is like the official DAP paper and the Star and Sin Chew are the DAPster wannabees.

        1. Yahoo Malaysia, CNN, BBC, AFP, Reuters, Singapore media …

          But then again, don’t worry about them, worry about us. Zaman Mahathir, he took on America, still survive … takat propaganda puak-puak ni… have faith and we shall prevail.

          So far victim of BN’s success …. melayu jadi murtad, cina yang tak kaya wants to be rich, cina kaya nak jadi lagi kaya … migrate? What for? Kat sini lagi banyak duit boleh buat …

  5. kumbang taik takkan kata taik busuk punya, sbb dh immune. sebaliknya bunga yg wangi dikata busuk. Dr low class & pastorita jerusubang adalah 2 ekor kumbang taik yg dimaksudkan. manakala the star pula adalah tmpt mereka berkubang.

  6. I doubt Chua will make police report against DAP. He probably voted DAP as well.

    1. Don’t kick the man when he is down, man. I am sure he is sincere. We can see he fought like crazy …. Please … walaupun nak marah sangat … control ..boleh? :)) Mintak tolong

  7. The story of 40,000 Bangladeshi voters took its toll. The idiots ( total believers ) that failed to use their common senses had made their move to such belief.

    So rampant “human profiling” by Dapsters making a mockery of our peaceful polling exercises. They make us go back to 3rd world country election with inedible permanent ink fiasco, making us like India and Bangladeshi elections, then, they create “racial profiling” by “self-appointed-policeman”, policing the colours of our skin.

    Ini semua “I am a shitting Malaysian First”.

    1. cina boleh jadi lagi bodoh dari melayu pas kampung …

      so much for the “stupid malays” tags.

      Cerita undi hantu etc ni dah berlaku di Terengganu 20 tahun lepas lagi ….. If you orang luar, jangan la masuk kawasan rusila haji hadi sekitar masa pilihanraya… sah-sah kena parang …

      dap baru belajar dari pas/pkr nih. Anwar adalah pengantara teknologi ini …lol …

  8. On 5th Mei 2013, it dangerous for peoples who has a certain looks aka bangla. But what this moron (excuse for the term) doesn’t know (or may be for them malaysian is a people who look only like them aka chineses … duhhh) we, the rakyat already colour blind to the skin colour. Maybe this peope should wake up and looks around.

    :| sarah

  9. Fat hopes of Ong apologising to the EC whom he accused of conspiring to bring in phantom voters using the “proof” he had.

    Oh yeah, the EC is not Chinese. The only reason why the poor soul got an apology is cos he’s got a Chinese name.

  10. My opinion stands. OKM apologizes and wants to reach Chua Lai Fatt because the latter is most and higly likely to vote for DAP. I doubt it is a sincere apology.

  11. People like you give this country a bad name. And please take some time off from your racialistic bullshit to buy some shampoo.

    1. talking non-stop still … kelakar pulak rasanya … talk to the hand please …

  12. I heard of this story well before it came out in the English paper as it was reported in the Chinese press.

    I think OKM should apologise to the EC and ALL Malaysians and not just to Chua. The damage done to the EC’s credibility and the national image is far more severe than Chua.

    I am not sure about whom Chua voted for or if that’s the reason behind his reluctance to sue. People who know him apparently says that he’s not a very highly educated and shy person.

    1. That’s what bullying is all about.

      The aggressive ‘leader’ bullies the shy and lesser educated – in the sense of paper qualified – person who does not have the equal means (power by virtue of MP position, party machinery and resources) at his disposal.

  13. We can detect or set side Malaysian Malays or Bumis from the so called Bangla, Myanmaries, Rohingyas, Indons, Paki etc from their looks, accent or dialects.

    Question is can we detect Malaysian Chinese from Chinese in mainland China, HK, Taiwan, or Singapore who are phantom voters or using someone IC to vote. All Chinese look alike…. a Chinese from mainland China could easily swap or assume the identity of a Malayisan Chinese who just dies & migrates & hey presto… she/he is a Malaysian already… Wish I were a Chinese…hihi

    1. I’m waiting for the day the police and immigration officers stop Chinese and ask for their ICs, to check for PATI from China. Apa, ingat tak ada ke? Mesti melambak. After all berapa ramai yang datang dari mainland dalam setahun, for whatever reasons, dan berapa ramai yang disappear into thin air, tak balik-balik.

  14. Rafizi said that 8 was denied to vote in GE13. I want him to explain who will be responsible for the harrowing experience by the following:

    Tajudin N. Anverbachana (Rawang)
    R. Rameish (Cheras)
    Chua Lai Fatt (Klang)
    Kamal Krishnan@Mohd Nizam (Kuala Selangor)
    Vinodh Elamkovam (Terengganu)
    Ali Mydin (Pantai Dalam)

    Dan itu pun yang saya tahu saja secara seimbas lalu, saya rasa senarai itu lagi panjang kalau nak tambah satu bas pekerja asing yang dibelasah serta pengundi-pengundi sah lain yang diganggu dan “disoal-siasat” pada pilihanraya ke-13. Mana Haris Ibrahim? Ada si bacul yang berani tanggung?

  15. This is how dictatorship works, I’ve yet to see any bad news from DAP on Malaysiakini. All news regarding DAP must be portrayed as good angelic way so that these gullible DAP fan will be enchanted by the spells of deception and dictatorship. Even their CEC also manipulated by dictator. Whoever members of DAP question about party agenda sacked. Is this the party Malaysian want to see at helm cannot be question or criticize.

    1. Too many internet savvy Malaysians bought the outright lies. What to do, ‘you are what you eat’ is a fact of life!

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