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Rocky, Big Dog and myth of ‘neutrality’

In his Che Det posting titled ‘Propaganda’ on Wednesday (Sept 28), Tun Dr Mahathir likened the Najib administration to a Nazi regime and a quartet of the Umno president’s men to Little Goebbels.

Tun then proceeded to take a shot at Malaysian mainstream media which he likened to Nazi Minister Joseph Goebbels’s propaganda machinery. Continue reading “Rocky, Big Dog and myth of ‘neutrality’”

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Allegation of Trojan horses in Umno

Raja Petra Kamarudin had an interesting story yesterday ‘Mahathir shoots his own horses’ on serial police report lodger Armand Azha Abu Hanifah whom RPK says is wearing two hats, i.e. Perkasa and Umno.

The Chinese community dislike Perkasa. Through his actions when he is wearing his Umno Youth exco  hat, the Perkasa-linked Armand is giving Umno a bad name and making the Chinese hate the ruling party. Continue reading “Allegation of Trojan horses in Umno”

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Election Commission calls peninsular states “negeri-negeri Tanah Melayu”

In the federal government gazette published on Sept 15 – see below – on the proposed redelineation of electoral boundaries, the Election Commission referred to the states in the peninsula as “negeri-negeri Tanah Melayu”.

The DAP has questioned the EC’s impartiality in carrying out its work. Continue reading “Election Commission calls peninsular states “negeri-negeri Tanah Melayu””

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DAP strategist: PAS leadership extension of Najib’s Umno

PAS people and Umno people have finally been sickened enough by the DAP’s constant bullying to bury their hatchet and combine forces presently. Perpaduan ummah is taking off.

This new era of PAS-Umno formal cooperation that’s starting now is a watershed in our country’s 100-year timeline of Sino-Malay race relations. Continue reading “DAP strategist: PAS leadership extension of Najib’s Umno”

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Were we ever united as a country, truthfully?

Helen Ang

Below is a 100-year timeline.


There was generally no social interaction between the races in Malaya.

By the 1920s, the Malays were starting to feel uncomfortable with the huge presence of alien workers. This discomfort was expressed through the Malay publications and writings of the time.

In response to the Malay unease, the British colonial government began taking steps to curtail the inflow of Chinese emigrants by enacting the Immigration Restriction Ordinance in 1928.

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Malays sick and tired of Dapster hate and hypocrisy

There was an explosion of vitriol from the Cina DAP at Allahyarham Haron Din upon news of the Tuan Guru’s passing.

The amount of venom spewed at PAS’s late Mursyidul Am reached such proportions that the usually freewheeling Malaysiaini and FMT were compelled to disable (block) reader responses as well as delete their spiteful Facebook comments. Continue reading “Malays sick and tired of Dapster hate and hypocrisy”

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Mesti Hannah Yeoh jeles

Hannah Yeoh pernah memohon untuk jadi pemastautin tetap di Australia tetapi telah ditolak oleh negara tersebut kerana tidak layak. Boleh kira si Puan Pastor kita ini barangan ‘reject’ lah kalau dia di tanah omputih.

Mesti YB Subang Jaya begitu cemburu terhadap rakan partinya YB Pujut yang dalam diam rupa-rupanya berjaya menjadi seorang warga Australia. Continue reading “Mesti Hannah Yeoh jeles”

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Why waste food feeding them?

Easier just to execute.

If the political prisoners are to be kept in jail for years, then expenses incurred from having to feed them would stack up. So it’s really more expedient to carry out the death penalty.

It will save a lot on food bill.

The above was an explanation provided by president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on why he wants capital punishment for coup plotters to be reintroduced in his country. Continue reading “Why waste food feeding them?”

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Ridhuan Tee and MCA’s Stockholm syndrome

Sampai timbalan presiden MCA pun turun gelanggang untuk menghentam Ridhuan Tee yang sekadar bertugas sebagai pensyarah. Tak ngam seorang berpangkat tinggi mahu belasah individu yang jauh lebih rendah darjatnya berbanding beliau yang bergelar Pak Menteri.

Nyata MCA bukan gajah yang mampu berjuang sama gajah (DAP). Bagi MCA, berjaya menginjak seekor cengkeding pun jadi lah. Continue reading “Ridhuan Tee and MCA’s Stockholm syndrome”

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Isu beruang: Kristian tak ada masalah, kenapa Muslim asyik mahu bantah?

Betty Chew, isteri kepada Lim Guan Eng, dilaporkan berkata, “Setiap ibu yang menyusukan bayi sepatutnya berasa bangga serta tidak perlu lagi bimbang dengan tanggapan serong segelintir masyarakat”.

Sesetengah masyarakat terpanggil untuk menjaga batasan, contohnya tidak menyusukan bayi di khalayak ramai. Sesetengah masyarakat lain pula – Betty Chew umpamanya seorang Kristian – tidak mengambil endah. Continue reading “Isu beruang: Kristian tak ada masalah, kenapa Muslim asyik mahu bantah?”

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Kit Siang’s Merdeka message points way to GE14 hate campaign

Lim Kit Siang’s Merdeka Day message yesterday in Keningau, Sabah could not get away from his career-long trademark of badmouthing Malaysia.

The DAP Mursyidul Am called his country a “global kleptocracy” a total of eight times in his speech to the Sabahans (nine, if you count the title) — see screenshot of the text below. Continue reading “Kit Siang’s Merdeka message points way to GE14 hate campaign”